Mahabharata Episode 43 – The Gambling Match

Mahabharata Episode 43 – The Gambling Match

The story so far…
The Pandavas accept Duryodhan’s invitation
and reach Hastinapur.
The game of dice begins.
Yudhishthir bets his gold,
silver and all his possessions.
Shakuni rolls the dice and wins one round after another.
Yudhishthir bets all he has
and chooses to continue playing the game.
Having lost all his riches,
Yudhishthir had nothing more to wager.
Shakuni had won every round
taking away all the possessions the Pandavas had.
The game, however,
did not stop with Yudhishthir losing all he had.
Unwilling to give up,
Yudhishthir then announced
his next possession he would wager.
To everyone’s shock,
Yudhishthir wagered his brother Nakul
who was a powerful warrior
and was one of Yudhsihthir’s prized possessions.
Shakuni rolled the dice again
and the result was in his favour.
Nakul was lost to the Kauravas
and Yudhishthir could do nothing.
Struck by desire to continue playing,
Yudhishthir, then staked Sahadev
who knew all the principles of morality.
Shakuni rolled the dice
and Sahadev was lost as well.
Yudhishthir was convinced
that Shakuni was employing some
evil technique of rolling the dice.
This made him even more desperate
to keep playing hoping that
victory would soon favour him.
he wagered his next brother Arjun
a master at archery.
Shakuni rolled the dice and won Arjun from Yudhishthir.
All the elders watching the game
let out cries of protest
and requested that Yudhishthir end the game.
But the obsessed Pandava did not stop.
He wagered Bhima who was
the strongest warrior among them all.
Shakuni rolled the dice and won Bhima.
With nothing more left to wager,
Yudhishthir put himself on stake
and to the surprise of nobody,
lost himself to Shakuni.
The loss of the Pandavas in the game of dice
spread waves of shock and fear among all gathered.
Shakuni and the Kauravas celebrated their victory
while the Pandavas became spiteful towards them.
Shakuni’s plan, however,
was not quite done.
The Pandavas were going to lose more still.

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  1. nice one. please ensure you follow Mahabharata before making it. there are some flaws in the story you told.

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