Living in Tampa / St. Petersburg 🌴 Things To Do, Job Opportunities, Where to Live

Living in Tampa / St. Petersburg 🌴 Things To Do, Job Opportunities, Where to Live

Everyone knows Miami and everyone knows
Orlando but the first city that I want
you to think of when you think of
Florida is Tampa and today I’m gonna
tell you why
hey everybody this is Melanie Atkinson
realtor with Smith and Associates in
beautiful Tampa Bay Florida you know
about our beaches and you know about our
pro sports teams but do you really know
why the Tampa Bay area is such an
amazing place to live if you’ve decided
that you can’t take one more cold winter
up north and you’re definitely moving to
Florida but you don’t really know which
city to move to or maybe you’re being
relocated here for your job and you just
don’t know much about the area if that’s
the case this video is for you there’s
lots to cover so let’s get started
downtown’s and villages so just to start
off a little bit of clarification when I
talk about the Tampa Bay area in this
episode I am actually referring to two
counties Hillsborough County where Tampa
is located in Pinellas County where st.
Petersburg and the beaches are located
these counties are located right next to
each other so when we talk about the
Tampa Bay area that’s what we’re talking
about so if you’re moving to the Tampa
Bay area and you like urban areas you
actually have to to choose from downtown
Tampa and downtown st. Petersburg
downtown st. Petersburg has a vibrant
daytime and nighttime scene there are
tons of restaurants bars nightclubs live
music venues scenic parks shops the Dali
Museum is there the list goes on and on
downtown st. Pete is a lot of fun as far
as housing in downtown st. Pete goes
there’s everything from luxury condos to
charming quaint historical bungalows now
downtown Tampa right now is experiencing
major growth the biggest part of that
growth is a three billion dollar
redevelopment of 54 acres in downtown
Tampa called Water Street this
redevelopment of this huge amount of
downtown space is the vision of Jeff
Vinik who’s the owner of the Tampa Bay
Lightning hockey team when completed
Water Street will add thousands of
residences to downtown Tampa tons of
commercial space parks shops and
restaurants today residents of downtown
Tampa already get to enjoy a growing
a nighttime scene Sparkman Wharf opened
up last year providing an Instagram
worthy place for you to eat or drink the
Riverwalk is one of the highlights of
downtown Tampa taking people from the
Tampa Convention Center all the way up
to our mature works which has lots of
places to eat and drink as well there
are lots of residential projects
happening right now in downtown Tampa
the most exciting in my opinion is
Riverwalk Place which when completed
will be the highest tower on the west
coast of Florida job opportunities
people tend to think of Florida as a
place to vacation but us that live here
have to work thankfully for us finding a
job is not too difficult this state of
Florida and the Tampa Bay area
specifically has worked really hard to
attract employers to the area especially
ones that bring along high-paying jobs
the Tampa Bay area is home to the
headquarters of some fortune 500
companies including Tech Data Publix
supermarkets, Jabil circuit well care
and Raymond James financial, bloomin
brands you know Outback Carrabas
Fleming’s other well-known companies
have a large presence here as well
including USAA Citigroup JPMorgan Chase
PricewaterhouseCoopers and Progressive
Insurance just the name a few the mosaic
company is also in the process of moving
their headquarters to the area very soon
there are endless opportunities here for
anyone in the healthcare or education
fields did you know that Hillsborough
County is the eighth largest school
district in the nation if you are in the
service industry there are tons of
opportunities here as well especially
during our busy tourist season if you
have an innovative spirit and you have a
great idea for a startup company we want
you in Tampa one of the coolest things
happening in Waterstreet is an
innovation hub called Embarc
Collective its opening this year and
will help anybody with great startup
ideas get their business up and running
year-round activities when you have a
day off of work you want to have fun in
the Tampa Bay area there are more
opportunities for fun than I could ever
list here but I’m gonna give you some
we obviously have beaches a lot of them
and really nice ones Clearwater Beach is
regularly voted one of the top beaches
in the nation and with all that water we
have water activities fishing boating
kayaking kite surfing paddleboarding and
I mean we have museums the Dali Museum
in st. Pete the Tampa Art Museum the
Glazer Children’s Museum the Museum of
Science and Industry just to name a few
we have aquariums in zoos the Clearwater
Marine Aquarium is where winter the
dolphin lives the Florida Aquarium is in
downtown Tampa and we also have zoo
Tampa at Lowry Park which is one of my
favorite places in the whole area
we have amusement parks if you don’t
feel like driving over to Orlando for
some thrill rides check out Busch
Gardens they have some of the best
roller coasters in the state and right
across the street from there is
Adventure Island which is a super cool
waterpark we have festivals seriously we
have a festival for just about
everything our number one festival is
the Gasparilla Pirate Fest which takes
place at the end of January check out my
video about Gasparilla for more
information on that festival besides
Gasparilla we have festivals for
strawberries blueberries ribs margaritas
Cuban sandwiches french fries mac and
cheese and seafood we have countless
Music Fest we have a River O Green
Festival for st. Patrick’s Day where we
turn the river green in downtown Tampa
art festivals film festivals and pride
festivals it is hard to find a weekend
in the area that doesn’t have a festival
or 10 we have breweries did you know
that the Tampa Bay area is quickly
becoming a hot spot for those that enjoy
a good craft beer cigar city brewery is
our most famous right now but there are
a whole bunch more to visit in Tampa you
can go to copper tale angry chair
seventh son Florida Avenue Brewing
Company Tampa Bay Brewing Company zydeco
Brewers Rock Brothers and more in
Pinellas County you have three daughters
brewery big storm Green Bench brewery
st. Pete Brewing Company and pinellas
ale works just to name a few we have
shopping indoor and outdoor shopping is
very prevalent in the area from little
shops at the beach to high-end shopping
at International Plaza and everything in
there outlet malls nearby and several
quaint outdoor shopping areas my
favorite being Hyde Park in South Tampa
we have restaurants of course we have
great seafood here our grouper is the
best and beyond that we have every
food at every price range and more
opening all the time check out my video
on Tampa restaurants for more of my
favorites and finally we have music
Amalie Arena and Raymond James Stadium
have a good portion of the really
popular tours we also have the
amphitheater out by the Hard Rock Casino
and the Yuengling Center at the
University of South Florida which also
have concerts there are some smaller
venues like janus live in Saint Pete
than a halfie theater the Capitol
Theatre and Ruth Eckerd Hall that have
some of the smaller acts not to mention
the many many bars and restaurants that
have live music the Tampa Bay Area is
home to three major sports teams
including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
football the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey
and the Tampa Bay Rays for baseball we
also have the Tampa Bay Rowdies which
are an American professional soccer team
if you are spring break training fan
then we have three teams that train here
the Philadelphia Phillies the New York
Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays and
for all of you golf fans out there the
Valspar Invitational is a PGA tournament
that takes place at Innisbrook every
year also the Tampa Bay area has proven
itself over and over again to be a great
place to host big sporting events the
Super Bowl has been here four times
already and is coming back in 2021 we
are hosting the NCAA Women’s Final Four
in 2019 in 2018 we hosted the NHL
all-star game and in 2017 we hosted the
college football national championships
so if you like to watch sports there is
a lot to choose from here the airport
the Tampa International Airport is
consistently rated one of the top in the
nation our airport is so easy to
navigate and has tons of local Flair a
lot of our most popular eateries in the
Tampa Bay area have opened up little
restaurants in the airport for people to
enjoy everything in this airport just
makes sense the long-term parking is
easy pick up and drop off as easy the
security lines are easy to navigate
assuming you aren’t dealing with a
flight delay our airport is actually a
really enjoyable place to spend some
time plus we have lots of national and
international flights and more being
added all the time cost of living so if
you like what you’re hearing so far I
have even better news for you the cost
of living in the Tampa area is actually
really affordable when you compare it to
the other cities in Florida
our average housing
costs are lower and our transportation
costs are reasonable Florida in general
is an expensive state for all types of
insurance but at least you don’t have to
pay state income tax and the final
reason you should consider moving to the
Tampa Bay area it’s a really simple one
we are actually really nice people here
we are so used to people moving here
from other areas and visiting from other
areas that if you need questions
answered we’re happy to help if you need
directions we’ll do that if you need a
picture taken we’re really good at that
too we don’t harass you if you wear your
team’s Jersey to one of our sporting
events as long as you don’t harass us we
love it when you visit because tourism
is our biggest industry in Florida we
want you to visit and fall in love with
our cities the Tampa Bay area has been
in the shadows of other Florida cities
for too long it is way past time for us
to shine if you are moving to Florida
and haven’t considered Tampa please do
so you’ll probably be surprised at how
much we have to offer here as always if
you’re moving here and you need to find
a home give me a call I’m happy to help
if you’re looking for something to watch
next I recommend my video called living
in Florida it gives you lots of
information about what it’s like to live
in Florida in general if you have any
further questions about living in the
Tampa Bay area drop me a comment below
I’m happy to answer as many questions as
I can thank you so much for watching
I’ll see you next time with love Melanie

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