Lottery Winner University – How to Pick the Best Lottery Numbers

How do you pick lottery numbers The Delta lotto system is a Statistical lottery system that looks at the spacing between lottery numbers this gives us some unique Analytical advantages as I’m about to show you This is a chart showing number spacing in pics made by a few dozen random people This chart is made by analysis model our Delta lotto system software Notice the highest bar in the center of the chart showing that on average lottery numbers are spaced about four to seven digits apart from each other in most people’s lottery number guesses, so What’s wrong with this Here’s a chart showing average number spacing between lottery digits found in actual Winning lottery drawings it looks quite different from the chart of lottery guesses. We saw earlier It seems that a number spacing of 1 is the most common occurrence in actual lottery picks this corresponds to a number pair and As it turns out number pairs are very common in winning lotto draughts But where do all these pairs come from? Why is this chart of lotto delta numbers so skewed toward low numbers? I can answer this question if you look at this deck of cards Here in a brand new uncial deck of playing cards all the cards are sequential if the cards had numbers Every two cards I draw from the deck would be a number pair in other words two cards right next to each other So now let’s shuffle the deck and mix up the cards But what if I don’t shuffle enough? The answer is I will still draw lots of numbered pairs look at this chart from the analysis lotto software Showing the average number spacing is found in a very poorly mixed deck of cards It looks a lot like our chart of lottery balls doesn’t it? It seems that what happens with poorly mixed playing cards can also happen with lavell balls the lateral balls remember are Usually lined up in numerical order before they are mixed. Just like the playing cards in a brand-new deck I’ll bet it never occurred to you that bottle ball mixing machines might do a poor job of ball mixing Remember when we asked you how you pick your numbers most people don’t choose pairs when they pick lotto numbers But they should You

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