LIVE Countdown + Stream Schedule in Your Twitch Panels!

LIVE Countdown + Stream Schedule in Your Twitch Panels!

What’s up guys, welcome back once again
to the Gaming Careers YouTube channel,
where we aim to teach you everything
that you need to know about
live-streaming and about content
creation within the gaming niche. In
today’s video we’re gonna be talking
about how to add a nifty little stream
schedule plug-in into your Twitch page.
So this module is going to show not only
your schedule and what it looks like for
the coming week, but also it’s going to
convert that schedule into the viewers
local timezone and it’s going to show a
countdown to your next stream! Sound good?
Let’s dive in!
Just before we jump into
the software, I want to quickly mention a
few people have reached out to me and
said that they haven’t received my
latest video in their subscription boxes,
and I know that this is a problem all
around YouTube and really the only way
to guarantee that you’re going to get my
new videos, is to head to my channel and
click the Bell notification icon. Of
course other advice I would give is to
follow me on Twitter and my Discord,
because I always post my new videos on
there, but unfortunately it just seems that
you need to take these extra steps on
YouTube at the moment to be able to
guarantee that you’ve seen my latest
videos. Right with that out of the way, I
think it’s worth just briefly talking
about why having a schedule is such an
important part of growing your audience
as a streamer and you’ve probably heard
this advice all over the internet, but
having a regular and consistent schedule
is going to be one of the most important
factors in growing your stream. If you
look around at Twitch and you look at
some of the big streamers, you’ll notice
that every single one of them has some
sort of schedule that they try their
best to keep. And that is because you
need to be letting your audience know
exactly when they can expect to watch
you and what day and what time you’re
going to be online. If people stumble
across your stream and they like what
they see, but you have no consistency in
your schedule, you probably just lost
yourself a potential regular viewer for
your stream, since the next day at the
same time when the same viewer is back
on Twitch wanting something to watch, you
aren’t streaming. I’m not saying here
that you need to be streaming
14 hours a day, 7 days a week because
I know that’s not realistic. If you
can set some sort of schedule that you
advertise on your Twitch page,
and even if it’s just a couple of hours
a night and maybe a couple of nights a
week, that is going to massively
increase your chances of building a
regular audience. So enough chitchat,
how do we get this sweet looking panel
configured and embedded onto our Twitch
channel page. First things first, head
over to the Twitch website and log in.
Hit the little drop-down up here and
head across to your dashboard. Next on
the left hand side, we’re going to click
on extensions and we want to search for
the extension here by typing in ‘schedule’.
This should hopefully filter the results
and you should be able to see this
extension called ‘Streamlabs stream
schedule and countdown’.
If we click on details we should get a
brief description as well as a screen
shot of that extension, so if it looks
something like this you’ve found the
right one and you can click install now.
You should get a pop-up saying that the
extension was successfully installed but
it needs to be configured and activated
before it will actually display in your
panels on your channel. So let’s click
configure and set up the options. The
first thing that we get to configure is
the color of the highlighted text. So
this is the color of the countdown text
as well as the scheduled text in the
panel. Now hopefully if you’ve been
following some of my other videos you
have heard me recommend that you need to
try and brand as much of your channel as
consistently as possible, so things like
color scheme, fonts, all those kind of
things, you want them to be as
consistent as possible. So here I would
definitely be using the color that makes
the most sense for you and your brand.
For me this is going to be the red that
I use in all of my avatars and channel
banners and I can just paste in the
hexadecimal value here. Next we will add
our scheduled start times for each of
the days of the week. I’d recommend
adding your regular schedule that you
can commit to in here, so for example
let’s say that my schedule is that I
start streaming at 4:00 p.m. in my local
time from Tuesday to Friday and maybe at
11:00 a.m. on a Saturday. I’m going to
uncheck Sunday and Monday since in this
made-up example, I don’t stream on those
days. Next we have an option to set a
stream break, so this is useful for
holidays or other times that you’re not
going to be able to be keeping to your
schedule. So when this is checked, your
viewers will just see no upcoming
streams in the panel instead of your
schedule. You can also set an end date
and time here for when you are back from
your break and you are ready to
re-enable the schedule. Finally, we have
the option to set our local time zone.
So this is needed so that the extension
can then convert your times to the other
time zones for your viewers. So the cool
thing about this extension is that you
enter the streaming times in your own
local time but the extension will then
convert the time to your viewers based
on what their computer clock is
displaying. So if somebody from the other
side of the world is a fan of your
stream and they’re watching at 7:00 a.m.
in their local time, the schedule will
show all of the starting times that you
set in their local time to them. So for
me I’m based in London England so I’m
going to find that option and click save
settings. Once the settings are saved we
can click the little back arrow to go
back to our extensions page and we
should see the Streamlabs schedule and
countdown extension installed here over
on the left. All that’s left to do now is
to activate it by clicking the activate
drop-down and then set it to be used as
an extension panel or if you haven’t got
any setup yet, you can just add a new one.
If everything has worked correctly you
should see a pop-up saying that the
extension is now active, so if you head
over to our channel page we should see
our newly configured stream schedule
with a countdown to the next stream. This
will now display to all of your viewers,
so if they come to your stream page when
you’re not streaming they’re going to
see this schedule as well as a countdown
to your next stream. If you are live when
they arrive at your page the schedule
will still show but it will also show
that you are currently live and it won’t
be showing a countdown. Hopefully now you
have followed this quick example and you
have a stream schedule embedded into
your Twitch page and I promise that if
you follow the schedule and keep to it
as much as you can as well as following
a lot of the other tips that we share on
this channel, you should see your stream
grow. If you have enjoyed this video,
please do give it a thumbs up, that helps
us know what kind of content you guys
like watching and learning from and we
can create more of that for the Gaming
Careers community. Speaking about
creating content, I would like to give a
massive thanks to the patrons of the
Gaming Careers channel this month, these
people here are supporting the creation
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Finally I would like to say welcome to
the newest members of the Discord channel,
I think we’re at nearly 500 members in
the Gaming Careers community discord now
so if you haven’t yet joined please do
and subscribers I’ll see in the next
video, Peace!

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