Local casinos preparing  for Iowa sports gambling

Local casinos preparing for Iowa sports gambling

3 NEXT THURSDAY WILL USHER IN A NEW ERA IN IOWA. THAT’S WHEN SPORTS WAGERING WILL COMMENCE IN THE STATE AND OUR OWN ADAM ROSSOW GOT A SNEAK PEEK FROM THE TWO LOCAL CASINOS GEARING UP FOR THE SPORTS BETTORS. 3 (ROSSOW/VO) “IT’S TIME TO BRUSH UP ON YOUR PROPS, PARLAYS, AND POINT SPREADS.” NATS (ROSSOW/VO) “BECAUSE SPORTS BETTING IN IOWA OFFICIALLY BEGINS AT NOON ON AUGUST 15TH.”(Ballenger/Isle) “We just think it’s gonna be a lot of fun and a whole new entertainment experience for people in the Quad Cities. ” (ROSSOW/VO) “THE ISLE IN BETTENDORF HAS BEEN PREPARING FOR WEEKS.”(Ballenger/Isle) “We spent $250,000 to put the book in place.” (ROSSOW/VO) “TAKING AN EXISTING SECTION OF THE CASINO AND TURNING IT INTO WHAT NANCY BALLENGER SAYS WILL BE AN ACTION-PACKED SPORTS BOOK.”(Nancy Ballenger/Isle Casino General Manager) “We’re gonna have four ticket windows which will have experienced ticket writers that will be able to help you with any of your bets. We’ll have a bunch of odds boards and we’ll also have a bunch of TVs that you’ll be able to watch your favorite games on. ” (ROSSOW/VO) “RHYTHM CITY IN DAVENPORT IS ALSO GETTING READY. GENERAL MANAGER MO HYDER SAYS THE EXISTING DRAFT DAY SPORTS LOUNGE WAS BUILT WITH WAGERING IN MIND.”(Mo Hyder/Rhythm City Casino General Manager) “With the idea that when sports betting was approved, we would really leverage this and start providing another option for our customers. We’ll place a couple of our terminals out here where our customers can walk up and where they can take bets.” (ROSSOW/VO) “THE WAGERING WILL BE MANAGED BY DIFFERENT SPORTS BETTING COMPANIES. RHYTHM CITY IS PARTNERING WITH ELITE SPORTSBOOK WHILE ISLE HAS TEAMED UP WITH WILLIAM HILL U-S.”(Adam Rossow/Davenport, IA) “The emphasis for both sportsbooks is to create an experience that make venues like this the place to watch live sports all year long.” (Ballenger/Isle) “We’re trying to get as close to that experience that you would have in Vegas or other resorts here, because you’ll be able to come in and personally bet. You’ll be able to enjoy some food and beverage with your friends.” (Hyder/Rhythm City) “There’s a big 360 TV in there. You can sit and watch four different games around it. The entire place is surronded by TVs. A really good, fun, exciting environment for our customers that want to come and participate. ” (Rossow/Reporter) “While the focus right now is on the August 15th launch and the upcoming football season, both Isle and Rhythm City say they’re already planning for big events like the Super Bowl and March Madness next year. Reporting from Bettendorf and Davenport, I’m Adam Rossow.” 3 MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL WILL BE PLAYING ITS FIRST GAME IN THE STATE OF IOWA NEXT AUGUST. AND IT WILL BE A REMATCH OF

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