Hey guys, it’s Ro welcome back to my channel. Look who I’m hanging out with today. This is Rebecca
Oh my gosh, she is a new face. We have not baked before no I.This is the first time. Yeah.
Well, I’m not exactly good at baking. Oh, ok. So what would you say your experience? Wait are you beginner,intermediate,
advanced baker. Like a solid beginner solid low beginner. Yeah
Because then I can teach you all the tips and tricks. I’m excited. We’re gonna be prepared.
She is amazing you guys if you have not already checked out her channel
I’ll put a link down below if they go to your channel
like what cool things will they find cuz I already know well creative. I love it
Well, I would say if you come to ROS channel fern to learn how to bake mom and do DIY stuff
mine’s a bunch of fails
So if you need to laugh come to mine because I fail it a lot on it like nailed it situations
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I transformed Ro into a giant princess
I I basically had to she transforms me into a cake princess like this but in real life
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You see notifications every time we post a new video. So today we are gonna be making a princess cake
This was heavily requested video from you guys
I just released the princess cake pan to make this a little easier and we did a pole on like Twitter on
YouTube and they asked them which Disney princess do you want to see and you guys chose?Moana
One yeah, it was exactly what we’re gonna be doing today
And I know you guys are gonna get technical and be like well technically moana or was it a Disney Princess?
She’s like daughter of the chief, but they voted for it. Yeah, she’s doing what you guys want. So today we’re gonna make her a queen
Yes. Yes Queen. Let’s get started
So the recipe that we’re making today is a yellow cake recipe and you’ll notice that there’s a lot of ingredients
Yeah. Yeah, this makes more than one cake
This is the perfect recipe that fits for this pan because it technically is three cakes. It sounds like a delicious treat there’s a
lot of flour a lot of sugar
So this is the pan black three parts just like this this cake goals right here when the cakes are done
They’ll be like that one goes down
Then that one and then this one as you can see, it’s three cakes
It’s a lot of cakes and I’ll be posting the measurements and the ingredients in the description
So check it out Rebecca. You are gonna take it away in a large bowl
You’ve got some cake flour and this is baking soda
Flour baking powder
Time if you’re like me you really don’t know anything about baking and then great wait
Wait thumbs up if you love her she’s doing so good. It is so yeah
Yes, girl, just add those to the bowl and whisk together till well combined and when you’re whisking
You know keeping it a low speed so it doesn’t fly it. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you know that yeah
There you go
Girl work it in you want to spread it evenly and what she’s doing that I’m gonna make our basically egg mixture
I’m gonna mix together seven eggs sugar vanilla extract and a little bit of lemon extract
I’m really proud of you. Like all of the flour is in the bowel. Don’t say yet
So once you got all this in here look at that, so it looks a little messy mmm
like an egg-cellent
Using an electric mixer mixed together until everything is well combined
And it’s doubled in size you want this to get really fluffy
Big as you ro, this usually takes about two to three minutes, but in your time, it’ll be two seconds
So it is all mixed up and grow. What are we doing? Next? I don’t
Know it’s kind of like a dairy mixture melted butter
So girl you brought in the buttermilk
and all pour it in the milk at the same time double pour or is it like a race who finishes first you win ha
Ha ha and then using the hand whisk girl you got this just whisk slowly whisk together like you did before
Do you ever like dance when you do it? Yeah, I have a few dance moves. Yeah, let’s see. Oh, just okay
It’s just a sway just oh, yeah. Oh we need more. Oh, okay. Okay. That was a slow speed
Correction, we need a mediums. Okay, we need a medium. Okay? Okay. Okay. I’ll be see
Let me see do a lot of pressure right now. This is looking really good
Yes, this is all mixed up and now we’re gonna combine all these things
Into the paint bowl. I maybe should have picked a larger bowl
This is this is it’s gonna be borderline, but we got yeah
I like to live on the edge when we bake and all your dry ingredients to your egg mixture
Then mix together and then we’re gonna be adding our wet ingredients. I’m gonna have you use the electric
I don’t think so. Whatever you do. Don’t eat this button right here. Okay. This is the code red button don’t hit
What did that do these shoots out the beaters and it does it was some force like this brand KitchenAid is really forceful
Okay, I will actually project okay. So here you just push it up one click and that will be low
Okay. There you go. Okay, and you stir at a low speed?
So you don’t get a big poof dust cloud. I don’t know work your way up
Like now I think you can push it up another click. Oh
And as you go take a little spatula
Look at this scrape down the side. So everything’s nice and even girl
You are baking I would say this is a medium to advanced cake recipe so you’re doing very well
This is me. Take teamwork you mix and I’m gonna pour. Okay? Okay we go ahead and it smells so good
It’s just butter. Just butter baby hum butter. Oh
Yes. All right, they keep mixing keep mixing. You got it, and you can make circles to
Do so just flick it down
You want to kind of shoot him
Let’s go pretty us are our yellow cake batter is totally ready and now we’re gonna pour it into the pans
Each pan has been greased. I just waited a little grease in there. I’m gonna need your help. Yeah happy. Oh, okay
So it has a little pour spigot
So I’m gonna try to use it and we’re just gonna eyeball all it so divide it in two thirds
So technically it’s three and a half cups per pan, but we’re gonna eyeball it. Sorry. I’m distracted by rose really cute logo. Oh
Okay, who needs more
Don’t do that
Or you do do it, you do it all the time to eat the raw frosting me
I do all the time. I guess is this cake better?
If you don’t try this at home, so these are now ready to bake. Yes. They are heat your oven to
350 degrees and bake these for about 35 to 40 minutes. They all go in together. They all come out together
So our cakes are baked and we gave them plenty of time to cool
You don’t want to frost them and put them together while they’re still like hot or warm
Because they’re gonna crumble a lot and they may melt the icing now
We are gonna stack them together and frost and this is my favorite part
And I think you would get at this you think I am
Yeah, cuz you do a lot of like DIY projects and building stuff. Yeah, basically we’re just building right now
Okay to build this cake and like I built you
Yeah, so in front of us a turntable these just spin around like this ready. I love it
I love this. Yeah, so there’s a large a medium and a small so we’re gonna start with the large
So we’re back
I pick up the large see I pop the cake out and
Leveled the top so you can level them with like a cake leveler or like a sharp knife and this one you want to flip?
It right for this a twist
upside down
Really? Yeah
Okay, it’s a very flat top grab your icing bag, yeah
and we’re gonna ice the cake you pipe an outline all the way around the cake and then
Just fill it in you can do zig zags
All right. I’m gonna do the other zigzags, okay
Mine don’t look the same as the way it looks great. Don’t worry. We’re gonna smooth it out fine
Expectation versus reality just take one of these. It’s a little offset spatula. Okay, I’m gonna have you hold them
So you just put gentle pressure just really light. It’s like barely touching it and just look at this spin Oh
Pottery class. Yeah, there you go. There you go. Hold yours is so and just and just go just keep going around. Ah
Slowly it’s so satisfying. It’s so pretty we stack again and we do not like yeah
I’m learning. Okay, she got it good
Okay, and we do it again or anything a little fence
Like if this is your yard, you’re just like building a little gate like a little fence
Okay everyone in the comments section comment
Get it get a Becca I could do better
If you think you could do better than kind of looks like a smashed frosting donut. Oh
We’re gonna complete the princess dress right here right here
You got this line it up in the middle flip it upside down just like before
There did I do it? That’s a princess. That’s a pretty that’s
a princess
Kind of yeah, like with no body or anything either now, we’re just gonna cover it with icing
No, you can’t be fancy and do a crumb coat let it chill and then do a second coat
But we’re gonna be putting so many cute like decorations on yeah
But I don’t really think that we need the crumb coat because it’s gonna be so covered
I’m gonna show you the first couple go arounds. I’m gonna let you do it
Okay, so you start at the bottom and don’t have it touch the cake, but just hover a little bit away from me
Okay, and then spin around and you’re just gonna keep spinning so you apply pressure
And then you work your way all the way up the cake
Do you ever get hungry and just end up eating the cake before? I finish I have done that
Videos are also challenge videos because the challenge is not just yeah a bite now, this is also just teaching us patience
It’s supposed to be a virtue. So like this helping us. Alright, here’s my turn. Yeah
Okay, supply and then with the other hand, oh, okay. Yeah, you see I’m left-handed. It gets complicated left hands. Yeah, I know
Anyone else left-handed out there all my lefties. Give me your shout out. Oh, I think I know three people and you’re away them
That’s it
And remember this part doesn’t need to be perfect because they’re gonna smooth it out and we’re gonna add a bunch of details
Oh my gosh, it kind of looks like a beehive it does
It’s like all frosted and it actually does look like a beehive and I do have a beehive cake recipe when you cook really yes
Hashtag baking all year round. It’s really cute. It’s a bee bee
I love it a baby cake and it’s like a honey cake and it’s so
It’s good for like baby showers or like babies for his birthday
Yeah, now we smooth it so that this will look like your princess. Okay, so you take your offset spatula
And you put it connect upside down and you just lightly press it against the cake so light and you spin it around a bunch
Of times you don’t want to push in too hard because it’s kind of hard to come back from that spin spin spin
and I’m not pushing it too hard because I just want a bunch of go around so with my sister and I
our first princess cake
We had a bowl – cake pans and then it was too short. The opening was not wide enough
So it broke the cake and we had to carve like this is what you have to freeze the cakes
It takes forever in carves that shape. Yeah. Can I just say no carving? No, this is
This easy mode. It’s Rebecca proof and just keep smoothing and look how smooth this getting
It’s like a volcano – oh, yes. Oh
Volcano. Okay. I have made windows before. Yeah a little narrow cut. I am there. I do a volcano
Yeah, I did so many ideas with this pan. Oh
I didn’t think of that. I was like there’s so many things we need a hangout
Okay, we do too late creative peas in a pod. I love it
However, you feel comfortable and yeah, don’t feel comfortable at all. Girl Pro. Oh, yeah
Cake goals right here. I am I’m not neurotic. I’m really I don’t know I’m doing this
Okay, so we iced it and smoothing it out. And now what’s next now we decorate this is the fun part
So again in these little decorating bags
I’ve got some more frosting and at the end you’ll notice there’s a metal tip and this tip is called a grass tip
I use it all the time
Like if you want to make like a little grass field put a little soccer ball in or like yours. We’re trying my Easter
Yeah Easter. It’s a little like eggs in there. It’s perfect because we wanna skirt is a grass. Yes
So what you want to do? It’s really easy. You’re gonna start at the bottom
apply some pressure and then slowly
Bring it up to the top and in and you’re just gonna cover go all the way around the cake
so let’s skirt is done and
We are going to add more decoration. That’s right
we’re gonna top this off with some fondant decoration if you’ve never been fondant before it’s basically like
Edible play dough it’s a moldable play
It’s a very thick frosting and when you use your hands a lot or with heat when it warms up, it’s very very soft
And moldable and then when you let it sit out and it cools it hardens
What we have in front of us is I just rolled out some fondant and cut out two
Designs one’s a little larger and yours is a little smaller and I’ve just cut out a zigZAG
triangle pattern all the way around the edges so that it will look like
Mallanna’s skirt and with a little lollipop stick at the end just punched out some holes
I did this before so it would save us some time
Yeah, but I’m gonna show you how to attach fondant, too
Fondant we’ve just got a little bit of water and a paintbrush just a small paintbrush edible arts and crafts over here
I’ve just got some yellow flowers. So you just dip
The paintbrush and do a little bit of water paint onto the back of the flower and just stick it right
On there and then we’re gonna attach the little middle of the lure. Yeah, perfect. And then just let’s take a dude right there. Boom
Water pressure then we just do this all the way you reel the skirt. Boom easy, boys Bo
We’re like artists I got a little crazy
This is me. She got it. She welcome to my world ro
Okay, we are ready. Let’s bring those princess together. Let’s do this. Oh my gosh kid you I’m picking up the point
I’m placing it on top. Oh
There we go. There we go. There we go. Do it. Yes
Okay. There we go
Place on top and you can have big waves small waves, whatever you’d like
If you’d like smaller waves, you can gently press the fondant down
But if you’d like big flowing waves, you can just leave it as it sits or whatever you’d like
We’re gonna let ours just leave it. Yeah, we’re gonna line up the cut together with this one
Beautiful. Oh my gosh. Yes. Now, you know who we need? MOANA
All right now we’ve got a Moana doll
I am so excited and if you’re gonna place into a cake to make a princess cake
and you’d still fail
Love your doll to be like perfect and not get a bunch of junk all over
What I like to do is you just remove the bottom clothing and then wrap in a food-safe plastic wrap
You gotta have to wiggle in there and then straight down. There you go. Oh my gosh. You got it. You got it
Just gotta wiggle it down. Okay. Oh
It’s perfect. Oh my gosh. Yes
Then to close the gap we need to put her belt on the sash for this fondant
He’ll just rolled it out flat and folded
Wrap it around the back and we’ll do a cross in the front. Okay? Oh
This is almost done. It’s okay. These little guys to add a little bit more volume and she will be ready to go
Here’s the Moana princess cake that we made today using the princess cake pan
It was so easy to use and I absolutely loved it
and I hope that you guys enjoy it as well because this is the cake that you guys picked and you guys wanted to see
Us make also a huge thank you to Rebecc thinking stay well, we’re having me I’m so excited
I had a blast with you and I absolutely love this girl. I’m sure her some love go subscribe
Subscribe to her mine. You came to my channel check
Oh go check out the video. We made on her channel. She makes me into a giant life-size
Princess. Yes. It is unreal. You guys been a dream of mine. I’m so glad I got
No, thanks again you guys and if you have any other ideas for any other videos you’d like to see let me know in the
Comments below and if you’d like to show some support click Subscribe and ding the bell to receive notifications
I post a new video to see all
To see all these. Yeah any other princesses that you want us to make oh my gosh
There’s so many options. We’ve made one check that one off the list. What else?
Would you like to see a comment volcano if you want to see anything Elkanah girl, we make a big science project with this cake

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