Liv Boeree DEVOURS her first HELLMUTH RANT | Poker Night in America S5 E20

Liv Boeree DEVOURS her first HELLMUTH RANT | Poker Night in America S5 E20

– [Announcer] From The Golden
Nugget in Las Vegas, Nevada,
this is Poker Night in America.
(ritzy music)
– Hello and welcome to
Poker Night in America.
I’m Chris Hanson.
– I’m Joe Stapleton,
and we are down
on Fremont Street
in Las Vegas at
the Golden Nugget.
– Alright, it is night
two here at the Nug,
Maria Ho has left
and has been replaced
by former Canadian hockey
pro Greg Mueller, eh.
Taking a look at
the chip counts,
Cada, Hellmuth and Laak
are all in the red,
probably looking to
turn things around.
The big winner
thus far, Bill Lee.
Seat five up $7,400.
– [Stapleton] That’s right
he’s up 0.000000000000000001%
of his net worth.
– Great for the guys
that have $4K stacks.
They stare down at deuce-seven,
they’re like whoopeee!
– [Hanson] Poker
Night in America
brought to you by
Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
– [Dealer] Raise three.
– [Stapleton] Action
on Greg Mueller.
– I think Greg’s the
best at getting it.
– [Hanson] Eh, he folds.
– [Stapleton] Merson
folds his big blind
so now we’re up to Phil Hellmuth
in the straddle with
last option here to call.
– Eight.
– I’ll take this one Liv,
you take the next one.
– [Stapleton] And
Phil’s been saying this
since the big game at least.
– [Hanson] Taking turns.
– [Stapleton] Quite the
rail building out there,
but honestly it looks more
like people are trying
to come in from the
rain than poker fans.
– No, a little more than
that I think I have.
I think I have five left.
– [Hanson] So Liv Boeree calls.
Flops 10, jack, king,
brought to you by
Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
– [Stapleton] Phil does
not continue this flop
which I don’t understand
with his stack behind.
He should be looking
to build a pot.
[Hanson] Check.
Here comes the turn.
– [Stapleton] You’ve
gotta be kidding me.
– [Hanson] Phil was looking
for Liv to bluff this,
but that is simply not
gonna happen anymore.
– [Stapleton] This is amazing,
Phil thinks he’s trapping.
I guess I call, just aces.
– [Hellmuth] Check.
– [Hanson] Phil
checks on the river.
– [Stapleton] Phil’s
played this hand
more like he’s got queens
or a jack in his hand than aces,
so Liv’s gonna size her value
bet for a hand like that.
– [Hanson] Very nice
sizing from Liv.
There’s the call from Phil
and this is what you get
when you check the flop.
– Why the (bleep) do I even play
in this (bleep) game?
– Are you showing?
– [Stapleton] Oh, aces.
Darn, unlucky.
– She somehow makes a set.
It’s like so unfair.
– She was value betting
on king, queens –
– [Hellmuth] People at
home don’t even get it,
they don’t even know
how deep we are.
– You have to be careful,
she has a degree
in Astrophysics.
– The public doesn’t know
what we’re talking about.
Just look at her laughing.
She knows I got her dead on.
– You really gave
lots of viewers.
That 200 was more valuable
than in a regular cash
game where thank you,
you win the hand where
you would have lost it.
You actually create
a YouTube moment
for people in the future.
– This was the first
time I’ve ever been
on the receiving end
of one of his rants,
so for me it was a big
life check, like tick box.
I’m extremely satisfied
with having that.
– Nice, yeah.
– It feels so good.
So good, I was
like keep yelling.
Come on, more.
– Hey, you’re gonna
love the second one
more than the first one
and the third one more
than the second and first.
And you’re gonna
look forward to them.
You’re gonna be like this.
Ah, give me Hellmuth
at my table.
I don’t even care.
– Oh come on, yeah.
– No, when I raised.
When I raised your big blind.
– [Hanson] You don’t
raise Phil’s big blind.
Phil’s big blind
raises you, Joe Cada.
– Is that the one where they
show the ace of
spades? I don’t know.
I don’t remember, Joe.
– [Stapleton] Can you
imagine if Joe Cada
actually had been raised
by Phil’s big blind
like they were his parents?
– [Hanson] That
would explain a lot.
– [Stapleton] So
Mueller’s straddling,
we got Lee raising to 200.
Liv’s in with queen, nine off.
– [Hanson] Laak folds.
Cada folds,
Greg Mueller wants to come
along with queen, eight.
So here we go, three
players to the flop.
– [Stapleton] And this
flop is from Oprah.
You get a piece,
and you get a piece,
and you get a piece.
– [Hanson] I am in
love with this flop.
It’s wonderful!
I was on the couch
as I was saying that.
– [Stapleton]
Jumping up and down?
– [Hanson] Yeah.
– [Stapleton] So yeah,
nobody’s going
anywhere on this board.
– [Hanson] Ooh, a nice
turn for Bill Lee.
Turns a full house.
What is that, is that me?
Is that my phone making noise?
Anybody know?
– [Stapleton] Sorry,
that’s my bro app.
Someone’s broing me right now.
Bro, I got your bro.
I broed you back,
stop broing me.
– [Hanson] No,
it’s not my phone.
Somebody’s phone
is going doo doo.
– [Stapleton] It’s me.
– [Hanson] It’s you? Oh.
– [Stapleton] Oh, ha, ha,
ha, that shut down quick.
So, the billionaire gets
to keep his phone on
but when I do it, it’s
like excuse me sir,
you’re gonna have to
leave the funeral.
– I can’t take it.
I’m checkin’ blind.
I cannot take it.
– [Stapleton] So, still
three players to the river.
– In the dark, you pre-checked.
You pre-checked, your
action was declared.
– I was too scared.
– [Stapleton] Liv
probably already
doesn’t love the straight
she hasn’t even made yet.
– What is going on here?
– He doesn’t even know the
future and he bet $1,000.
– I didn’t hear a pre-check.
– Yeah, I did check.
– He pre-checked and he pre-bet.
– [Stapleton] Now Bill
Lee’s betting $1000 dark.
– There’s the five of hearts.
– Look at that,
$1,000 in the dark.
– [Stapleton] And this
dark bet’s gonna give Liv
all kinds of dark thoughts.
It’s like that
Kermit the frog meme,
like when he’s
looking in the mirror
and he’s like I
should fold this,
and then dark Kermit’s like
but I could bluff this.
– It’s not so bad as long
as you go to their places.
– [Stapleton] Yeah,
there’s dark Kermit.
– What is goin’ on here?
– [Hanson] Yikes, $4,500
raise from Boeree.
– Watch this (bleep)
bluff (bleep).
– What kind of phone is that?
– Alright.
– I call.
– [Mueller] She’s full of it.
I knew she was full of it.
– [Hanson] $12,000
pot going to Bill Lee.
10, queen high no good, Liv?
– That hand played
out worse for Liv
than Jason Pierre Paul
on the fourth of July.
– We’ll be right back with
plenty more fireworks.
– Welcome back to the table.
We’re still 25, 50
with an optional
$100 dollar straddle
inside the recently
renovated Golden Nugget.
– Have I mentioned how
much I love the decor?
– [Hanson] Poker Night is
brought to you by Sit & Go 2.0.
– [Stapleton] Straddle is on.
Liv Boeree raising
blind this time.
You ever heard my Liv
Boeree impression?
– [Hanson] No, I’d
love to though.
– [Stapleton] (high pitched
voice) Hello everyone,
I’m Liv Boeree!
I know it’s confusing.
But that was actually
me and not Liv.
– [Hanson] I had closed my eyes
and I thought she had
moved from the screen
to sitting next to
me for a second.
– [Stapleton] Absolutely,
see that’s how good it is.
(high pitched voice)
okay gotta go Chris, bye!
– [Hanson] Now that was you.
‘Cause I was watching
your lips move.
– [Stapleton] Right,
but if you weren’t –
– [Hanson] You’d totally think
she would have still been here.
– The smartest guy at
the table actually.
– [Stapleton] Greg Mueller,
raising it up to $300.
Merson’s in, queen, ten suited.
– I used to think I was really,
really, really smart, Greg.
Like, really smart.
– [Hanson] Bill Lee calls
with seven, three off
and Liv defends her straddle
with jack, nine off.
– Like the smartest
guys on the planet.
And I was like hmmmm.
– There’s always
someone smarter.
– I can hold my own
with these guys, though.
– [Stapleton] Oh God Phil,
please don’t ever change.
– [Hellmuth] And I have the EQ,
I have the EQ on these
guys by a little bit too.
– [Stapleton] You know, if
you say something out loud,
it doesn’t make
it any less false.
– Can we talk about who
you were married to Bill?
Liv’s slop top here, by the way.
– No.
– [Hellmuth] What?
Why would you say no?
– [Stapleton] No good
’cause Mueller’s got a set.
– Seriously?
– [Hanson] Another clanger
from Phil Hellmuth,
the Duke of Discretion.
– [Phil] Really? You
won’t let me say?
I shouldn’t have asked,
’cause I don’t think
he cared that much.
– [Hanson] Marriage has
definitely cost Bill more
than he could possibly
ever win or lose at poker.
– Don’t put the guy
in the corner day one.
He’s been playing the
game of life a long time
and he’s on day one right
here getting exposed.
Be careful with him.
– You gotta give me
some wiggle room.
– Yeah, give the
wiggle room, ya know?
Let him flow.
– [Stapleton] This
is Phil Laak saying
don’t chase away the
billionaire please.
– [Hanson] Yeah, lets not
make him uneasy and leavy.
– First double up in
two more big hands,
that may go your way.
– [Hanson] I wish Phil would
just tell us these things
instead of just
insinuating them.
It’s so much more fun to just
get them out in the open.
– [Stapleton] Duke
of Discretion.
By the way, this is
a very good turn card
to keep Greg and Liv around
for Greg FBT Mueller.
Yep, he just got
called in two spots.
– [Hanson] Board
pairs on the river
which is a hallelujah
card for Mueller,
cause if anyone was
trying to chase him down,
doesn’t really matter now.
– [Stapleton] Liv misses
another draw luckily for her,
but unluckily for
this Merson person.
He’s improved big time.
– [Hanson] $2,800 is
the bet from Mueller.
– [Stapleton] What
is Phil Laak doing?
♪ You can have whatever you like
Not now Phil.
Oh, Greg calls!
Liv’s out.
– I’m glad I didn’t go all in.
– [Stapleton] Come on Greg,
you remember Full House.
Say hello to Uncle Greggie.
How rude!
– Nah, I had a 10.
(players crosstalk)
– And I thought my ace
was good, so I raised him.
– [Stapleton] Here
comes a thinly disguised
brag/bad beat story.
– The small blind moved in.
– [Stapleton] Speaking
of straddling,
Phil Laak straddling this hand.
– It cost me my
last $3,500 to call.
I’m getting like three
to one by the pot.
– [Cada] Raise to $300.
– [Stapleton] Joey
Cada raising up
with pocket nines here
at the main event,
with pocket nines,
same as Phil did.
– [Hanson] Mueller’s kings
make it $900 in scene two.
– [Boeree] You’re
just losing money.
It doesn’t matter what
generation you are,
mathematics applies.
It’s multi-generational, so.
– But have you factored
in the fact that maybe –
– I mean, unless
you see their cards
and see that you are –
I mean, if you’re
getting three to one.
You just have to
figure what you are –
– [Mueller] No, I understand.
– What your hand is first.
– I’m giving the
counter-argument though,
I understand everybody in
your generation snap calls.
Everybody everywhere in
the world snap calls.
– [Cada] Liv, take your time.
– Yeah, play your
hand Liv, sorry.
I didn’t wanna –
– I mean it’s a good theory
you guys got goin on,
take your time.
– I did have a real
decision, but yeah.
– Bill Lee, you
might not know this,
but one of the implicit
unwritten rules
when you’re playing
the deuce seven game
is in a dynamic like this,
even though Joe is
three (mumbles),
I’m allowed to say
things about the
deuce seven in real time.
– [Stapleton] I love it.
– Like oh, I got
my $200 ready Greg.
– [Mueller] Oh God,
don’t do that every time, Phil.
– No, I’m not gonna (bleep).
– Sorry Phil, anyway –
– [Hanson] So does that mean
the deuce seven is in play?
– [Stapleton] I think it is.
– [Hanson] So if one of
the players can win a hand
with deuce seven by getting
everybody else to fold,
they get an extra $200 bucks
from everyone at the table.
– [Stapleton] That is correct.
– [Hanson] Cause it’s
always aces or deuce seven.
– [Mueller] And I think
I can run that $3,500 up.
– [Hanson] Cada wants
to find a set of nines.
So he calls.
– [Stapleton] Oh man
nerds, please stop.
We’re trying to play poker here,
this is worse than
reading a book.
– [Boeree] I can really
calculate your edge to be
bigger to override that –
– [Hanson] Check,
here comes the turn.
– [Stapleton] Six of clubs.
– [Hanson] Puts a
possible flush out there
to go with a couple of queens.
– [Boeree] And it’s
just very hard to
– Check.
– [Boeree] Or to
compensate for the
money loss in a situation
by folding that –
– [Stapleton] Check,
river brings another nine.
Whose house?
Cada’s house.
– [Mueller] And the
number one guy was here,
but I was an
outlier, way up here.
– [Boeree] Overlooked
sample size.
– [Mueller] Four years
at the World Series?
– [Hanson] Cada checks,
begging Mueller to please
throw some money in this pot.
– [Mueller] It turns
out I’m up there
for 20 years also,
but for four years I was up here
where no one could
even believe it.
– [Boeree] No, you
have incredible stats.
It’s just a question
of how accurate
that data is in
then determining –
– [Hanson] $1,600
the bet from Mueller.
– I know what my ROI was.
My ROI is the best
in history by far,
there’s no one even close.
– [Hanson] Not true.
– In the whole history of poker.
– [Hanson] Not at all true.
– [Stapleton] Raise comin’.
– [Boeree] I would
disagree with that –
– [Stapleton] She
said it a little bit
nicer than what you did.
I’m sure based on whatever
data Phil has collected,
like his top three
favorite tournaments
that he has the best
ROI of all time.
(clock ticking)
– And I can turn
them over, right?
– Yeah, you can show them.
And then look for a read
and all that stuff.
Now, look at his eyes.
– Just, the hand
was just so weird.
– And now everyone
knows you have kings,
not just the camera people.
– [Stapleton] When Phil
hocks his camera people,
he doesn’t mean the
camera operator,
he means literally the
people he thinks live
inside the camera.
– He knows that I’m
making a thin-value bet,
and he’s just gonna blow
me right off the hand.
(Boeree laughs)
– Impossible for me to call.
– [Stapleton] Greg
giving Joe a lot of
credit for being a maniac.
– (Laak) That’s why you won
four bracelets one year.
(players crosstalk)
– Cada spikes the river niner
to crack Mueller,
but Mueller does eventually find
a correct fold on the river.
We’ll be right back with
more poker after this.
– [Stapleton] Big lineup tonight
on Poker Night in America.
There are a really fun
group of kids here.
So Cada kicked things
off with a straddle
which means he’s
gonna act last here.
Mueller made it $300
with king, queen.
King, jack suited for Hellmuth,
ace, jack suited for Lee.
– Yeah, it’s my own fault.
My own fault.
– [Hanson] The nine’s
gotta roll off.
– [Stapleton] Cada,
five, seven suited,
but with all that money
out there, yummy yummy.
Flop is deuce, 10, jack.
Top pair, top kicker for Lee,
Phil Hellmuth with a
costly second-best hand.
– Look at Phil,
is just straight
waiting for me, ah!
Why do I always –
I’m kinda full-blown tilted
anyways after that hand, so.
– [Hanson] Hellmuth’s all-in.
– [Stapleton] Well,
he’s getting called
in at least one spot.
Lee calls the $1,200
dollar all-in.
– He called?
Wow, how much is that?
– [Dealer] $1,275.
– $1,275?
– [Stapleton] Greg may
be calling as well.
– I’m gonna throw one of
these unlucky birds in there.
– [Stapleton] Yep, he is,
so side action will remain.
The bad news is that Phil
has 12% to win the hand,
the good news is if he
gets there he’ll triple up.
Hellmuth picks up a
flusher on the turn.
– I fell like it was
calling there though.
– Yeah, it felt calling.
– Did it feel calling?
– Yep.
– I feel like it was calling.
And then he just had that
switch in his head
where he’s like no,
just get rid of it.
– He’s so good he
can fold kings.
– Side pot.
Well, I’m on tilt now.
– I mean, he was
scared from the start.
– [Stapleton] Another eight.
Hellmuth and Mueller both miss.
– River’s like I can’t check
kings three times (bleep).
– Dammit, he’s so
(bleep) lucky against me.
– [Stapleton] Oh boy.
– [Hanson] Easy, easy.
– Phil, I had you
notched too bud.
– I had king, jack honey.
– You did?
– Yeah.
– What do you mean
you had me notched?
Oh, when they put in
$300 each had me notched?
Oh, congratulations.
– [Hanson] Oh no.
Alright, so Phil is gone
and we welcome the
cast of Brandon Cantu.
– [Stapleton] Caaantu!
(high pitched voice) Look at me!
– [Hanson] Two aces.
– [Stapleton] So
this hand started off
with a straddle for Greg Merson,
Cantu doubled straddled.
Liv makes it $500,
after looking at her hand.
– Deuce seven’s off
for the last hand.
For the last hand it’s off.
No, it’s off for the
last hand, deuce seven.
– [Stapleton] (high
pitched voice) Caaantu!
Over straddle!
Doesn’t seem to have a
huge stack back there.
– What are you talking
about right now?
– [Stapleton] But
I think he’s got
some cash in his hands.
– I call.
– Don’t crack me.
– [Stapleton] Didn’t
Cantu play some
super famous with
an eight, five?
Or is this one a
piece of garbage?
– $600.
– [Stapleton] I’m sorry,
the hand was a piece
of garbage, not him.
So make that clear.
Interesting donk lead
from Cantu for $600.
Liv calls.
We go to the turn.
(high pitched voice)
I’m gonna pick up
equity on the turn, Caaaantu!
– Is that all in play?
– Yeah, that’s what I said,
I’m in for 5
but I was just holding it.
– [Stapleton] It
confused me too, Liv.
Keep your big bills on
the outside, I guess.
Liv makes the call,
still top pair.
– [Hanson] Aw, nice.
River is a three for Cantu.
– [Stapleton] Oh my God,
somehow he backs
his way into the
straight with a hand
that was supposed
to be more worthless than
the right on in his cast.
– $2,000.
– [Stapleton] Yeah, how do
you think he broke his arm?
– [Hanson] I don’t know,
he was very mysterious,
he wouldn’t tell us either.
So, he doesn’t have any
signatures on his cast,
and we don’t know
how he broke it.
– [Stapleton]
Maybe it’s just one
signature from a giant marker.
– [Hanson] How big
would the signature
to fill how many that
writes on that cast.
– [Stapleton] That
could be exact right.
– (bleep) dammit.
– [Stapleton] Liv calls,
wait why is he upset?
– Oh, oh my God I’m
sorry I have it.
– Are you serious?
– I swear to God,
I thought I had eight, nine.
Liv, I would never do that,
I’m so sorry, I thought I
had eight, nine of clubs.
– [Stapleton] I don’t believe
he would never do that,
but I do believe he wasn’t
doing it in this case.
– I swear to you
I thought I had
eight, nine of clubs.
– It’s the worst slow roll
I’ve ever had, I think.
This pot’s coming my way
and then he’s like for posterity
he turns his cards up.
Like, oh my God I
have a straight.
I’m sorry, oh my God.
– That is the worst
feeling to have.
If you play cards
for a few years,
it happens to you
or you do it to somebody
about once every five years.
– Yeah.
– He could’ve by the way.
– He could’ve just
muffed his cards.
– I’ve done this, I did
it for a lot of money,
you go aw I can’t win,
you muff when they call.
And then you realize
in the camera later,
oh I just gave away x dollars,
and like that’s happened too.
I think you just
got one of those
once every couple
of years events.
You just, wrong end of it.
– Expensive event.
It happens, it happens.
– I wonder what meds Cantu’s on
for that arm of his,
because I really hope the
pill bottle says do not
take for televised poker.
– No, he’s okay,
just don’t operate heavy
machinery, he’s okay.
– Welcome to the Golden
Nugget in Las Vegas,
let’s take a look at the
chip counts after night two.
Bill Lee was our
big winner, up 10K
and Hellmuth was
our biggest loser.
It was a rough night for Liv
and Joe Cada, they
are still down
but did cut down on some of
their deficits from night one.
If you want more Poker Night
you can find us on social media
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where you can find
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And do not forget,
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Search for us in the app store
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For everyone at Poker
Night in America,
I’m Chris Hanson,
he’s Joe Stapleton
and we’ll see you next time
on Poker Night in America.
Poker Night in America is
brought to you by
Kimo Sabe Mezcal
and Sit & Go 2.0.
– I’m so deep,
I understand what
they’re thinking so much,
here she’s calling with
king, queen off-suit.
But I know all of this
because I’m so (bleep) smart.
It doesn’t matter, I still lose.
The public doesn’t know
what we’re talking about,
just look at her laughing,
she knows I’ve got her dead on.
she knows I’ve got her dead on.
You know everything
I’m saying is true.
These are the rants that
I get caught on television with,
that are absolutely 100% true,
and they’re so good,
except no one knows the history.
But no one even knows
what we’re talking about,
and somehow it’ll be twisted
later into something else.
It’ll be a bleep-a-thon on TV.

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  5. Phil could have won a small pot betting the flop. Imstead he gambled and got sucked out on. There's nothing to blame but his greed.

  6. God, Joe Stapleton is awful. I know he THINKS he's funny, but I'm guessing he's more of a bringer than an actually talented stand-up.

  7. yeah lets just talk over phil when he is talking about Math. By saying nothing. Not only did you talk over someone but you talked over them with nothing of value.

  8. Джо Када??? Что с ним стало, его жизнь бросала об камни?)) ему на вид за 50..)

  9. is it ok to use phones in poker , surely its cheating
    and vr glasses , he could be getting a live feed of the show ?

  10. why does that dude don't go all in with his full house?the only hands he got beaten, is with pocket tens, pocket eights. 10-7. i don't get it.

  11. Sometimes I understand the rant.
    AA's vs 55 though? He checked and gave a free card.
    It's unfortunate, but it's not like Liv played poorly and sucked out.

  12. I love Stapleton. Absolutely makes the games way more enjoyable every single time. Don't know how this guy is always so on but he does a great job!

  13. Phil you are deep in where you are greedy and just bet the flop with A's trying to trap… Ha ha pass the chips F-face …..

  14. I would to buy Helmuth for what he is worth and sell him for what he thinks he is worth. What f*cking narcissistic, self-centered little pr*ck.

  15. do you want the commentator to talk when hellmuth talks, hes talking about odds and philosophy, people watch this 🙂

  16. Jesus, Phil Laak, you’re on your way to 50 years old soon. Isn’t it time to stop dressing and acting like a 20 year old Bohemian?

  17. the last hand incident happens a lot in games ! no need to apologize that much tho its normal ! i think i was becuz she was hot 😂

  18. why did they cut off his rant to listen to Laak the douche? Damm these kids editing / producing these shows don't get it.

  19. I hung in there for as long as I could, but Joe Stapleton has to do a friggin bit every time anybody does anything. Gabe Kaplan commentates rings around him because he understands moderation.

  20. I wonder if hellmuth is still salty losing to that kid online player back in the head to head tourney 😂😂

  21. Hellmuck’s whole self worth revolves around his poker playing. When he loses a hand, the little voice inside his head tells him “You’re a loser.”

  22. I don't know how Phil H. wins tournaments in any Texas Hold 'em game? He plays like an idiot. Has Aces and plays them wrong and then he doesn't understand why he loses?

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