Malus Darkblade Let’s Play | Total War: WARHAMMER 2 – The Shadow & The Blade

Malus Darkblade Let’s Play | Total War: WARHAMMER 2 – The Shadow & The Blade

Welcome, to the first campaign gameplay from
Shadow and the Blade. Today we�re on-board with the Tyrant of
Hag Graef � the infamous Malus Darkblade. Malus has always relied, first and foremost,
on his own dark determination and limitless reservoir of hate.
It is a testament to Darkblade’s determination that he not only sought deeper, darker forms
of power but that he was able to survive the possession of the Drinker of Worlds – one
of the most powerful Daemons in the Warhammer universe. As such, when you are playing as
Malus, you are also playing as Tz�arkan, The Drinker of Worlds.
Malus and Tz�arkan are bound together as one. Every turn, Tzarkan�s possessive power
saps at Malus�s mind, manifesting itself in a powerful demonic form when too great.
Tz�arkan and his whispers of carnage and great reward can be thwarted by regularly
taking elixirs to cage his ever-advancing possession.
His affliction is both a terrible curse and an immeasurable source of power and mastering
these possession states is key to conquering Darkblade�s campaign.
In order to obtain the elixir�s recipe from Malekith, you�ll need to help him gain the
scrolls he needs to harness the power of the vortex for himself.
From time to time, the Tz�arkan wi`ll torment Malus with whispers encouraging murder, carnage
or war in exchange for powerful, unique rewards. Every twisted whisper Malus adheres to confers
him more demonic strength but also corrodes his mind, ceding more control to Tzarkan and
increasing his reliance on Malekith�s ever-more costly elixirs.
The possession bar shows how much influence Tz�arkan has over Malus. When the possession
bar is maxed out, Tz�arkan�s powers can be utilised by Malus at the expense of his
campaign capabilities. When the possession bar reads a negative value,
Malus gains increased campaign capabilities but will be less effective in battle.
I�m one turn from getting access to my Tzarkan form here, so I�m going to stall out if
I can. As soon as I�m done here, I�ll down a couple of elixirs and use the sizable
construction cost reduction to fast-track any rebuild.
If anyone gets any smart ideas, I can instantly call on Tzarkan�s demonic battle benefits,
but I can only do this once every 40 turns. Minimum possession also gives me access to
the Rite of the Warmaster, instantly drawing a full stack of Druchii aligned beasts to
fight for my cause. Malus clawed his way to the top, from a lowly
bastard son to the imperious ruler of the Mercantile Fortress-City of Hag Graef.
The duality of Malus is reflected in his start position options. Malus starts the game with
ownership of the mighty Hag Graef, as well as an expedition force led by Darkblade himself.
He may be far from home, but with a Black Ark as a mobile base of operations � he�s
well equipped to thrive. In the opening turns of the campaign you are
confronted with a dilemma to give up Hag Graef in exchange for a substantial war chest in
order to accelerate your voyage. This promotes more fertile conditions than
ever seen before in Total War for picking your own start position, especially when combined
with the Black Ark�s new-found ability to attack and reinforce port settlements.
Checking out Malus�s skill tree we can see tapping into his Eternal Hatred and stomping
Ulthuan is maybe the quickest way to earn Malekith�s favour.
Digging deeper we can see skills that strengthen both his pure form and others that bring a
whole new dimension to Tzarkan�s domination. Reaching level 15 allows access to Contempt
and Hatred, a considerable powerspike no matter what your playstyle.
Whether you take the cash or not, Malus� campaign is packed with possibilities. I�ve
opted for the frantic, dual start position style for this playthrough.
Fresh off my naval invasion of the Serpent�s Coast, I�ve found myself tangled in a complicated
engagement between Malekith and the Crone. By the way, don�t forget to make use of
campaign bookmarks to zoom to each location in seconds. That�s CTRL + F9-F12 to set
a bookmark and that F key again to fly to that spot.
Malekith is a vital ally in the Hag Graef start position and staying on his good side
is especially important when your resources are stretched across 2 fronts.
The unique Hag Greif mines are also a massive boon in this regard, their local upkeep reduction
assists you in fielding 2 armies early, but further expansion will require a more stable
economy. My Hag Graef efforts are led by my High Beastmaster,
a new anti-large lord type for the Druchii whose skill tree reflects their exceptional
aptitude when it comes to bending beasts to their will.
He�s very loyal at the moment but he might think twice if I spend too much time in the
company of the Drinker of Worlds� He�s joined by this Bloodwrack Medusa � she
has armour piercing laser eyes and a fantastic, high-mass charge to slither away from any
unfavourable engagements. Her horrifying visage causes both Fear and Terror to enemy units. With the Crone taken care of let�s fast
forward to turn 56, where we�ve finally hunted down the warpgate that we need to return
to the Chaos Wastes, where we can sate the thirst of the Warpsword of Khaine � another
of the legendary weapons associated with the bloody handed god.
It is there, in the lands where he first took up the Warpsword of Khaine, that its power
will finally be renewed. Darkblade was always arrogant and ambitious,
even by Druchii standards, but his curse has convinced him that no foe can best him.
Let�s see what happens when the Drinker of Worlds faces off against the Eater of Suns
� Kholek himself. Fortunately, I have some new tools at my disposal
to aid me. These Scourgerunner Chariots are the perfect
tool for cutting through heavily armoured beasts. The RoR variant, unlockable at level
20, even has poison attacks to help kite enemies into their inevitable death.
Malus himself is already pretty tanky with a large health pool in addition to armor – but
Tzarkan�s demonic influence provides him with an additional health bar, altered abilities
and a stat amp – with the caveat that after transforming, his HP is constantly ticking
down, providing an extra incentive to finish the fight with malicious haste.
Check out 3pm GMT, December 4th to see the conclusion
of this Let�s Play� Malus isn�t the only Legendary Lord coming
in Shadow and the Blade of course. There�s a brand new rat to play, and he has some devious
campaign mechanics with outrageously powerful

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  1. so when i understand it right, with marcus we will play his journey for the relics he needs to controll trzakan and keep his soul?

  2. The possession mechanic can be exploited by keeping it as low as possible and spamming ranged units, thus minimizing melee attack penalty. It will allow incredible bonus to construction costs and public order. Hell, Sword of Khaine's P.O penalty can be completely negated with full control Malus. Silly mechanic.

  3. My deepest darkest appreciation for CA. All the hard work they do to keep developing this awesome game further and further and trying to give us all we want is just so good. Please keep doing what you're doing!!!

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  5. i really loved this new dlc .. will it be the last one for warhammer 2 ?

    ps : hope malus come to miniature game as well

  6. I noticed Malus's sigel is very similar to Alarielle's. Aside from the different color pallet and lack of vines aura over the heart, they are both hands holding up a heart. Does Malus have some sort of connection to Averlorn?

  7. This is not a "Let's Play Tz'Arkan" as it says in the thumbnail.

    This is not a "Let's Play Malus Darkblade" as it says in the title.

    This is not a Let's Play anything.

    This is an overview of campaign mechanics. "Meet Malus and Tz'Arkan" would have been more than appropriate.

    Why the clickbait? Do you somehow think that your customers are so disinterested in the mechanics of a newly announced DLC that you have to lie to get us to watch your videos?

  8. The Sword of Khaine and a deep possession Malus might just be the tankiest unit in the game, that is a lot of ward save. Though it will be the hardest campaign to deal with appalling levels of public order.

  9. So did I hear this correctly. I kill my own Lord when in this form? … might think about even using him in battle then. Just go full campaign mode and let the other units do the killing. Yikes.

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  11. Might just be me, but I feel like less melee attack from low posession should apply to just Malus himself, rather than the entire army.

  12. it's good we don't have to see malus/tz'arkan get his arse kicked by kholek and his ward saves, it would be quite embarrassing

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  14. I only started playing Warhammer after the latest DLC came out and I'm not familiar with how DLC works in this regard: when it comes to campaigns, are the DLC lords actually tied to the DLC itself, or are they patched in and we're paying to be able to play as them? Say, if I don't buy the DLC, will I still see the new lords appear as AI in campaigns, or will they not exist at all?

  15. Finally the Dark Elf went better with new Black Ark's settlement attack system. I love how Malus can transform into king god hero

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    So far You bought me trought first + dlc and second + dlc
    Im waiting for 3rd…. and The End Times <cheers!>

  18. So Black Arcs can attack settlements, is this feature unique to Hag Graef, or will it be an update for all Dark Elf factions?

  19. I really like the mechanic but the negatives from possession are far outwayed the positives since it only helps Malus himself. Well Keeping malus free gives you some massive faction bonuses, even if you lose the melee attack your ranged units can still carry the wieght in your battles. I dont know if you could rework the bonuses.

  20. Fellheart will be my 1st play through of this dlc. I've never played him past turn 10 or so and was soo disappointed when he came out only half done. Now that black arks are how they should have been from the beginning I'm very excited. If admirals don't get exp as characters it will be yet another missed opportunity.

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