Lou Holtz calls climate protesters at Harvard-Yale game ‘absurd’

Lou Holtz calls climate protesters at Harvard-Yale game ‘absurd’

100 thoughts on “Lou Holtz calls climate protesters at Harvard-Yale game ‘absurd’”

  1. This will only starts more sh!t in other games and other sports too. And since pollution is growing even more from Asia and Africa, it is clear that climate change won’t be solved by America. So these protests over here will only have one result, which is to divide the nation even more.

  2. Lou packed more common sense to his statement then those punks have heard in their whole life. Those idiots deserve every dime of student loan debt.

  3. Since the 1900's they've tried to get Global warming to catch on. No Generation actually fell for the Scam until now. Hook line and sinker it looks like. We care about the environment, but according to them we have approximately 10 years left before we're destroyed lol.

  4. Every one of these ignorant A-Hole "protesters" needs to be fined the maximum amount allowed by law. Those thousands of people in the stands PAID MONEY for their tickets…to watch a ball game…NOT a bunch of ignorant pricks who think that their needs are better than the ticket holders.

  5. Hey young people you guys do not know how the real world Works do you. I think you should go back to school and just shut the mind your own business. I am sick and tired you young people think you know best for everyone you guys do not know what's best for everyone. I think you should read up the couch to make your own decisions.

  6. These nutters are morons, because only a moron lacks the intellect to challenge the hogwash science propagandized by corrupt scientists and corrupt politicians.

  7. There is no Climat Change, there is a Soros evil team, using their Climat Change, to bring in the New World Order! Those stupid kids, should STOP eating meat, using cars, buses, be vegetarians and walk, those kids are just looking for attention. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  8. WOW! I haven’t seen the democrats this mad since the republicans took away all their slaves and gave the black man the right to vote. Geesh! what’s next?

  9. …climate change is FALSE…
    the earth does not spin or rotate…
    the sun moon & stars move above us and give us our signs & seasons
    book 📚 called GENESIS
    the earth is Not a Globe
    space travel 📡 🛰 is False
    ivy league 🍀 fake education

  10. I wonder how many of those protesters sit in their car ar drive thru waiting for their coffee or food, How many get their mom or dad to drive them somewhere? How many take hot showers, how many have phones and computers that use electricity? How many like a warm or cool house? How many like clean laundry? These people need to STFU

  11. Climate change is coming no matter what anybody does it’s already been proven now as far as polluting our planet that’s a different story that one I’ll go with

  12. Sick liberals. They have to ruin everybody's fun. Doesn't matter, according to these idiots because there is only 9 years left before extinction. I would like these MORONS to get back to me after 9 years. What is VERY sad is that the parents have the pay for their education….

  13. Global warming is a Hoax, Fraud and a Lie. Always has been. CO2/Methane Human induced Climate change (global warming greenhouse old theory) is fake science….. Grand Solar Minimum / Milankovitch orbital cycles are a better gauge of what is happening with earth Climate. 2 decades ago Al Gore said our children would not see snow. Our children see SNOW every winter liar.

  14. Global warming global cooling have been going on before man was on earth and nothing will change til China and India truly support it.

  15. Oh we are having a cold draft right now it must be global WARMING. Let’s wish for ice age so all the snow ❄️ flakes will freeze

  16. I would have given them 5 minutes to start dispensing or start using rubber bullets on them. I would bet money there were professors behind this. How could the administration not know this wasn’t planned? No way everyone could keep their ignorant mouths shut. These are Marxists who know that without the HOAX of climate change they will never be able to impose their commie ways on the nation. Education in America is an EPIC FAIL.

  17. Idiots that don't believe in climate change we do have four seasons each and every year don't we and it keeps getting worse and worse and worse maybe your home needs destroyed by climate change than you might believe it's real

  18. The irony…of the breeding grounds, for the New World Order….protesting "Climate Change", just a few short years before they're placed into DAARPA…where they will learn the real Climate Change

  19. Because the media embraced that creep taking a knee, now the a$$holes think that's what a mindless football game is for; protests. There has been too much value placed on athletics in this country, IT'S JUST A GAME. But the media focus provides a vehicle to get free air time. How stupid can you be. It's the same BS as so called transgender women/ MEN competing against poor weak girls. It's all FAKE NEWS. Who cares ?

  20. These professors at these colleges are brainwashing these kids. Our future is going to be led by these "sky is falling" people. They want us back in horse drawn carriages.

  21. This report us ready for a bunch of ignorant people, india and China had banned plastic bags and had implemented new ways to reduce effects to climate change, climate change is a fact and denial will not help the people that will be here in 100 years, going back to channels that.matter

  22. Invation of the global, mob, climate has always change since the beginning of creation, and will continue, to do so ,it's not about ,nation wide events, it just a course of nature

  23. Climate change is real…its a naturally occurring event.
    The way our governments are rolling it out is the lie. Its only designed to be a tax grab. THE BIG CLIMATE HOAX

  24. Riddle me this.They are the same young people that is going home for "Thanks Giving"by train- plane-car with a carbon foot print of what.

  25. Being 60 years old and spent my life working outside I've got the advantage of knowing weather patterns from long ago. The seasons are still the same and the sea levels look no different to me than 50 years ago. This nonsense needs to stop,these kids are brainwashed.

  26. Somebody called the old folks home he escaped again don't know how he found his way in front of camera please tell him to stop talking we can't understand him after the stroke, get him back to the home safely please don't let him leave again. feed him some applesauce he likes that

  27. Harvard still records Elizabeth Warren as their first woman law professor "of color". What is it with these Ivy League elitists? Can't they ever admit to a mistake?

  28. and if you compare these college kids to other kids throughout the world these kids have the largest carbon footprint of any of us they consume or they waste more and they contribute less and yet they're the ones protesting LOL

  29. White people will protest over climate change, but not over police brutality, unjust sentencing or wrongful conviction

  30. Imagine thinking we can control the climate. I hope Vesuvius erupts when Thunberg visits Naples and causes a nuclear winter

  31. The more they protest, the more recalcitrant the rest of us will become. These young brats need , likely for the first time in their lives, a beat down. I would be so embarrassed if I were a parent of one of these wingbats

  32. If this happened at Notre Dame then it would be great huh Lou? The only coach I know that would wear his Notre Dame hat……..while coaching at South Carolina!

  33. Old men complaining about a football game being delayed.
    First world problems

    1:03 And you’re helping that problem by talking about it on the news

  34. Why is MSNBC and CNN not covering this? Come on, mainstream news! Spread the message of these enlightened, courageous Ivy League students!

  35. The students want schools to divest in fossil fuels. Sure start by cutting off the heat in their class rooms and dorm rooms.

  36. If you can control healthcare, energy and education, you can control the world. Democratic politicians are relentlessly pushing for control of these key points. Be very careful what power you grant a power hungry organization.

  37. I've noticed how these republican defendants charge everyone else with making up fake hoaxes. What is a "fake hoax exactly?" Selling out my country, Trump and his secret handshake evangelical racist pals, are practically treasonous. It is criminal. So it IS a witch hunt and Trump is the witch. I AM after him because he is behaving crazy as a lunatic. He has children in cold jails away from their parents. If I did or said 5 things at my job that Trump has, I'd be fired by noon. Kids, he is a bad man.

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