Mario And Sonic At The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Combat Events Gameplay!

have you ever just wanted to punch Mario
in his stupid mustached face? Well if you
answered yes number one you probably
need some meditation and/or deep
breathing exercises in your life because
you are clearly too stressed but number
two if you still really want to do that
you absolutely can thanks to Mario and
Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
edition this game has got awesome
amazing events for the Olympic Games one
of those events being boxing we’re gonna
check out today’s let’s play video as
well as some other great events to see
just what they’ve got to offer
alright let’s go ahead and get after it
place some of these matches like that
I’ve been dying to get this game mainly
for the weird concept of I can go
skateboarding as Yoshi and that’s what
I’m gonna do you know I mean boxing
karate judo all these things that I’m
super excited to do and play with some
iconic characters I mean that’s worth
the the price to picking this game up in
my opinion so like I said we’re gonna
have a skateboarding Yoshi what more do
you want
I’m a sailfin skateboard for many many
love it to death so it’s great cool to
see videogame characters I grew up
playing and loving skateboarding I mean
yeah yeah like the mario kart racing
things like that but that’s not the same
as you know Knowshon skateboard here I
probably should’ve paid more attention
to the controls okay all right
do some flip tricks there all over the
okay I really need to figure out how to
spin crimes good my sports I’d ride that
one out
nice Yoshi sign him up see the plant
I really need to figure out how to do
some better grabs says that one footed
there we go nice little hand plantation
oh that’s a nice 360 flip that’s another
good 360 foot Me’s got flipped her
nope missed it what we’re doing there it
is that’s a special very special if I
oversee to be like that all 360 flip out
nice and plant
don’t know how did the manual really
should have paid better attention to the
I need to figure how to spin thank you
okay how do we do how we do how many
points we get what do you pay attention
to 79 is that enough barely okay we be
dr. Eggman at Bowser jr. apparently they
don’t have the technical prowess on a
skateboard that Yoshi does first time
ever playing this that was a pretty
sweet I gotta say and dr. Eggman still
like a foot and a half taller than Yoshi
even though he’s on the second-place
podium Thank You Yoshi bringing home the
gold for the USA all right let’s play a
different event let’s do some karate
like I said I wanted to do some of these
cop sports just because that’s my
yeah it’s go through some karate and I
think that suggestion that was playing
in that preview was good sonic versus
Mario I’m gonna go I ever gets Bowser
jr. rule controls yeah I really how we
play this punching kicking ok close
enough so punch in I kick in it’s all I
need to know
punch in Bowser Jr’s wearing a bib
instead of a crowd of you boom
sweep the leg sweep the leg sonic that’s
right that’s how you do it dropping him
on his butt punch him in the chest
Oh mr. with the Dragon Punch there oh
look back of the noggin punch hey you
know there’s illegal oh it’s slow motion
it looks like it totally kicked him in
the crotch not sure but did but that’s
giving me the victors so I’m gonna say
that was illegal above the belt shot was
not out below the belt shot no low blows
all right double gold look at that so
you could maybe complain that the game
is too easy but I think it’s just fine
oh I know I’m doing but he only had two
button commands so that was good and
plus this is just single match now I’m
gonna grab the story mode I’m sure story
mode is much more difficult complicated
as it tends to be yes go boxing let’s
keep with a combat do some boxing let’s
stick with the Sonic you did I did well
in karate metal sonic oh I’m trying to
figure out what country that is oh it’s
been a long time since I’ve been in
junior high civics I should really know
what country that flag was but it didn’t
and now I feel still there stiff jabs
stiff jabs I mentioned metal Sonic’s got
quite the chin because he’s made of
metal and he’s just not to me were these
as you can see I don’t do a lot of
defensive boxing good hit me yes finally
the robot is down Willie stay down that
is the thing doesn’t look good
he’s getting back up he’s definitely
getting Greco all right look at that
right across the face I just want to hit
more like a massive uppercut and it’s
just bouncing okay he’s just taking
these shots there we go stay down if you
know what’s good for your metal sonic
stay down
is that stayed oh my god I should
shouldn’t be surprised he’s a machine
come on one more and we’ll get this heap
TKO victory come on 10 seconds in the
round can we finish it can we oh oh do
we ran out of time okay then here Bell
get him get him oh here we go
punches a bunch of compost compost
compost spin attack I guess that’s like
a legal head but I don’t know what’s
going on I like it I’m also like in the
toads over here got this cannon 200
millimeter lens on his camera there even
though he’s right on the apron that’s
right good Jeff Sonic we got the
knockout we knock out a robot I don’t
care who you are that’s impressive punch
hit ratio 58% yes pretty good pretty
good Sonic gotta say I’m impressed
you’ve got the combat skills oh man
again why I’m always gonna be the short
guy on the podium breakdancing busts and
bust some moves showing a little belly
in that midriff
tank top there Sonic probably not the
best fashion choice in my opinion but
man it’s got skills
you can to tracfone I’ll do some judo
where’s judo
okay I don’t see jus maybe let’s do
these yeah but 8-bit 16-bit oh there it
is there’s Jude oh that’s weird that
it’s the old-school version I wonder if
I can place story mode and get the
normal version of Judo anyways
let’s toss some people as you may or may
not know I’ve mentioned on this channel
briefly I am a jiu-jitsu blackbelt so I
do have a background in judo as well so
I am absolutely in love with this I
don’t think it’s gonna be a super
detailed judo game I think it’s probably
gonna be a couple buttons but controls
yeah look at the controls grab brake
balance maintain okay so this is gonna
be like a balancing game that’s fine
I’m okay with that as long as I could
just toss somebody it’s all I care about
I don’t it didn’t have to be the typical
judo names and animations you want some
tails you want some going you’re going
tails all through my head throwing you
bow meaning
oh wow then the referee called that
movie exactly what it is
tominaga very impressed that’s a
fighting nerd in me there we’re taking
you the other way tails again the
announcer called that exactly where it
is with a say Oh Nagi
okay I’m nerd now just the the combat
nerd and me
it’s nerd out that they called that
correctly and I got the toss sails
around sails tails around that’s what he
gets for having two tails too many T’s
alright the amount of metal
nice we can get the the retro music and
the retro animation on the podium you
just want a gold medal I know you’re
tapping your toes there Sonic all right
what else is that it that was the main
couple ones yeah
shooting Oh oh my oh bugs can be like
some duck hum action nicely these a lot
of events I like this
they did not shortchange us at all one
more table tennis defensive area
let’s do fencing it’s combat ish it’s a
final combat so to speak that I’m gonna
play even though skateboarding wasn’t
that’s just maybe in a skateboard nerd
as well oh crap I’m flying right through
it yeah sure okay I was not paying
attention to the instructions at all
he’s got some range I need some somebody
with some arm length
yeah let’s go we’ll leave while Luigi
it’s hard too hard to say for whatever
reason maybe cuz I just always want to
say Wario
alright while Luigi dulling me down
yo she’s got short stubby arms literally
don’t matter okay that’s a swipe what’s
my choice okay they’re just okay I know
stab and slash I don’t know like
directional all right
get pointed up Oh what
why don’t we slow down
oh no she’s got him here the super
adrenaline rush oh here we go here’s my
version did I do this I think I did I
think I got him in the end
that’s right game set match while Luigi
for the win
undefeated was it one two for chrome
medals five gold medals I stopped
counting what’s just a boring boxing
oh yeah that’s five five gold medals
thank you very much
USA this was fun highly recommend it
definitely check out Mario Sonic Tokyo
2020 games for the Nintendo switch very
enjoyable game like I said I just
planned this for the very first time
tonight have last thanks a lot

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