LSU football program uses body recovery zone for heat safety

LSU football program uses body recovery zone for heat safety

on this sweltering August day in the southeast the AccuWeather real feel is over 100 degrees Louisiana State University football players are preparing for the upcoming season when they hit the practice field the most formidable opponent they must tackle is on the forefront of everyone’s minds our passions better be focused on heat control and how we can manage the body getting the core down so we don’t get into a heat illness with these athletes even on days like this we’re lightning forced practice indoors poor body temperatures of players can rise quickly leading to heat exhaustion LSU’s athletic training staff is always looking for a way to keep players cool Louisiana native just may have a solution you just gotta have some recovery time in a way to cool them off god forbid you have an emergency and that’s how we develop the BRZ 40 box cool them off as quick as possible Paul Boudreaux is sold athletic equipment to teams for years now this Boudreaux creation a body recovery zone has caught the interest of college and pro football teams it’s a 40-foot long refrigerated storage trailer designed to be a recovery center that reduces players core temperatures customizable and portable trailers like this one purchased by LSU can hold up to 40 athletes and get as cool as 15 degrees we can bring a core body temperature down cool a total body off not just the legs or the torso head everything when players come inside to body recovery zone they spend about five to six minutes inside the athletic staff here at LSU was already looking at data that tells them exactly how much a player’s core temperature drops went inside the unit when we were in the lower temperatures and that was with about the 32 and down we have seen as much as a degree to half a degree drop in and core temperature football players know just how important cooling down recovery periods are for their body so it may come in no surprise that a former LSU Tiger built the BRZ unit for Boudreaux devices like this I think we need to be proactive and I’ll thinking and kind of think outside of the box and be progressive in all the thinking that we do to protect our players LSU plans to protect other student-athletes and use the recovery zones for sports like soccer and baseball Boudreaux sees the use of his trailers expanding into industries beyond athletics other industries will see it as a need for it develop and just adapting to what their needs are in Baton Rouge Louisiana reporting for AccuWeather I’m Dexter Henry [Music]

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  1. didn't they just get a multi- million dollar lockerroom while having high poverty and crime within the city. instead of giving back to the city or it's students. LSU wants to invest in their football team

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