Long Travel Suspension Build Honda Odyssey FL350

Long Travel Suspension Build Honda Odyssey FL350

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] time to get back to work on the Odyssey unfortunately I broke it already so Edwin wasn’t here I got it out to just do a little test drive and this rear axle lasted about 30 seconds and then it blew up so that was kind of expected we knew these weren’t gonna last forever with 130 horsepower going through them but I figured they last more than 10 minutes this gives us an excuse to completely redesign the rear end with him more heavy-duty axles and long travel suspension my first idea is to steal the rear axles from the brat because their CV axles with a small hub that’s steel I can cut and weld to it hopefully they’ll kind of fit and it’ll I measured them and it should widen the stance about the same amount as it’ll be widened in the front by adding the Polaris a arms on there so first step is tear the rear end out of the brat and see how it might fit [Music] oh yeah there’s some axles for you yeah so this one’s obviously a little crusty and missing some boots but it doesn’t really matter if it works I can buy a new axle for like 30 bucks if it doesn’t work I will have wasted any money on it the idea here is that I can actually just cut this whole control arm off here and then keep this hub portion probably delete the brake because we’re to have a brake [Music] they called all the parts taken off the Odyssey we need it off but our main problem right now is this will not come off and we need it but I think Ethan has an idea the idea is take it out to the skid-steer put it on force take this and make a notch and it says slides over this factual stuff and then I’m gonna hang the dip from that and sledgehammer the dip [Music] is it even budgin no wow so that didn’t work plain and simple we have enough parts to at least start heading in the right direction basically we have all the parts from half the side so if it works on that half then we know it’s worth trying to get the stuff from the other half [Music] good news is was able to remove the entire break everything related to the brakes without removing anything critical to this structure so that’s perfect and now I have this hole I’ll probably cut this whole arm off but I have this whole thing – well – the real conundrum here is just that you see right there belt is in a bad spot these axles obviously the Brad axles do not have the right splines for this so I’m just gonna roll with making an adapter out of this unfortunately it’s a waste of a Odyssey axle that are apparently worth money but you know it’s a price of greatness this thing stubborn yeah it looks like you’ve destroyed it I can’t believe it’s still hanging up in there it’s literally split halfway through here and it still won’t come off yeah I’ll just turn it around to here break off the other side cut it all the way in half [Music] so what the heck that’s insane whoa Wow that was severely stuck I think that wins the new record for the most stuck part of any kind I’ve ever dealt with well I could cut it in half and stuff it was still stuck nice no I’ve got that wasn’t quite as easy as we thought it might be yeah not so much well I’ll pull off a couple parts in the Brat in the morning and see if it’ll work yeah it’s been half the day trying to pull one stupid part off that’s what you call stubborn so we’re looking at a lot of destroyed diff parts on the ground I’m sure there are better ways to get this apart but I’m tired and on the weight at it so I just cut it apart obviously none of it was ever going back together anyway [Music] so this was the donor bike for Cinderella yep and it’s about to be a donor for something else it’s time to figure out the geometry of the Odyssey suspension and I’m gonna use that shock it’s a nice heavy-duty shock it has I don’t know four inches of travel or so which it’s also designed to be overpowered right like this thing has like a foot of travel on that 4 inch shock so it should be you know it’s designed to take that and it’s super heavy-duty and super available we need to replace it or upgrade it or whatever so that’s the plan [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] widening our stance huh just a bit yesterday depending on the offset of the wheels it should be about six inches wider on each side so that’s a foot wider total right now I’m gonna see what the maximum possible travel is let’s see that’s about nine inches if we have a little bit of camber and then lit up we have a bit of camber there that’s 26 8 17 inches we could potentially get 17 inches of travel out of this that’s pretty darn good [Music] that’s what you want nice and snug that’ll hold the trailing arm onto the hub well and the other control arms it’ll just hold all the control arms for the suspension and I have this heim joint from the Odyssey swing arm tacked in place there or the pivot for it anyway and then I have this this is just temporary to figure things out that’s not what that arms look like but it’s roughly where it’s gonna be and we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 inches of travel here it depends on the camber at the top and bottom of it and a few other things but somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 is pretty hard yet to travel something like that [Music] that’s perfect that gives us 12 inches to travel out of 4 inches on here yes the absolute maximum we could get out of these CDs is close to 14 but that’s 4 inches this shock has four inches of travel like just barely hitting the bump stop but that way if we hit the bump stops super hard it still won’t like over travel to see these like landing from a jump [Music] I’ve got these pieces of angle iron here these are just to mock up the control arms and figure out where they need to go for the right geometry sorry I mean no but that’s why they’re not the film alpha but it’s where they’re at the moment so we’ll test now and see how it travels obviously it’s a little bit sloppy but it’s not to be terrible it’s actually quite linear there’s a lot more linear than it was that’s for sure yeah that might be too linear we do want some camber gains this is a nice heim joint from the odyssey control arm we’re stealing that and using it for the new one but it’s a metric thread which turns out to be 16 millimeter metric bolt and I need to make a bung to weld that into an inch and a half pipe that I’m gonna use for the control arms Internet tubing so I found this inch an inch and a quarter solid stock in the scrap pile so I’m going to cut a chunk out of it throw it in the lathe I’ll drill it tap it and then cut it into a couple of little sections to use for bongs for this [Music] so in the pile of parts that came with the wave I found this little dial indicator I can use this to set it to zero back it off till it’s at zero there and then spin the part and see how far off it is at the moment very far [Music] bum number one is done it’s a little hot still there’s the tubing so right now I’m making my own version of this which that’s the original well that’s the shock mount my own version of this which is the threads in there it slides in and then threads at the end for extra strength I already have one here tacked in that’s where the mock-up was and I’m actually just gonna leave that exactly there right now I’m just making a nut essentially that goes on the back of it just a nut without any hex to it so it’ll just be little thread into there I’ll tighten it down and then I’ll weld it to here and to the frame so it’ll be super strong [Music] get real fancy with this lower shock mount here I’ve got this to vent and tacked in place and the top of this has some sort of time joint or something in it that pivots a little bit so that’s good but the bottom needs some too because as the arm travels you know it needs some flex so what I did here is I modified the bottom of this shock mount and put this heim joint that we had laying around in there and I’m gonna attach the heim joint to the arm so it’s kind of backward but it’ll work so it’ll go something like that like flex we busted out our rogue fab versa not sure this is a perfect example of why it’s dope yo cuz I can put it on here I can get it I can look and go okay the shock is going to be at about that angle that way get it angled the way I want it there – how it’s perfect [Music] I have a temporary or semi temporary mount here for the shock the upper mouth and right now the shock is compressed approximately 1/3 of its travel before even touching the bump stop and of course the bump stops fairly squishy and from full droop here hanging all the weight on the shock to where it sits now at the very end of the axle stuff here that’s about four and three-quarter inches of travel up and that’s about 14 and a quarter inches of travel which is very good just until bump stop now I think I’m going to do the reinforcements on this arm because obviously it’s not strong enough that is that is this one-inch pipe and out back in two of them to go around the shop [Music] starting to look like a trophy truck on I’ve got this all welded together I I think it’s plenty strong well it’s all just tacked but I’ve got these braces in here to support that and then one across here because as you apply force to these two points these want to spread so that’s why they’re tied together and then tied to that so it should it’s a very strong shape obviously these are still just temporary because we’re waiting for the other heim joints to get here you know just a longer version of this so to heim joints with a piece of one inch tubing in between them so they’ll be adjustable this is the adapter that I made this is the stub axle from the differential from the brat and then this is the stub of the Odyssey axle and I machined it down and made it fit nice and tight over that then I can weld it and then we’ll have an adapter to these brat axles which are very cheap and easy to come by and should be more than strong enough for this because they were built for a full-sized car so obviously our Odyssey wheels are no longer gonna fit this hub but we have these bills from the brat for now so rowdy I can’t wait to just smoke these tires oh yeah let’s turn them into dust yeah man we really need our own abandoned parking lot and that is too cool rolling out looks good [Music] [Applause] [Music] well it’s all we had time to work on today but we have some fan mail which is cool we actually just opened a p.o box cuz a lot of you guys were asking where you could send us some stuff so that address will be in the description and we’ll probably just open them up at the end of our videos whenever we get something in so this is from the guy in the gorilla suit in the gambler video this is pretty sweet yeah it’s our first fan mail mm-hmm starts out with just a little thanks for being so cool that’s pretty sweet oh sweet 3d it’s a 3d printed little plaque oh that’s sweet that’s so cool that’s like exactly our logo that’s also that’s a really sweet not oh yeah so that’s going to the garage for sure [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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