Logan Opening Scene | Logan (2017) Movie Clip

Logan Opening Scene | Logan (2017) Movie Clip

Uh, guys?
Those are chrome-plated lugs.
You’re gonna strip them.
Look at this guy, eh?
The plating flakes off.
This is a lease.
No one’s gonna pay to ride…
Come on, man.
Uh, guys, guys.
What the fuck?
Guys, seriously,
you don’t wanna do this.
Take him out.
Fuck him up!
No! Not the car!
Get that puto!
Fuck him up, man!
Fuck him up!
Get him!
Hit that fool!

100 thoughts on “Logan Opening Scene | Logan (2017) Movie Clip”

  1. "Hey look that guy survived a shotgun blast. And he also has claws coming out of his hands. Let's beat him with a crowbar."

  2. this is something that just defies all reason. It's like something you'd see in a Mega Man game. Like, uuhhhhh durrrr this guy gets up after being hit by a shotgun, grows blades out of his hands, yes let's fight him. Makes sense.

  3. I LOVE this video!!!!!!! I watch it when I'm in a bad mood. It in a way helps to see all the suffering and violence. It makes me want to cut somebody's head off or dismember them limb from limb with claws like these. (People I hate of course). I almost wish they made this MORE violent. Like and coment if you feel the same way (:

  4. I don't like that he killed them.
    He should have just cut their legs off, cauterized their wounds, placed them all in front of him, and watch them trying to squirm around, while asking them if they still thought they made the right life choices.

  5. This scene shows 3 things about this movie: 1) It's gonna be different 2) It's gonna be brutal 3) It's gonna be fucking AWESOME!!!!

  6. This movie will be forgotten, but it’s a classic example of the guy who wants peace but is conflicted by people who like to cause havoc, never mess with people for you never know what they’re going through or/and capable of.

  7. Sitting in the theater and watching this for the first time, just…. blew my mind.

    At the time I thought: “Aaaahhh shit, this ain’t your usual PG13 bullshit no more.”

  8. Seeing this scene for the first time in theaters was tantamount to orgasm. FINALLY, we got a Wolverine movie where he's fucking people up good 'n' proper.

  9. thug: shoots wolverine with a shotgun

    logan: shrugs it off

    thug: ok, its a good idea to pick a fight with this guy, thats what I'm gonna do right now, what could possibly go wrong?

  10. sees unarmed guy: shoots
    sees guy with metal claws: melee
    sees guy start killing your friends: shoots car.

    movie logic.

  11. As soon as I saw this scene for the first time, I was all like “Yep, I just know this is gonna be a 10/10 movie.” This is by far one of my favorite movies of all time!

  12. The day Logan offed some of Obama's D.A.C.A. recipients. :') The release date of this movie should be marked a national holiday.

  13. When I saw this opening I knew that this film was going to be extremely different from the other X-Men films.

  14. A normal person would have backed away when finding out that this guy they're robbing could take shotgun blasts to the chest and could grow metal claws out of his hands. I for one believe these thugs' actions are believable, though. They could have been high on a cocktail of street drugs at the time. Combine that with low education, pressure to prove themselves to their leader, continual exposure to pep talks about never showing fear, etc. and we all know the result.

  15. Typical Illegal Aliens. Thinking they can do whatever lawless act in this country and try to get away with it.

  16. Great opening scene. Sets the tone and tells you everything you need to know about this older wolverine. Just incredible

  17. The moment they saw the claws come out they'd know who is and would be running as fast towards the border as they could.

  18. when me and the audience went nuts from this almost 3 minute scene, I KNEW I was in for one HELL of a ride! Loved Logan ❤

  19. Love the "don't poke the old dog" style movies. This was an amazing film, best of any of the Wolverine solo or X films.

  20. I feel like I wouldn't bother with petty crimes in a world with mutants that could kill you in spectacular ways… But here I am in a normal world, still not partaking in petty crimes. So who knows.

  21. Old broken but still the rabid wolverine when I saw this first part I said to my friend next to me now this is wolverine

  22. oh man i remember 2017 when i didn't really care bout this movie coming out and thought i just watch it when it came out on dvd cause of the other xmen movies being mediocre and all, but then my friend forced me to go see it the weekend it came out as we really had nothing better to do i agreed to watch it, and thank god i did cause this opening did a complete 360 on my expectations and and so on i loved every minute of this movie and it became one of my top 5 favorites

  23. What I don't get is his bones are made out of adamantium yet these guys can tackle him without getting hurt ?

  24. What I don't get is his bones are made out of adamantium yet these guys can tackle him without getting hurt ?

  25. dumb gangbangers… if a guy gets up from a shutgun blast and has claws coming out of his hands you run…. no amount of macho BS is gonna keep you alive you dumb fucks…

  26. this is why wolverine is my favorite superhero… he do what he wants… he doesnt give a shit he'll kill the bad guy if he want to… not even that he just does which is way better then there wont be any danger of them breaking out… ghostrider share that place aswell

  27. This is one of the only scenes in movies when someone gets fucked with and does something about it. All other characters get messed with and nothing bad happens to the bad characters.

  28. "Logan" finally gave us a proper Wolverine film that was savage, animalistic and bloody like anything involving Wolverine should be, lol.

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