Hello there boys and bit*hes, today it’s time for housetour 2.0!
Just come along!
Just come along!
You are welcome
to a new video!
I get so breathless by doing that stuff
today, is it housetour
number two!
I’m going to show you what has happened since last time and if you haven’t
watched the other video, watch it!
It’s reasonably called “Housetour number one” then
Let’s go!
Here’s the kitchen,
it’s going to be the kitchen and for you who have forgotten what it would look like,
here it is!
We had to redo some things,
there were some tricksters here and built the floor, we had to tear it up
and rebuild, because everything sagged and
ah, we had to redo a lot of things!
There’s a locution that is like this:
“If you think a good craftsman is expensive, try a cheap one”
It’s twice as much work and you have to redo everything!
So, we had to redo lots of stuff,
but anyway, here we are lowering the ceiling
we’re lowering the ceiling in like
the whole house!
As you can see it is vaulted, and that’s because
we’re going to lower the ceiling to be able to put in
speakers and lightning.
These rooms are going to
we’ve lowered the ceiling so it’s the same headroom in all
these 3 rooms and we’re going to hang a chrystal chandelier
with the same measures, one here,
one here
and one in here. So we’re just going to *bambambam*
nice chrystal chandeliers, there will be spotlights around it,
there’s also going to be speakers in the ceiling,
it’s going to be a high tech-home, you’re barely going to talk,
you’ll be able to walk in and just “Music”
“Yeah!” and there will be music!
“Lower the lightning, put on a warmer light, red light,
fucking light”
Anything you can think of, you’ll just tell the house and he’ll fix it!
You’re going to be able to play different music in different rooms,
you’re going to have
yeah, if you want to, you can have the same music and lights in all rooms,
and vice versa and whatever.
So that’s what it looks like, I don’t remember what it looked like when we were here last time,
but, here is the living room going to be,
where we just were
is going to be the dining room.
So this will be the dining room!
This will be some kind of a living room,
some shit
and here it’ll be a billiard room!
It’s going to be a billiard room, it’ll be big glass-, all this is going to be removed,
there will be big glassed-in areas.
Here, for example,
all this
is going to be a big glasswall.
We’re going to have big glass-areas everywhere, it’ll be top modern!
A lot of natural lights,
and in order to not making it cold
there will be convectors in the floor,
so the heat flows up from the floor.
We’ve just ordered the kitchen, so in the next video,
hopefully, there will be a kitchen here.
The same here, there will be lights and music and all that stuff
kitchen everywhere like this, *bapbapbapbap*
The fridge is going to be so nice, the fridge has
a big f*cking TV, or screen.
The fridge tells you what’s missing, what you have to buy,
you can check the app when you are at the supermarket and just: “What do I need?
Oh, we have no milk” And if you don’t remember to
check the app you’ll get a notice, *pling*
when the milk has expired, when the date has
it has passed the best before-date. Two ovens,
here it’ll be a sink and sh*t. Here it’ll be big
cabinets with lights and stuff. Here, a big kitchen island
with a sink too, dish washer there.
Barstools and stuff, so you can sit there and drink alcoholic soft drinks.
It’s going to be perfect! All this,
we’re going to lower the ceiling in here too, so all electronics
is going to go in the ceiling, into this cabinet,
in here we’re going to build a server room.
So everything is going to be connected in here!
And from here it’s just going to go speaker cables and HDMI-cables and just *bambambambam*
Lots of shit! It’s going to be so nice, everything!
Here it’ll be a shower
and here it’ll be a bath tub. And the day you want to remove
the bathtub there’s no problem, because there will be
exactly the same mixers, one here and one there,
they’re going to sit exactly opposit to each other,
so you’re going to be able to have a shower room here,
in glass, sprayed glass,
here it goes recessed in the tiles,
like a box, with lights, spotlights there, spotlights there.
So you can put schampoo and beer and stuff there.
And here it’ll be a window with a spotlight in.
Lowered ceiling, speakers in here too,
lights, it’s going to be nice as f*ck.
Everything is going to be in gold, all
window handles, all door handles, all taps,
all mixers,
everything is going to be gold. Expensive as f*ck, but really
fresh! The entrance we just entered there,
it’s going to be removed, it’s there because there were several families living here, at first.
It’s going to be removed, it’ll be a big entrance here instead,
like this, two doors with glass next to it. You’ll enter like this: “Hoh”
Here’s the wardrobe, or what am I saying, the hallway,
here it’ll be a wardrobe!
This floor is going to be torn up,
it’ll be black, these big flagstones.
Big f*cking flagstones, with floor here, you enter and
“nice as f*ck!”
This is also going to be torn up,
we’ll go in with electricity,
the wall is going to be expanded, so it’ll be recessed electric cabinets,
we’ll also go in with water here.
So there’s not going to be any old, disgusting radiators.
Here, this wall, or this door is going to be removed,
here it’ll just be a big glass area
and in the lining in the glass,
it’ll be convectors which blow out heat.
Nice as f*ck! You’ll get to see the cellar another time!
Let’s go up, you maybe remember how it looked like in the upper house last time?
Now it has happened a few things.
Now it has happened a few things, we’ve started to paint here,
it’s new in plaster everywhere and now
we’re painting, it’s almost finished.
This is a kid’s room,
really screaming color, almost luminous. But the kids have chosen
for themselves, so I don’t give a f*ck!
In here, it’ll be a walk in-closet, walk in-closet!
Walk in-closet, it’s apparently called “walk-in closet” when you can walk into it like that.
So, the big girl gets her own walk in-closet.
Here’s another kid’s room, to the little girl.
Also really screaming color, f*ck it, she has chosen it, it’s going to be nice
as f*ck! Here’s a wardrobe,
nothing more with that. Here it’ll be like bed clothes and towels.
So this is our bedroom.
Not much more than
than last time, to be honest, just that we’ve painted.
So now we’re going to build the floor here,
it’s going to be oak parquet everywhere!
And there will be some fillers and stuff, and we’re going to change all windows, of course.
So, it’s going to be nice as f*ck. This is going to be the
walk in-closet, as we thought, but apparently it’s called “dressing room”
when it’s this big.
So it’s not a walk in-closet anymore, it’s a dressing room.
This is painted, this is not. Here is it going to be
wardrobe walls everywhere, like this, really like a
MTV cribs-style, 50 cent, pulls out,
big glass areas, big cabinets you can pull out and
there’s watches and diamonds and stuff everywhere.
So I’ve got to buy some watches and diamonds, because I don’t have any. *okay*
It’s going to be really big windows, everywhere.
*okay* It’s going to be so much natural lights, it’s going to be so
modern, it’s going to be nice as f*ck! I’ve got a little pimple here, have you seen it yet? If you haven’t
seen it yet, then you know it now! Here, in the staircase,
all this is going to be glass, big f*cking glass areas everywhere!
So here it’ll be like, because it’ll be big glass areas everywhere
it’s going to go water up here now, and we’re going to
add convectors so it blows out, fan,
heat stuff, so we get heat everywhere, it’s going to be nice as f*ck!
Follow, welcome! Someone’s calling!
You can like see half the city from here!
*Talking with Petra*
Petra is so dumb with keys,
she went here and left the car and left with a friend,
so I could have the car,
and I just:
There’s no keys, nope! Okey!
So I called Petra: “Where are the car keys?”
“Oh f*ck, I’ve got them with me.”
So she came here and left the keys, and she left with her friend again,
got home, and now she’s calling: “I’ve got no keys to the house.”
The keys to the house were on the car keys! So she’s got full control with keys!
and that’s perfect! Here it’ll be, as I said,
this is a balcony and it’ll be torn up, everything. This is going to be
like a glass railing or something, it’ll be a spa bath here,
Down here it’ll be
a “wow!”-porch! With the worlds
biggest pool and spa bath and all that stuff! It’s going to be nice as f*ck, perfect!
It’s going to be perfect!
It’s starting to look like something,
everything we’ve bought, all paint, all putty,
comes from “HH floor & wall”
Is located on Västgötagatan 43, in Kristinehamn.
Drevsta, over there! If we do like this,
over there, it’s located over there!
I’ll show you now, you’ll see.
That’s what it looks like!
I think that everyone should go there, if you need to buy paint or putty
or something, they’ve also started with floor and, yeah, they’ve got
like everything and if they haven’t, they’ll get what you want!
Super, big thanks to
“Flügger paint” as we say, “Let’s go to Flügger” you say,
but the company is called “HH floor & wall.”
I don’t know what was done with the bathroom last time, but
now it’s floor here, there’s new wells,
we’ve got water here, new drains
all that sh*t! Perfect, perfect!
There’s a lot of damage here, would you like to see what it lookes like when I fix a ruined floor?
Then, look at this!
Yeah, but we take the inside first
and we’ll take the outside next year,
so, the only visible change outside
is the change of windows we’re going to do.
I feel like I’m a bit hungry now, so I’ll go and buy a kebab plate!
*Outro music*


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