Lottery Association Agrees To Settlement After Lawsuit Over Rigged Gaming

Lottery Association Agrees To Settlement After Lawsuit Over Rigged Gaming

Recently, a settlement was announced from
the Multi-State Lottery Association that actually had been years in the making. And it involves a story that is basically
ripped right out of the headlines from Hollywood. Joining me to explain what happened in this
story is Scott Hardy from Top Class Actions. And Scott, before we talk about the numbers
on this settlement, I want you to tell everybody the story of this lottery rigging employee,
because again, this sounds like it’s an upcoming Hollywood movie about a lottery heist, but
this was real life. Tell us what this guy did. Well, so this is, this is one of those things
that you would think about. You’d say, man, I wonder if somebody could
do this. And you had the director of the IT team, the
director of IT for the Multi-State Lottery Association that talked with his brother and
said, hey, I think that I can actually change the software for these lottery, for these
different lotteries and make it so that we are a guaranteed winner. And they did. They went ahead and he, he, he made the changes
to the software. His, his cohort, his partner in crime bought
the ticket and won $16 million. Wow. So they rigged it. They won, but then they got caught and now
that guy got 25 years as his sentence, 25 years for rigging a lottery. Now, from a criminal defense perspective,
I have to think that that sentence will be overturned because thankfully he didn’t murder
anyone. And, you know, the yes people were, were potentially,
they, they, well they didn’t even lose because if you won, then you would’ve gotten a share. But, you know, this guy just rigged the system
so those numbers popped up. I can’t see this guy spending 25 years in
jail for it. But who knows? You know, if he doesn’t have a good defense
lawyer, and of course he wasn’t able to keep that $16 million to get a good defense lawyer,
he might be stuck. You know, and it’s really interesting too,
because a lot of people would think, okay, this guy rigged the lottery. He won the lottery. He got caught. He goes to jail. That’s the end of it, right? I mean, where, where would a lawsuit come
from? And that’s what strikes me as so brilliant
really about this class action lawsuit because you have people who were affected in these
particular lotteries that were rigged. They bought tickets thinking I have a shot. I mean, the lottery itself says you have a
one in however many hundreds of millions chance of winning. But because of this IT director changing the
program, your odds of winning were now zero. So these people bought tickets, you know,
a dollar, a hundred dollars. You know, some people do go out there and
spend massive amounts of money on this only to later find out after this story breaks
that they had been robbed of their chance of winning. They had been duped, they paid the money,
and now they want their money back and now they might actually get it back. Correct? Right. Well, and the thing is, they did have a chance,
a very small chance of winning. They just had to have picked the same numbers
that the, Eddie Tipton, the former Multi-State Lottery Association IT director picked. If they picked those numbers, then they would
have also won a portion of that $16 million. But of course they, they didn’t. And what, what isn’t clear from this is how
they got caught. Did somebody come forward? Did, did they do it too often? Because Tipton worked alongside his brother
and a friend to rig the software. And so on three specific days they had nine
rigged drawings between November, 2005 and May, 2013. So most likely they got caught because they
kept returning to the well to get paid and to, to do this. Otherwise, if they just did this once, we
probably would never know. Exactly, you know, it would have been just
an odd coincidence that the IT director, his brother purchased a winning ticket, you know,
hey, weird things happen sometimes. But, you know, that that’s kind of how it
works with people who are a little bit greedy is that it’s never enough. You know, why don’t we try this again? What if, what if we just do it one more time? You know, one more time. Then we’re good to go. And you always end up getting caught, you
know. There’s very few stories out there of successful
burglars who go through their entire career stealing from people without ever getting
eventually caught. And ,you know, that’s kind of what this is,
this, this is a little bit of more of a high tech burglary here. They may not have been able to guarantee that
they were going to win, but what they were trying to do was guarantee that nobody else
would win in this particular instance. Right. And so you have the Multi-State Lottery Association,
which is going to pay out $4.3 million to players who played the game and didn’t win. The exact details on how to submit a claim
aren’t out yet. But if you’re in one of the 33 states where
the Multi-State Lottery Association is, you should be able to get your portion of that
$4.3 million and hopefully put some money back in your pocket or if so desired, go buy
some more lottery tickets. Absolutely. For more information about this story, follow
the link in the description of this video. And as Scott pointed out, since we do not
yet have forms for people to fill out, I recommend you not only go to the link, but bookmark
it for now. Save it in a document somewhere so that you
can come back to it later once we do have that info. Scott Hardy, Top Class Actions. Thank you very much for telling us this story. You’re welcome. Thanks for your time, Farron.

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  2. There is no defense in a case like that, cheating, hacking the system… in words of Laurence Fishburn from movie 21 “ this is the system beating you back “ he should get 10years at least!!!

  3. I need my money back! A program picks the numbers? Why do they have all the balls jumping around like they pick them at random?

  4. "They may not have been guarenteed that they were gonna win, but what they were trying to do, was guarentee that nobody else would win in this particular instance"

    No. Unless there is more information not discussed in this video, from what you've told us, no the exact opposite of the above statement was their intentions. They were trying to win themselves, not screw over everybody else just for the hell of it. The guest really should have corrected the host there.

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    The lottery is just the state running the old numbers "racket", which was totally illegal when the mob did the same thing(sometimes with honest payouts and sometimes rigged)

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    All smoke and mirrors.

  8. Well, I've always thought the game was rigged. I really did. It's so computerized, if I had access to software, I could write code to choose "random" winning ticket, so I've always thought the commission "allows" winnings based on their revenue expectations.

    California in debt this month? Let California win! I'd never buy that damn ticket.

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  12. They had a winning ticket in Iowa which requires the winner's name. They tried to cash it in at the last minute using a lawyer to remain anonymous. When it was refused, and not cashed, lottery officials got suspicious. That is when luck struck the scammers a second time. The location that sold the ticket not had video of the sale, which was unhelpful because they couldn't see his face. This particular location ALSO had audio with the video. Tipton has a distinctive voice, and one of the lottery executives recognized it. The ticket was payable over twenty-five years. Maybe he can pick the cash option and only get twelve years.

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    A true lottery would be your number and name on a piece of paper in a
    barrel that they reach in and take out….Not ping pong balls.

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    Before the 11:00pm, "game winning numbers!"

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