Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights | 10.12.2018, NBA Preseason

Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights | 10.12.2018, NBA Preseason

At x8p Center tonight
It’s the Los Angeles Lakers taking off their regulars tonight including LeBron James to Brandon Ingram
You see they’re starting live. Meanwhile for the Warriors most of the regulars hit their top
And Golden State wins
No, Kentavious caldwell-pope
Or Brandon Ingram either as Jones dips inside of powered sit down with you anytime before every game with the coaches
He’s got incredible athleticism
Hey Vince, and lays it in did play in 15 games for the Warriors last season
But spent most of his time in the d-league as hurry very easily pleased
This preseason step klay Thompson and Durant have all shot it well as false
Lots of all saying that it’s been easier to fire from deep and Thompson it belonged to
Stand a nice addition to the ESPN broadcast team great addition
Hurry, we’ll take the mid-range and hit last year in that video footage, but also three on three
I’m fascinated by a lot of what happens with this team has moved by prism which mashers from the post positions and
Keep in mind DeMarcus Cousins as plague gets going DeMarcus Cousins
That three goes down and a welcome sign as speed Makai Lucas
They really believe in his shooting ability showed it in camp not so much of games did their this guy always does
Nice movement down. The other end is Stephenson to the finish
1000 warriors run
lob to the rim
On a gorgeous feed from curry
catch and shoot attempts and you know what you play with LeBron James
You’re gonna get those chances hurry the lovin
Jones for another finish off the feed from curry the curry is just a devastating
Banga using his legs high off the window and that’s something you bite it over from the minor league camp. Yes
stunning on another three us
To either a new rule or in this case just a point of emphasis for an existing wore
New Bosh gets tonight
Williams tell you why he had the real steps into a three can’t knock it down long rebound taken by
LA and bill comes up with the block within the follow robably
Competed a higher level than people are projecting at this point
There is Thompson due to be a free agent at the end of this season
My toe really broke man. They’re
the means
Since today’s day and age his baby flings it in. It’ll blow your mind
There was a lot of time and research that went into making that piece as mcgee hits the thyroid issue threes
So he said if he hits the three tonight, I’m gonna immediately go and hug him and that’s what State Fair did he sure did
Nice cut from Kuzma and an excellent after their primes and he’s who Steve Nash
Worked with closely as he played his basketball past 30 top ten
And there were moments in
The second half of the season where he was clearly performing at a slower pace in the way began the year
Laughs this was something that told bill Jackson and Kobe Bryant talked about with and has trained my green and LeBron James
Mock get into it
Has five all-stars from the previous year
Cousins one of them that jumper looks smooth a couple for somebody like him go through the net will relax him a little bit
Jones cleaning up inside again. So it’s going to be out multiple weeks to start the season
Thomson hits another port and whispers. Yeah
by the way, Steph Curry played that whole first quarter any inflation and
We’re in rhythm
Connects on a three nice speed post these teams want to push the pace last year Lakers finished second in pace warriors dish
gorgeous speed
he’s not dunking the fact that he didn’t shoot a high percentage is better period
Williams able to finish
Through the rip job of green and an and-one opportunity
For a will hit them says LeBron James very much enjoying us here in San Jose
Knowing curry and how cognizant he is, Nina
They will move from Oakland to San Francisco
Next season as Magee meet curry and Thompson sitting now is cooked misfires
Nice tile court fee ball spins into a bunny couldn’t flip it in
The first time does the second head of Toronto only because the advantage of the continuity
No, get to know you phase the depth of talent the ability defensively. Oh now Beasley and green going at it
they had been chirping a bit and
We caught some of that on camera a few possessions ago
and now after the foul Beasley got right up into green and
at least a technical on Beasley perhaps
Shot clock down to two McGee they able to bake
Nice nice mother Rhino enough scoring line up nothing. You did Pam that nicely though
Crucify. Yeah, and he’s hot in this third 16 points. So I like that
The hits the jumper this effort not to talk about how difficult the road could be
said last
Whose would Catching Fire the net jig on a three back-to-back 90 the little he didn’t let it slide
Hamza three. I’ll tell ya how that will play
I think yoga just is buying into the importance of that in the floor spell get the jumper to go high enough level defense
I think you know the versatility and athleticism of the new pieces definitely help how you gonna get to another?
Gucchi, I’ll tell you what
That Street sex dinner was expensive. Let’s have a friendly wager. Ha ha ha ha here lady talked in our past about
when the UCLA incredible winning streak ended
Livingstone, he can elevate so fast that disposition as the runaway train Lance Stephenson guides to break
Stevenson having a lot of fun on his way to the rack and then swinging a little bit after he was fouled
immediately the officials dive in
but I looked at I’ve always heard Jeff Van Gundy say is you know and Mark Jackson would reiterate this a nice shot by with
Ladybirds bench is laughing at McGee and his passion and focus right now
his that shot
Entirely his bench is on his feet
Or agreed to join us at the table
Hey, I’m glad we’re
And there’s been just been essentially on the floor during it where he got another Lakers dish
Catch and shoot three drops in from the giddy up to dance and he’s gonna have a lot to compete with no doubt
Right now, I guess you just chill with mom
To go ahead and win a lot of games without of them
Doombot still sit down. And once again that Laker bench is up and flexing. I
State there
Two BOTS able to force it in
But quick-cook is playing hard
Box is not going to put it up
He will dribble it out. And that will do is the preseason is done from LeBron James and the Lakers
As well as Steve Kerr and his warriors

100 thoughts on “Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights | 10.12.2018, NBA Preseason”

  1. they were winning with curry in the beginning by 20 points, I don't know if Lebrun and lakers are hiding something or the season could be a bust. Lets go lakers!!!!

  2. Lakers actin like its a championship match. GSW be like yo lets just loosen up a bit before regular season starts.

  3. People seem to forget that Lakers were dragging warriors to OT and beat them last year with out lebron and others.. they truly match up well

  4. I'm happy that lozo has a bit more muscle on him to improve his drive and fixed his jumper Lakers might have a chance in my book.

  5. Honestly, I can see Ball having a big breakout of 40+ point game but he passes too much. I know passes are part of his strengths but he needs to show more aggressiveness in scoring. I hate when he drives in and can easily put up a shot but then looks around to pass. take the fuckin shot.

  6. When Lakers go to championships I don't wanna hear anything about Lebron not being better than Jordan ever again because if he does this lebron does not just prove he's better he proves that MJ was on the best team in his era and no one was on their level vs lebron was never on an elite team like Jordan.

  7. Good Win! But Lakers better learn to defend Curry and Co. cause they are the masters of setting multiple picks. He was using there own team mates as picks too. So they need to be aware of any GS player who pulls from one end of the floor to the other or they'll be popping easy three's all season long. Didn't seem like for example Zubac was paying attention to this much at all. Basically there the masters of picks, floor spacing, tight defence, and dirty tricks alla Draymond and Jones his new mentor? The refs will once again be letting the Warriors play trash d and "Big Surprise" not see Draymond point blank range slapping his opponent or kicking them in the nuts alla Steven Adams. And Durant will basically be using his forearm and elbow to jam into the side and back of the defender cause now he does that all the time. I know I Know they all do this, but Durant and Draymond just do it more. Refs don't mind cause he does it now in every game. Of course if someone calls attention to it he'll stop doing until the playoffs start and then surprise elbows back. And the NBA doesn't mind cause it gives us something to talk about during the season up to the playoffs. Anyways, It will be a tall order to Shut down Curry, Durant, Thompson, and Cousins while Draymond's slapping them around all night.

  8. I believe the laker/celtic rivalry is going to reignite. Kyrie/lebron, tatum/kuzma, mcgee/horford, hayward/ingram and so on, man i cant wait to see them go face to face. Its gon be epic.

  9. Y’all excited for no reason kd wasn’t even play this is preseason this for 2nd string players to show what they can do 😴

  10. basketball is so boring and predictable…why they pay these guys so much is beyond me…almost as boring as baseball…

  11. Lakers already protecting LeSoft James' delicate/girly psyche from early collapse this season, by hiding him as deep in the bench as possible from Big Bad Golden State Warriors… (LMAO).

  12. 5:42 fight is about to start when the cleaning person start cleaning the floor next to the fight. How much does he earn?

  13. Still GSW fan… No matter what 😁😁😁 Di nmn ako hater… Good luck n Lang sa both team in the near future … 😊😊😊

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