17 thoughts on “Lottery fever grips the nation”

  1. 1.4 billion, so after the corrupt deep state takes their share in "tax" you've got 1.4 million. Not bad huh

  2. Haha, that's a stupifying number to be sure. Could still rollover if 300 million tickets aren't sold? If you don't play you win the price of the ticket you didn't buy; And if you do buy a ticket but it loses, you lose its price plus the amount of the jackpot? It would be funny if the person you interviewed won.

  3. I'd buy the rights to make Friday the 13th part 13 and you can be damned sure it won't be a "found footage" movie. Those suck!

  4. For all of your people that only just one person and one player in one game that who's going to win the Mega Million Powerball and one more thing that are you shouldn't know this already that a long time ago that last year that one person one but the rest of you like a loser wasting your money and then it get a lottery ticket if you going to win or not because don't even say about it of God give you money right here because you're not a going to be the winner just one person to go to win that's it the rest of you that try again for next year could be for next year I do not know okay so good luck to all of you and good luck for the greedy rich people and one more thing that the

    only family is that you going to have your home your toys and your money. The only thing you don't have the money right there is a part of the family but you don't care about the rest of them well that's too bad for you and a few years ago that I remember that the Powerball that someone got it a lottery ticket over 25 lottery ticket and guess what he picked all the numbers and he lost I cannot tell you that because you do not know me I did not know you if you wanted to play this game and risky one that's your choice anyway and good luck for all of you

  5. Oh so this is why Fox News fanatics support billionaires – they think they’re going to become one of them. Geniuses.

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