LOTTERY WINNER Stories – I’m one of them | Vlog 200

I think all of us at one point have
wondered what it would be like to win
the lottery me I could actually tell you
what that’s like story time
before i got my driver’s license my dad
was the one who would take me to and from school and
one day he was running super super late
which was unusual because he was the
person who was always first in the
pickup line every single time and this
was pre cellphone era so I had no idea
of knowing why he was running late how
much longer he was gonna be or like what
was going on then I saw our car pull up
but my mom was the one who is driving
and when I got in the car I was like hey
where’s dad she said a bomb exploded at
our house your dad’s okay but he’s
dealing with like the police the bomb
squad and just all of the chaos I asked
her questions all the way home and when
we got to our neighborhood the entire
place was taped off there was a
helicopter flying over my house and
there were more cop cars and bomb squad
cars and people in uniform that then I
have ever seen all at one point it
seriously looked as if the whole place
was like a movie set except that it
wasn’t a movie set it was reality and
this was my house and my family get-rich
dream lotto winner gets lucky on way to
Vegas ms ramirez went to Las Vegas last
weekend but she didn’t hit the jackpot
until she came home she opened up the
newspaper and gasped there on page four
with the six winning numbers in
Saturday’s 18 million dollar super lotto
drawing the same six numbers printed on
the five dollar ticket she had bought at
a gas station in Victorville when I was
13 my mom became one of the luckiest
people in the world because she had
bought a winning lottery ticket what I
remember most about the whole thing were
all the things that happened that people
don’t wonder about when it comes to
winning the lottery the bomb for one
thing we never did find out who sent it
to her house also I had grown up with
circle of friends I considered them my
brothers and sisters and I was no longer
allowed to ever see them or talk to them
and of course the guilt after my mom won
our mailbox was full of letters and
packages and there was always just
requests and asks and pleas from all of
these people who needed money my parents
grew up poor it was a constant constant
struggle which is why they made the
decision to sacrifice everything and
immigrate to America because they knew
that here my brother and I would have
opportunities that they never had but
then we got money and we got a lot of it
and everything that happened after
showed me that money doesn’t necessarily
equal success and happiness doesn’t mean
that you beat this game of life in fact
there are no rules to this game how you
win and how you lose
is completely up to you
so for my 200 vlog I want to tell you
about the lottery that I won
on April 16 2016 I placed my bet
I have no idea what I’m doing I’m just gonna be honest with you guys
I put everything my entire life all of it one jockey
that jockey was me
people told me like why would you do
what you’re doing why would you quit
your job what you’re doing is not easy
there is no clear path I wanted to
figure out what is this game how do I
and what do I have to do to win
I need stop second-guessing myself I’m running off of three hours of sleep
not sure if I already said that
throughout this journey I realized that
from the moment I started playing
I already won
just to be alive you’re literally more likely to win the
lotto ten times in your life than
actually have a life to live in this
time of this new media Renaissance my
favorite thing in the world is seeing
how youtubers are able to iterate and
build on other youtubers styles and
sentiments and ideas until they make
something that’s uniquely theirs
cuz that only way to get subscribers is making good content wow
and every day to allow myself to do what I love
and help people share their stories
and spark their potential I’m so
happy and proud our goal is to educate and empower to utilize digital media
to achieve meaningful goals are you excited about this
that would be a dream that would be amazing
all of us have the same chance to win
and every single time I create I hit the
I want to formally acknowledge to myself
how far I’ve come
this is zero to YouTube hero oh my
gosh i have so much to tell you yes that I’m giving myself this chance right here
right now every single day is a win and I
am lucky as
hey there Heather here if you’re new to my channel I’m
documenting my entrepreneurial journey
in helping people share their stories
and spark the potential by creating new
media if you want to follow me on my
journey hit that subscribe button catch
guys later
Christopher says I should write a book
yeah but like not the kind of book where
it’s like Real Housewives are doing it
just for money

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