Making a Minecraft Mod!

Making a Minecraft Mod!

Hey guys, what’s up? LDShadowlady here, and today I need your help.
So, some of you may know that I have been working on creating my own minecraft mod.
My friend Paul is helping me to learn how to add my own cool stuff into the game,
so today I wanted to show you some of the things we’ve done and also ask for your suggestions.
So, first of all the biome around me right now is actually from the mod.
It’s full of purple trees and purple mushrooms, and it’s got minty green grass,
some cute lily pads, and even some mooshroom cows that are purple!
I want to add a bunch of really cool biomes, so if you have any interesting ideas
please write them in a comment below with all the details about what kind of trees,
plants, structures, mobs, and other stuff you’d like in that biome.
And I will try to add some of the really cool ones.
So the next thing I want to show you is actually these rainbow chickens.
They spawn in different colours, so we’ve got a little blue and a pink one.
And these all drop different coloured eggs, so the pink chicken will drop a pink egg
So these are the eggs that they drop, and when they do drop them you can then
use them – Yeah, they’re not the smartest chickens to be honest.
So when you collect these eggs you can actually craft special cakes with them.
So the blue egg will craft a blue cake, like this.
And the purple egg will craft a purple cake.
So there are a bunch of different cake flavours that you can make from these eggs.
Plus you can have a really cute, adorable rainbow chicken farm.
Who doesn’t want that?
We’ve also got these super-cute armour sets, which are basically animal onesies.
I am in love with them. We’ve got a little pig, and a fox, and a penguin right now.
I’m gonna try one of them on. Oh my goodness, I am so cute!
But we definitely need more ideas for armour, because the only ones we have so far look like animals.
So if you have any cool ideas then please let me know in the comments
or even tweet me a picture of what you think it should look like.
So since we have armour we obviously need some weapons
and I don’t have many added so far. But I do have this rainbow sword
which is beautiful. So I definitely need more weapons, if you guys have any ideas
please leave a comment. And they don’t even have to be conventional swords.
I think I’m going to add a little snake that you can smack people with,
so get creative with your ideas.
Next up, I am really interested in adding some collectible items,
I really enjoy collecting the backpacks in crazy craft.
So I would love to hear your suggestions for some more sets of collectible stuff.
I don’t have any to show you right now though, because I can’t think of any!
But I can however show you these cool staffs that I created.
This is the staff of darkness, and when I use it it turns the world to night!
And if I want the sun back again I just have to use the staff of light.
So I think this is really cool, I think this could be quite funny for pranking people.
And they’re also really handy. So if you have any ideas for stuff like that
please also leave those in a comment.
Now one of my favourite things that I have added so far in this modpack
is some custom carpets. This whale one is absolutely adorable!
Just look at that! Who doesn’t want their entire house covered in this carpet?
And Joel even helped out and contributed his shrek design to the carpets.
So we have this beautiful shrek carpet.
I’m not sure who’s going to use this except for Joel, but hey, maybe some people want to
make their home purposefully ugly. Of course I have added some troll items too.
So I’m going to show you what a few of them do. So let’s start with the troll TNT.
You guys might remember, back when minecraft was a baby
if somebody placed a TNT block it would blow up if you destroyed it.
So you were basically screwed from the second anybody came near you with TNT.
But they’ve changed it now so you have to light it with flint and steel or red stone.
But this troll block actually blows up just when you break it, so hopefully Oli doesn’t go crazy
and place a load of this over somebody’s house and cause a server-wide disaster.
Next up we have the troll door. It’s been a while since I added this, so I actually can’t remember what this is.
What does it do? What’s troll about that? Have I trolled myself? I don’t know what’s happening.
I can’t remember what this does! That certainly trolled me.
Next we have the troll coal ore. I’m not sure what this does either to be honest with you!
Let’s try mining it and see if it does anything. OK, it gave me troll coal, I see.
And the troll coal gives you slowness. OK, let’s try the troll redstone.
It’s called explode redstone, so I have a feeling bad things are gonna happen.
OK! And finally we have something called a troll pickaxe.
And what this does is it explodes as soon as you use it. And it kills you.
I’ve also been working on some structures that will spawn randomly around the world.
And we definitely need some more ideas for these, because we don’t have that many so far.
First of all I’ve created some YouTuber heads that are customised on the inside to suit each YouTuber.
And they have some loot that you can get, each one has different loot, and different decorations on the inside.
So this is another one of the structures that spawns in the world, it is actually a witch hut.
So there’s loot upstairs, but you have to get past the witch spawner first
to be able to take all of the potions. So it’s kind of like a dungeon on the surface.
Along the same lines of the witch hut, we also have a wizard’s tower,
that will spawn in with wizards inside it defending the loot.
So if you guys have any ideas for cool little structures that could generate around the world
as you explore, please also leave some comments about that below.
And last but not least, we of course have some pets in this mod that you can tame.
So, for example we have this little cute mystical goat, and you can tame him with a lollipop.
So we tamed him, and you can even ride him if you shift click.
And ride him around the world! So that is just a few things from this mod,
because I didn’t want to give too much away right now, but I really hope you like what we’ve done so far.
And I would love to hear your ideas for other stuff to add, so thank you for watching this video.
And I will see you next time!

100 thoughts on “Making a Minecraft Mod!”

  1. So maybe a space biome,

    Custom: alien
    Cat: nyan cat
    Wolf:a galaxy skin
    Cow: based on mars
    Pig: green with alien antenna's
    Chicken: wears a hoodie with mini planets

    Galaxy flower: makes galaxy dye

    Alien ship:aliens spawn inside it with a spawn egg for a space mob and more loot,

    Galaxy tree:galaxy wood star clusters for leaves
    Swords:cat sword, it basically a cat but you hold it and it gives damage 😂

  2. Makes Kawaii paradise biom and call it kawaii paradise and make the grass pink and trees pink and make the Animals turtles and make theme pink (yes this is a very pink theme)

  3. Witch and wizard community. Like a whole villiage inside a new biome with huge “custom” indigo swamp trees. (Add indigo as a dye and stuff plz) a new flower that drops indigo dye maybe? And the biome floods every blood moon. Protecting the witch wizard inhabitants from monsters. And maybe a hippie caravan thing? (Idk! I’ve been watching grians hermitcraft!)


  4. Stitch biome!!!! Add a friendly stitch and then a red stitch for the EVIL ones! And you can add a lot of ice cream flavors :3

  5. Lizzie put stitch armor in the mod.plz☢️⚛️⚛️⚛️⚛️⚛️♐️♐️♐️♐️♐️♐️♐️♐️♐️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️

  6. Add the Boss Biome where there are bosses that naturally spawn there, normal mobs don't spawn there as they may be killed by the boss!(may=definitely will)

  7. Add a fairy dungeon who will steal your items unless you wear a fairy repellant armour which is obtained by killing fairies

  8. You should
    *add structures like shreks swamp and the castle fiona lives in
    *you should make a medusa helmet that if some one looks at it it will turn them to stone
    *you should make a troll snake
    * you should add pet gorillas

  9. you should make a rainbow biome and make a rainbow in the sky with a staircase to the rainbow and inside the rainbow there are
    5 chest in each room (there could be two rooms) and in the chest there is a rainbow sword surrounded by diamends

  10. adda a cat biome and make the leaves of the trees with cat faces on them and make a lot of cats and make there be a lot of cats and some rare cat you can only find in that biome uwu 🐈🐈🐈🐱🐱🐱🐱

  11. Biome name: Fairy forest?

    •Trees: Pink and Purple mashup
    •A magical well.
    •Mobs:Fairies ofc!
    •Animals:Fairy horse,Purple,Pink and etc bears.
    •Plus: Fairy block in the fairy revine?

    Another:Armour: Fairy armour.
    Structure:Fairy wood house filled with Fairy TNT.


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