Make a Klask Game

Make a Klask Game

Today we’re making a Klask Game!
Let’s have some fun!
So, I’ve been passing this storefront everyday
recently and this game caught my attention.
I didn’t know what it was but I thought
“I could make it”.
So I googled it to find out how it was, the
rules, dimensions and such aaand threw a piece
of 12mm plywood on my X-Carve to bring the
shapes to life.
The entire board game fits on a piece of 70
x 70 cm plywood and got carved in less that
2 hours.
So after drawing everything on Easel, which
is the free software from Inventables, I send
it to Carve using a 1/4” spiral bit on my
To find more about the X-Carve and Easel check
out the description box.
I did use a piece of plywood I had that was
prefinished, which made the cuts super clean
in the first place, so there wasn’t much
to sand besides the tabs and edges.
Here I was cutting off the tabs that keep
all the pieces connected while carving to
prevent unwanted movement and ruining pieces
right when they would get separated from the
I marked the place for a few screws and used
a countersink bit to create room for the screws
heads to fall into place and become flush
to the plywood surface.
I could then start assembling and it came
out pretty close to the original game.
There’s a section for coins that you move
as you get points and I had to create slots
for the coins to fit.
I’m not sure how these are made on the original
game but I came up with this wavy recess that
receives a thin piece of plywood on top, closing
the area and creating the slots.
The recess plus the thin piece make exactly
12mm just like the rest of the game parts
so in the end you don’t even realize that
these were once two pieces.
The board base is complete so now it’s time
to turn the blank field into a klask field.
I went with blue for the base color just like
the original because I actually like that
a lot and makes the best contrast with the
yellow ball that you’ll see in a minute.
I wasn’t sure if I should spray paint it
or just use blue matt vinyl at first but I
was afraid that the paint would scratch easily.
The best option for durability would be to
use a sheet of blue laminate and glue it to
the wood surface as it would take forever
to scratch.
But I didn’t have much time and I supposed
it would be a hell to find blue laminate and
would need to buy a full sheet in order to
use a small portion of it so…argh sticking
a little bit of vinyl just seemed the way
to go.
This wasn’t a super high quality vinyl though.
Was a bit thin but the only thing I could
find on the art supply stores around here.
I used my makerknife to trim off the goal
holes and started to prepare a couple of shapes
to cut on the vinyl cutter in white.
You don’t have to do this, you can simply
use a permament or acrylic pen to draw the
corner shapes and middle circles.
For me this was just fun to try and a nice
excuse to take the vinyl cutter from the dusty
Instead of cutting the word Klask to stick
to the board like the original, I went for
a cloud and a sun.
So, are you on the could team or the sun team?
After putting it back together I cut the numbers
for the points counting as well as the coins.
I used a crazy golden acrylic I had left from
the 2 player pinball machine I built a couple
years ago.
I just needed to stick the numbers in place
and it was complete!
Now for the little accessories, I purchased
a spare parts kit from the original brand
and they worked really nicely on my board.
But I didn’t want to give up there and actually
tried to make my own.
I had a few ideas on how these could be made.
One idea would be to make them on the lathe
but I don’t have a lathe so I turned my
attention into the 3D printer.
I’ve never been a big fan of 3D printers
but recently got a resin printer sent to me
and after giving it a try, I was blown away.
The parts really come out amazing and super
smooth and wanted to test the printer a bit
So I jumped into Sketchup to draw all the
little parts based on the original.
You can find the sketchup file on the description
below if you’re interested.
I imported the file to the printer software
and waited about 4 hours until the print was
The pieces came out perfect in terms of their
shape, size and smoothness.
I got a few magnets to lock inside of them
but my problem here was that the magnets were
not strong enough to make it work for this
It had everything to work flawlessly but yeah,
the magnets needed to be stronger.
Let’s compare the original to the homemade.
I might try to find stronger magnets with
the same diameter to test in the future but
for now, I just kept the store bought pieces.
I highly recommend you making this game whether
you use your CNC machine or your woodworking
tools, cause it is so fun to play and so simple
to make!
I wasn’t expecting it to be so fun, really,
it is pretty addicting and makes for a great
excuse to spend time with friends and family.
I have absolutely no relation to the game
brand nor this is a video to promote Klask
but it is trully one of the coolest games
I have ever played.
Anyway, thanks everyone for watching, thanks
to Inventables and my Patreon members for
making this video possible and go get your
hands dirty!
And Have fun!
Please, just have fun!

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