Long Traveled 130HP Odyssey Rips!

Long Traveled 130HP Odyssey Rips!

100 thoughts on “Long Traveled 130HP Odyssey Rips!”

  1. Put sum nice trenchers on it I think you will have 50% more traction it almost like my r/c car I put slicks and it doesn't really get grip

  2. Hello!!! I understand half of what they say but I love their videos, it would be great if I had subtitles in Latin Spanish. Greetings and congratulations for your work.

  3. Lighten up the primary clutch weights 2 grams each sounds like it's loading up too much when you have traction.

  4. your advertisement on this one was fiiiiirrreeeeeee, made me so hungry. usually hate those but i enjoyed this one lol

  5. You have the most amazing machine there only because your work is supreme I mean factory’s should be calling you for advice but anyway you have to do the front end please 🙏🏻!!!!everybodys thinkin it😁

  6. Kinda new to the channel and gotta say I love it. Yall have some awesome projects and have not only inspired me to finish mine but gave me some great ideas. Keep up the great work and as well as great editing on the videos👌👍😎

  7. That thing rips!!! Imagine how it would do with some nobbies, those old car tires did pretty good considering…

  8. For there next power wheels build they need to do it with a Volkswagen bus that would be sick, keep it up love your vids💙

  9. You guys are the BEST. Although i think the trailing arms should be slightly redesigned to "tuck in" closer to the chassis around the hubs so that you could run nice wide wheels on the back with a lot of positive offset. That would keep the rear end within a reasonable width and give it quite the "meatier" look, no? Otherwise its just gonna be on thin tires and crazy wide. Just my opinion. Love you guys!

  10. I watch both you guys and cars n cameras, honestly a little disappointed in CnC, u guys just keep out doing yourselves ep after ep. Sometimes "It'll be fine" just isn't enough.

    Loving what you're doing here, living my childhood dream projects through u guys is awesome, don't stop.

  11. You should have a clutch cover in case the clutch or belt goes. I’ve seen what I can do and it’s bad. I’ve been racing snowmobiles for years and it would be smart. Just think of your phaser scooter leg bite.

  12. The E46 Touring makes another appearance in the background. I hope it's going to be one of your next projects 🙂

  13. @ Grind Hard Plumbing When you start having problems with that Polaris twin, crank or piston issues. Contact: Indy Specialities (AKA: Indy Dan) He's mastered all the issues with that engine. Keep up the awesome builds!

  14. What does “way the heck out in the middle of nowhere” construed to as far as miles from the nearest decent sized city(by decent I mean 1000+ pop.)?

  15. Just a tip that I saw is maybe widen the font because when you drift in that thing the back tires like to walk really far out because the rear is wider than the front but still wider turn angle is needed

  16. Love it, but i have a question, wouldnt it be safer to put the fuel tank under the cage instead of on top? Ya know just incase it rolls and hits the tank and splits it ?

  17. Love your videos guys, the content is amazing, the edition, the builds, and where you live is just too beautiful!! Thank you for sharing

  18. I love seeing what you guys get up to. You guys are one of the main reasons I am starting a YouTube channel. I love what you guys do! Keep it up!

  19. Can I suggest just a bit? Widen the front out just a little more, but keep it inside the rear, and put rally car wheels and tires on the front. Now imagine it being able to hill climb on asphalt with one set of tires, and tear it up, off road, on another set. Maybe get a wing on the back…stuff for a little little bit of downforce up front, like rally cars use… maybe a bit of minimal body work, fenders, and flaps… 😎

  20. I’m glad to hear they’re planning on modifying the front to match the rear. It should be pretty great then. However they have to enclose the clutches and install an airbox. And a permanent fuel-cell and an aftermarket exhaust and carbon fiber reeds and an actually useful rim and tire combination and control arm mounted fenders etc, etc. That’s the fun though right! I just wish the engine I used in Frankenquad wasn’t so old so I could still get parts for it 😏. I had four years riding that quad until a shift fork bent in the transmission. Now it’s been sitting for four years in a compound completely exposed to the weather 😢. Just rotting away…

  21. As a french guy, this is so surprising to see old Peugeot 505 wheels on that thing ! Those wheels are becoming very rare and they were the top of the line when they were produced. Nice to see you put them to good use 🙂

  22. Hey chaps, wow, awesome work. Following you guys from down here in New Zealand. Slowly inspiring me to build one of these suckers. What would be nice now is for you guys to slowly digitize all the parts, and sell us the plans….

  23. You guys should make the dirt bike into a low rider hard tail bike. just any idea I've never seen or heard of one.

  24. Ethan you need to get on a flat track bike. I think you would take well to the sport and we could see some vintage builds.

  25. You guys do know that Mike (MotoMule) built his plasma table right? I'm thinking with the amount of brackets you are building lately a home-brew cnc plasma table should be on your to-do list. The time savings alone would be worth the cost (faster brackets = faster build = more videos = more of that sweet, sweet google money!)

  26. You guys have been teaching me alot about fabricating this past year so for that thank you but I need more knowledge lol

  27. Perfect lifestyle, your house looks amazing for what you've shown, the way you work with what u have. U guys are just awesome I love it!

  28. Yall should hit up Horse Haven Airstrip Labor day weekend.. And maybe leave one of the toys behind so i may or may not play with it. just sayin

  29. I cant wait for a long arm up front and a bit more room between the cvt belt's and axle… maybe a roller? But you guy's do great work either way!

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