Loot Box Gambling Controversy, Seagull talks Dallas Fuel & World Cup 2018 Jerseys | Akshon Recap

Loot Box Gambling Controversy, Seagull talks Dallas Fuel & World Cup 2018 Jerseys | Akshon Recap

I’m Darren with Akshon Esports and this
is Akshon Recap the show we highlight
various stories ongoing within the
eSports community for our first story of
the day Seagal explains his situation
with the Dallas fuel on stream that led
to him shifting from projectile DPS to
now playing mainly as D.Va according to
Seagall he was equally surprised when
rascal was brought onto the team which
further adds more evidence to the theory
that upper management brought in at
least one new player without consulting
the team he took the decision of the
team to have him play D.Va with good
spirits but once the team was informed
that Rascal was off the team the Fuel
found themselves in an awkward situation
where they didn’t have a Genji
now that Seagall hadn’t dedicated time to
the hero for several months and thus the
job was given to AKM the impossible
situation that is me in Dallas Fuel I
play projectile DPS this is all I played
right I play DPS primarily for arrogance
about that bullshit mouth better heroes
right like what a year and a half and
then I play it for like one month I
think then they picked up rascal like
okay don’t learn diva like shit okay go
learn diva and then I split on ladder a
bunch and then I go and I played him
aptitude pretty well is like okay I
guess I’m okay of this in school yeah
why not
and then who’s like rosters off the team
by the way like shit now we don’t have a
Genji player to that’s played in two
months what do I do
what do you know it’s sad
heading into today’s game doused fuel
fans are already bracing themselves for
as we may see the mayhem come out on top
now that effect and time you are on
break with the fuel officially running
Seagal and a km as a DPS duel for the
first time on stage without a tracer
main the mayhem could look to unleash
logics to wreak havoc against whatever
makeshift strategy that people are able
to put together in such a short period
of time now that their end-of-season
playoff chances have been mathematically
calculated to be impossible the fuel
should aim to use this time before the
start of the second season to really
focus on resolving their internal issues
and building the proper communication
channels to avoid further burnout and
keep egos in check the need for effect
to take a break was brought up in a
recent episode of watch point where
Monte discussed how this should not be
opening a stress will only increase once
localization occurs reportedly by 2020
problem with the Dallas Fuel surrounding
player attitude and burnout and while
this is what he may need right now it
should never ever have gotten to this
point players need to be able to play
for an entire season without these
ridiculous brakes that said abandon hope
for any signs of life in season one fuel
fans it’s over for 2018 for our next or
the day let’s take a bit of a shift and
talk about the World Cup jerseys so far
on the online store we got seven jerseys
to choose from
grabbing one of these will set you back
fifty-five dollars plus shipping I don’t
know about you but a lot of people are
once again having to do a double-take of
the team Australia Jersey as the color
scheme has led many to initially think
it was for a Brazilian team that aside
the main point of criticism has been
brought upon their design is how
prominently the sponsorship logos are
being displayed in the dead center of
the Jersey this was likely part of
blizzards partnership deal with various
sponsors but not many people enjoyed
being a walking billboard for certain
brands like t-mobile
on the team USA Jersey or new young pay
on the China uniform out of all the
logos the minimalist design of the omen
by HB is as bad as the rest but players
have already taken to the forums to
voice their displeasure and suggesting
that these locos should be smaller or
shipped to the shoulder area to preserve
the clean look of the Jersey looking at
the NBA for example Blizzard could take
a page out of their book with the
sponsorship patches on the left shoulder
region of the uniform this minimalist
approach is in contrast to always become
the norm in European football teams
where sponsors have long been
prominently featured on the jerseys
while we’re on the topic of jerseys one
player who is trying to get a customized
outlaws uniform in the overwatch League
store discovered that you can no longer
get a J lock printed on the back anymore
this is a bit bizarre as the nickname
doesn’t technically violate restrictions
on what text could be printed as most
would agree it doesn’t necessarily fall
under anything sexual in nature or as
hate speech Jake expert xqc has gone
records saying that there was nothing
malicious behind the jail oak name and
that he deeply respects jake is a player
praising him as a great hitscan and one
of the world’s best junk rats on the
other hand given how the name was born
from xqc stream as a meme about Jake
being a bad
player who only plays junk rat and how
it gets spam to the point of being an
annoying joke used by haters whenever
Jake dies or miss plays on stream it’s
possible the Jake or the outlaws put in
a request to put this meme on the
blacklist for our last story of the day
the Dutch Gaming Authority has ruled
that loot boxes constitute as gambling
in their country and have reached out to
game developers including Blizzard
Entertainment to take the appropriate
action or face the consequences this is
a follow up on the controversy that
began in 2017 after the release of Star
Wars Battlefront 2 which faced a massive
amount of criticism regarding their loot
box system to the point where it caught
the attention of concerned parents and
government officials alike the decision
was made after looking at loot boxes in
ten games with reportedly having found
for breaching their bedding and Gaming
Act the report states that the content
of these loot boxes was determined by
chance and crucially the prizes and the
accounts containing set items could be
traded outside the game giving them a
market value if loot boxes are not
removed titles like counter-strike FIFA
18 and overwatch will be labeled as
illegal in addition to a fine of 800,000
euros and a five-year prison sentence in
the event of any miners found involved
the sentence could be doubled what are
your thoughts on this decision by the
Dutch government do you think this will
be repealed and if not how will
overwatch change without having a luke
box system let us know your thoughts in
the comment section below as always
thank you for watching and be sure to
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this has been Darren from action eSports
and we’ll see you in the next one

55 thoughts on “Loot Box Gambling Controversy, Seagull talks Dallas Fuel & World Cup 2018 Jerseys | Akshon Recap”

  1. Yeah I wear my ow World Cup USA jersey that I got at blizzcon to school sometimes and people think it’s some T-Mobile shirt

  2. Pfff why does my country (the netherlands) have to ruin the fun the problem most likely started cus of some parents or adults that couldnt handle it

  3. Who the fuck will sell or buy accounts on the basis of loot in said account?! I could just buy the loot item with gold! If I wanted to buy an account from someone, it would be because of the competitive rank, not loot… 😑

  4. You do know XQC was trolling when he said them nice things about Jake?
    Literally the next thing he said was 'he's garbage at the game'

  5. I paid $50 to play the damn game not to farm for lootboxes so I can get the skins, but I can't get skins because my luck is terrible.. which means if I really wanna get it I need to pay extra dollars and HOPE I get the skin from the lootbox. Are you kidding me….

  6. I do understand that titles and thumbnails like these increase viewership a good bit. I also see that the actual content has not a bit decreased from your usual quality, and i am glad that is the case and wouldn't have expected anything else. But i ask you to use such clickbaits carefully. No qq or anything intended, love you guys o/

  7. Lol it’s nice hearing Seagull joke about the current dilemma with Fuel. It shows he’s in good spirits about his predicament and they should’ve never taken him off being the projectile dps and Genji specialist for Fuel. Anyways, they should transition him back, they have nothing to lose because it can’t get worse than AKM’s Genji.

    And this is wishful thinking but if xQc and Custa would’ve stayed then I believe Dallas would’ve been a better team now.

  8. It's so stupid for banning Overwatch for loot boxes because in Overwatch, players don't necessary need to buy loot boxes. There is no gambling involved in Overwatch maybe except the event ones. Players can grind for loot boxes and save credits to buy things. Blizzard even change the way loot boxes are, decreasing the chance of getting duplicates so it's less of a scam. Overwatch's loot box system is probably the most different compared to those pay-to-win games.

  9. Loot boxes should not exist in a fully priced game, where are the days when you have to complete a challenge to get something

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  11. So you people rather spend hundreds of $ worth of money for in game items rather than buying a cheap loot box that ALWAYS guarantee an Item or more?

    Unlike gambling , you either win something or loose it all.

    I don't understand how people don't see that.

  12. How are they going to put a company like blizzard in prison for 5 years cause I don’t see how that is possible

  13. First: wth that sentence is way too long Holland! 2nd: Overwatch should use a system like Halo Reach. Loot Boxes etc are a way to trick children and idiot adults into paying for cosmetics. Just remove microtransactions from all games.

  14. I think Blizzard will just disable loot box purchases for Dutch players. A bit sad, but that is the most efficient way to do it.

  15. as someone from the netherlands i think its bs but the dutch government has not spoken of specific games the belgian government did callout names wich are the games named in the video if overwatch get illegal in my country i will get so fcking mad

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