Malaysia Pargo Flips the Table on Jennifer Williams | Basketball Wives

I want you to be honest with me.
Evelyn, I love Shanice.
You’ve been lying from day 1.
Since I’m talking I might as
well say it all
It’s not worth it, it’s not
worth it
It’s not worth it
It’s not worth it. You tryphlin
ass whore!
Oh My God. What the (bleep) is
going on.
Actually I will, Ill take the
penitentiary chances
Let them deal with it. She got
kids. I’m not about to let that
She got kids that. (bleep)
I mean like I’m not going to be
fighting out here on Amsterdam
But if that’s what you wanna do
Nobody is (bleep) scared of you.
I don’t give a (bleep) where you
Malaysia aka the Laquisha from
compton and thinks
that bitches from Compton
don’t get they ass beat. CNN
breaking news. Yes people
from Compton have gotten (bleep)
up to.
You talking all that (bleep)
Like bitch I (bleep) cared
about you
You. You.
>>Jennifer .
Girl you’re not going
to fight Malaysia
and if you did please
give me a front row seat.
Because you’re about
to get your ass whooped
You hear me. You hear me. Lets
go. 10 backwards
I know I know. I know.
I know. I know I know. I’m
sick of bitches taking my
kindness for weakness
You see me. 10.
Malaysia 10
All I can think is Malaysia. I
have to get her out of here
>>Right now that she is
all that matters to me
get me away from her cuz I’mma
hurt this bitch
You guys go over there
will you hand me her purse

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