9 thoughts on “Local rapper behind bars after fatal quadruple shooting near Town Center”

  1. young boy STRONG💪 never show weakness….that's what I'm talking about…he got 13 bullet holes in him and he still staying tall (((GOD IS GOOD)))

  2. If you break the rules, there are consequences! EVEN FOR BLACKS!!!!!!! THAT'S called "equal treatment under the law", and y'all CLAIM to want that. So….DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY!!!

  3. the united states is the only country i know,where u can be minded your own business,get shot 8 times,your brotha and your best friends die in front of u,and u still get lock up,nothing else to say

  4. Goes to show, this country is all about the dollar bill! If he had Health Insurance, all of those Bullets would've been taken out of his body.

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