Lottery winner sues son over $10 million loss

a Florida’s biggest Powerball winner is now trying to win again in a Jacksonville Court it’s become a family battle a 90 year old woman won and two of her children have now filed suit against another sibling claiming that he has mismanaged much of her winnings today news for Jax reporter Jim Pickett talked to the attorneys on both sides and shows us what’s going down and what could happen now Gloria Mackenzie and her son Scott during much happier times in 2013 she won a 590 million dollar Powerball jackpot she took the money in a lump sum of 370 million dollars shortly after that they both moved into this million-dollar house in a gated community in Jacksonville and that’s when Gloria Mackenzie’s attorney Greg Anderson says things went bad she says Scott Mackenzie was supposed to take care of his mother with the winnings they split anderson says scott instead kicked his mother out of a house the other children grandchildren started asking questions because here was Gloria who had enough money to buy every assisted living center in Jacksonville if she wanted to and yet she was looking for a relative to live with to take care of her Gloria Mackenzie has since moved to Pennsylvania and is being cared for by another family member in December two of Gloria Mackenzie’s daughters and several grandchildren filed suit trying to remove Scott McKenzie as power of attorney and let Gloria gain control over the investments the suit cites bad investments by an unqualified financial manager and that Gloria McKenzie is losing millions of dollars we’re trying to recover all of that and transfer it all back into an entity where she knows where her money is and her advisers and her children and grandchildren know where the money is so that it can be invested properly rather than the mess it’s been so far that’s why they filed the suit several motions have been heard and attorneys have gone back to court this week making more changes to clarify the lawsuit I called Scott Mackenzie’s attorney this morning he issued a statement saying mr. McKenzie is deeply disappointed with his family members decision and their motivations in bringing this lawsuit but is equally confident that the truth will ultimately prevail although he strongly did agrees with the allegations that have been made he will respect his family’s privacy by reserving any further comment until this case has been concluded so the next step in this case we’re going to learn more in May that’s when we could find out when and if this is going to go to trial and in talking to a Greg Anderson the attorney here he was basically saying to get to this point it’s unfortunate the families need to talk beforehand to set things in stone bring in certified financial planners and talk that way you won’t end up in court jumping at channel 4 the local station

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