Manu Villada Travel / ¿Es Macau realmente Las vegas de Asia?

Manu Villada Travel / ¿Es Macau realmente Las vegas de Asia?

Hi everyone, I am Manu Villada, I am at the Hongqiao airport

Shanghai has
2 big airports
Pudong and Hongqiao

Pudong is
for longer flights,
bigger planes.
And Hongqiao
is for domestic
and short international

In few words,
smaller planes.
I’m flying to Macau
is called
‘Las Vegas of Asia”

I go to Macau
once or twice a month
for 2 reasons: because I like to gamble
and for visa procedures
So today I will show you
if Macau is really like Las Vegas or not.
Well, we are 25min away from Macau,
I wanna give you a short introduction
about Macau
Macau was
a Portuguese territory
for many years

around 20 years ago,
took control again
but Macau still has it’s own government and laws
but Macau still has it’s own government and laws
when you take the flight
when you take the flight, is an international flight.
In Macau, Portuguese is still an official language

but nobody speaks it anymore, but everything is written in Portuguese,

Mandarin and English
even the streets still have Portuguese names, is interesting because nobody speaks it anymore.
all traffic signs, at the airport, all is in Portuguese.

Well, I arrived
I am now at The Venetian
Venetian, same as the one in Vegas
The Venetian Macau has the biggest casino in the world
I can not take the camera to the casino
but, I will try

so you can see the size of it, is impressive

I am now at The Parisian
everything is so French here,
this means, food is amazing
the restaurant at The Parisian
has my favourite buffet in the world!
is unbelievable
you will see the things you can eat there.
Also here at The Parisian is my favourite casino,
is where I win most of the times
so I’ll go to play after lunch
I’ll have a feast at the buffet, and then another one at the casino, I hope
And hopefully I can take some videos at the casino too.
at The Parisian. Wish me luck!!
Noooo, I arrived late to the buffet
and is closed!
will show you next time.

Something weird that happened to me
is that exactly today while I’m filming this video
in Macau
I’m using this t-shirt
Karl Lagerfeld
and just now the news are spreading
that he passed away.
So is already 3 Chinese women
that ask for a picture with me because of my
I don’t know

I feel awkward,
they think is a tribute or something like that, weird.
Ok, so now I’m here at City of Dreams
is another big chain of Hotel-Casino’s
including Conrad, Sheraton,
Hard Rock that is one of the most famous here, Casio is huge too.
They have Soho
like the one in New York.
At City of Dreams, next to the Hard Rock.

Im already at the Wynn Palace
without any doubts I can confirm
that this is the hotel, resort , casino more luxurious in Macau.
if you don’t believe me
let’s check it out!

Well, like this I end this video in Macau,
I was here for only 8hrs.
The conclusion is yes, Macau is like Las Vegas
smaller but more fancy and exclusive
I was able to show you
The Venetian, The Parisian,
City of Dreams and Wynn Palace, that are the most famous ones.
one video is not enough for all Macau,
I’ll make a second part
where I’ll show you the Galaxy, MGM, Grand Lisboa
and other great Hotel-Casino’s
The truth is that I love Macau
is so fancy, so luxurious
everything is like very material, but well

thats’s the point of a city like Macau
is built completely artificial.
And well, I recommend it so much, if one day you are in Asia

Don’t miss at least a weekend in Macau
thanks for watching this video
See you next time!

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