Lovely Baby Workout Sport – Funny Baby Videos

Lovely Baby Workout Sport – Funny Baby Videos

Good job exercise exercise Everybody Exercise She’s Good What’s you doing Co Hawkins burpees, what’s he doing Co Hawkins working hard get it Are you a big boy? Mark you now with Romi’s Le come on bandit at one more five more five more. Give me five. Give me five Yeah getting tired just watching you trap your toes good job now run run run run run run Yay, good job Good counting Wow New at work, huh and get those ABS nice and tight, huh Do yoga Honey do yoga good job good girl One Two come on three gone for Don’t kick those legs There you go, hey dieter do Diagnostics do opposites Well more more you got one more Fuckin sweet through B. So B yo Yeah, I can feel a burn too Oh Oh, yeah, what cross them oh, oh, oh Like five minutes to rest before Come on there we go, buddy Good job Or come on last rep come on come on you in the back. Let’s get going. Let’s get pumped up One and two and three and four Down every single good job. Oh, there you go. Yeah Two Three Four Two three four, five Hey You need spotter, whoa

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