Malaysia Seeks Answers from Byron | Basketball Wives

Malaysia Seeks Answers from Byron | Basketball Wives

[ball thwacks]
– Well…
So what are you aiming at?
– That green stuff out there.
– Hey, cuz.
– Hey, cousin.
– So I’m meeting up with Byron
today to get some answers.
I wanna see if he gave OG
the go-ahead
to leak the family secret.
Okay, so listen,
I’m finna come over here
and act like
I know what I’m doing.
It’s been a while.
I kept hearing CeCe say,
“Byron did it.
It’s okay.
Byron says it’s okay.”
So I wanna see Byron to his face
and see if he says it’s okay.
I need this little bitty one?
– Yeah.
– I really like
the big, big one.
– Oh, okay, well,
you show me you can
hit that one a few times,
and I’ll give you–
I’ll give you a bigger one.
– [laughs]
– That’s CeCe’s club.
That’s what she use when
I take her to the range.
– Aww, CeCe.
I’ve been having the hardest
time with CeCe and Kristen,
and I feel like I failed…
[laughing] Because the last
situation that happened,
it really hurt my feelings.
It, like, made me sad.
I was like,
“I just need to talk to you.”
– Mm-kay.
– Because I don’t really know
what to do anymore.
I just wanna know why OG
feels like she can weaponize
the fact that Byron is not
Thomas’s biological father.
We went to a skincare party,
and OG goes, “You’re fake.
Your whole life is fake,
Ms. [bleep].”
– Ooh.
– And we were like,
“Are you kidding me?”
And she was like, “Yes, ’cause
Thomas ain’t Byron’s real son.”
– Right, right.
– And for her to, like,
out him, what if he’s not
saying it to people,
you know what I’m saying?
Like, I knew, but, like…
– Right, right.
Well, you’re family.
Most–I mean,
most of our family knows.
– OG is now saying that
you told her.
– It came up at dinner with
me and OG and CeCe and Kwame,
but that’s not a big deal.
I mean, it really isn’t,
you know?
I raised him since
he was 1 1/2 years old.
That’s my son.
– Did you tell OG
that it was okay
to use it against Kristen?
– No.
I said it was okay.
I didn’t say,
“Yeah, go ahead and say it.”
– Well, she’s making it like you
said, “Yeah, go tell him.”
– Nah, that ain’t me.
– I am relieved.
But then I go from
relieved to angry
because I feel like
OG is a whack bitch,
and you’re making
Byron look bad,

and that is not the case,
so now,

I’m trying to figure out
what do I do next.
Do you think that CeCe’s
innocent in all this,
or you think it’s both–okay.
– No.
No, I don’t think
nobody’s innocent in all this.
I know she probably
had a hand in this as well.
– Kay.
– And it wouldn’t have
went as far if Kristen
wouldn’t have said some
of the [bleep] that she said.
– I’m mad ’cause you guys
don’t [bleep] come see my kid!
You live down
the [bleep] street,
and y’all don’t take your ass
over to my house.
– She didn’t mean that
you were a bad grandfather.
She just was trying to say,
“I want him
to be more involved.”
– Why didn’t she say that?
And then when I make
numerous calls to her,
try to see my granddaughter,
when I call and text my son
to try to see my granddaughter,
and it’s always,
“Well, she’s asleep,”
you know, “We’ll call you
when she wakes up,”
or, “We forgot.”
If I keep running into
this wall, sooner or later,
I’ma get smart enough
that I’ma stop.
They have never once
called me and said,
“Can we bring her over?”
Not once.
You know what I’m saying?
So I’m not gonna keep
putting out the effort
if you’re not gonna help me.
But it can’t be one way.
♪ ♪
– Next time on
“Basketball Wives”…

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  1. Malaysia was hoping so badly to be able and go back and tell Cece and OG infront of the group that Byron didn't say that to her. She straight up lied.

  2. Malaysia is just stirring the pot with lies. OG never said that and like Byron said it is NO SECRET. Kristen and Malaysia have absolutely no story line other than ganging up on Cece and OG.

  3. Malaysia should just be throwing tables at OG. That would have been way more entertaining than watching her involved in Byron and Cece’s business.

  4. I like OG but I don't respect that situation where she used that particular info to attack Kristen. And poor Ceecee was caught in the middle (when she was finally over the drama). I can't stand Kristen by the way and Malaysia keeps taking her side and making excuses for her mean girl ass.

  5. “But did you say OG can use it as a weapon” 🙄🙄🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️STFU Maylasia

  6. Is everyone dunb? How is Kristen not a basketball ball wife when her husband has played professional basketball.

  7. She is so fake what is her story line because I don’t see! Outside of being in other people business. I’m so over this drama field cramp.

  8. Malaysia, OG was not implying it that way at all!!! BUT Kristen definitely said Byron was a bad grandfather… U need to stop. It is not deep at all. Get a real story, do something productive!!!

  9. Well damn I thought the son was Kristen’s kid and someone outted that her child is by another man! Brah you went crazy because someone said your husband step dad isn’t his real dad 🤣🤣 I can not deal. That was petty and none of your business

  10. I always liked Malaysia but this season shes being a bit of a mess with "family issues". Girl stop… A little advice Malaysia, dont mess with Nigerian ppl , OG she can beat your ass

  11. Though CeCe annoys me when she runs away from her problems, how is she wrong in this? I don’t think CeCe gives OG ammunition I think she expresses her anger and hurt by venting to people she feels close to and OG sticks up for her friends by putting it all out on the table. I don’t think CeCe’s intent was to get it in Kristen’s face because like Byron said it was a harmless little conversation. Once we seen that he himself said his part in this whole family secret, CeCe should’ve been cleared of all wrongs because it IS his business to tell and he put it out there to OG so CeCe elaborating on it doesn’t make her wrong. Kristen def over exaggerated

  12. If you so mad go fight her or step to her… you had no problem trying to fight and throw tables at Jen , but don’t keep that same energy for OG

  13. Malayasia girl duhhhhhh he would not give that right away .
    Og was wrong ! Cece and guy shared something personal it should not have been used.
    Let me see if malaysia would be honest and tell the group the truth about byron in regards to his grand child

  14. These reality shows have nothing else that's worth talking about because they don't want to talk about they're real business out in the open so they find stupid stuff to talk about. After the first 2 seasons I was done. It was more about getting surgery and out doing the other. All fake to me.

  15. Malaysia is a tumour. Stop making it like OG didn't have a reason to tell Kristen that. Kristen accused CeCe of being a prostitute!

  16. So run and tell the group; Kristen is the one who is at fault. And stop bagging on Cece. Kristen needs to put forth more effort. Hateful azz tricks are needs to know their place. The hypocrisy is what makes me sick. Everyone running to Kristen's aid, and it sucks. Cece, Evelyn, Jackie, and Shaunie should have put Kristen on front street by asking her when has she taken her daughter over to Byron and Cece's place. Kristen said; they live around the corner. It is not all about them visiting you, why don't you go visit them.

  17. Now that the cat is out of the bag maybe they can move on Byron even said it was not a big deal he has raised him but no he’s not his biological father that was wrong to use it in a vulnerable situation but you can’t keep poking people and expect them not to poke you back go on by your day CeCe you don’t have to kiss nobody’s ass

  18. Malaysia just looks dumb as hell at the end of this clip. Look at her sticking up for Kristen when Kristen was lying on her cousin. If that’s her cousin then why does she not have Byron’s back? I would’ve made sure a roach like Kristen wasn’t invited to any of my events either.

  19. How the hell u want to put this on OG ? They got lot of problems before OG and He give Her the information and his Blessings which is OK!!

  20. Right like y'all live down the mother fucken street like u can walk your ass down there and go see your granddaughter tf

  21. I think it's Awesome that Maylaisa investigates all side as much as she can to try and come to a resolution, however I can see how Kristen has a issue with Cece, and Cece has been getting BS from her sense they started the show. Kristen can't handle a dose of her own medicine. I think she wants to control more than just her Realtionship. It all about boundaries and respect. And it's causing breakdowns in they Realtionship.

  22. This man loves Thomas.Thats his son in his eyes.Kristen needs to accept he wants to be in contact with his son and grand daughter not her ass.Her husband is a basketball coach and accomplished a lot.Dont let be who his dad is be the whole story.

  23. Kristen can go out to dinner, events and travel out of town but she can't take their child to see family.

  24. Shaniqua aka malasia girl get a man get a story like get anything like wtf your lying like you know your lying tf

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  26. Why they keep saying it’s a family secret when it’s not if anything they need to stop saying that cause the fact that they are trying to keep that a secret just shows they’re ashamed smfh run cece and Byron get away from those toxic leeches

  27. Even after Byron came out with the truth, Malaysia never apologized to CeCe or backed her up in any way. She continued to allow Kristin to target CeCe and yet Malaysia is the first one to talk about how important 'family' is.

  28. Malaysia on Kristen side. And og never said she he gave her permission to attack Kristen Because I don't believe she was attacking her. OG said Baron told her that's it. Now that Malaysia heard what Baron said she can go back to Kristen and set a date to invite them over or go over there. This is not that complicated y'all just strengthen this to be a story

  29. I hope Malaysia stretched before she did all this reaching. This is pathetic. I used to like Malaysia but this is wack.

  30. My dad in this situation with my older brother. People be petty with their kids and it’s funny to watch them act like the Grand parents gonna chase for some kids that ain’t theirs! Lmaooo Stop being petty and grow up. Take your damn child to where you want them to go. Same as you do to daycare, doctors, mall, etc.

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  33. lol.. well that was pointless! He confirmed he's the one spreading the not so secret "family secret" over dinner with should be beefing Byron

  34. Girl why would he say “go ahead and say it” 🙄 I’m so sick of Malaysia like girl bye & OG didn’t make it like he said she could use it against Kristen. You’re just mad cause Kristen is the lowest man on the totem poll running around here acting a fool for $2.50 🤣

  35. Lord please help these stupid people. Why would old tired Byron Scott have his girlfriend on this show? He is not coaching so I guess this is his new gig, 😔you can’t buy class, just loose, classless women and a girlfriend who doesn’t care for your family.

  36. Byron u r right. Byron theyre suppose to come to pop pop house. Your the poppop your older n the children come to you. Kristen blaming all her problems on Byrin but married Thomas. Kristen sorry u dont have what Byron has. He worked hard for it. Put in the work girl.

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