MARIO KART 64 (N64) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

MARIO KART 64 (N64) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

Nintendo Mario Kart 64
I’m really good at this game. I can’t wait. I’ve played Mario Kart many times not on the 64
I’ve played Mario kart on the gamecube. I’ve been playing since double dash. That’s gamecube.
I got this this is gonna be a tournament first you’ll have one race against another reactor and computer players
Whoever places the highest out of the two of you will move on to the final race oh my gosh
Yes, I feel like I’m gonna win that sounds fun. I’m not good at Mario Kart, but I like it
I’m so good at this game. I’m older than all those other kids out there. You know I got more experience
I’m gonna Destroy everyone. I don’t think other people have the skill level
I’m pretty sure they’re gonna suck. I feel sorry for whoever’s going to get me first
They might have a little fun driving around in 8th place
We designed this there’s two two directional pads. This is the seasick [oh]
Okay, okay, that makes sense what I’m good at double dash so get wrecked
Okay, y’all im going to rock you with toad you I was gonna pick toad. You know what princes peach it is baby!
This may be easier than I thought I’m so hype right now. You can’t see my leg, but it’s bouncing
I’m like I’m trying to contain myself. [I] can feel you shaking the table
Coming over. [do] you know do you know oh?
Oh wow I started up, way late i was.
is There no map in this I havent played this in so long I feel bad
Get wrecked yoshie I feel so bad right now. I was oh my gosh. I’m too cocky okay. Why would [I] do that?
Yeah, give me somtime to catch up. I skeet you I think I’m good
Why is toads car slide everyone you just like he’s that okay? I shot a proper shooting on McBowser
Tech power to have more weight. I don’t even know right now. I’m stuck behind a bus on her trouble here
I would still have to play this and now I’m geeked ain’t reading it. Do you want me to wait [for] you?
I mean, I’ll even stop. I’ll give you a good [five] seconds one
[five-second] [-] time so far behind you do not see the rap. Do not okay here. You not need this mini-map. Look at me
They’re not even giving me mushrooms to catch up like that’s how crappy. This is you’re not giving me mushroom with the ketchup
Yeah, [look] man playing the game could’ve sworn. I had it how am I so far behind just makes no sense
I am finally catching up you catching up to those nPCs yet. Yeah, actually I’m in sixth homing missiles in mouth [oh]
I’m okay. I’m okay. Oh yeah. I press z de bracy. I do not work very well. Oh
Now you’re Gonna watch. I don’t need to
My cockiness gets the best to me so much
I’m confused. [I] don’t know how to do this. I think I’m Gonna win
We could be the same oh gee [I] can’t be the same [way] gotta be bowser, but he’s like really really slow
I was I was what with toad [last] one [all] right ready. I’m tough I’m not trying to wait. I’m going solo
when instr off [yay], oh
No, no, no I suck oh my god. Oh my God. I’m so bad. [oh] my God
I’m like six played. I am first yeah sure
Dress is slow
Oh, it doesn’t think yeah, it’s going yeah, you’re going down here. We go. Let’s go. Let’s get this oh
Boom [we] how many are I’m saving those – boom boom boom let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go
It’s so hard to steer. Oh, okay. I’m pretty sure eighth is laughs. Oh, I’m not drift in every man
It’s three red shells that’s like the most bomb diggity [cowering]
I you see this thing. I got I used to call [it] squishy. You just go like a miata
It’s like a hundred in the golden throne thing. Yeah, it’s like a hundred mushrooms. It’s overpowered. It’s not fair see now
I’m in second. She probably just shoot behind [me] [see] I’m so golly the second let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go
Let’s go first boys one here. We go here. We go here. We go here. We go here. We go here we go
No, no no no no no no no no no movie. I gotta go for it forget for
Third yeah, I
Was you know I got second – laughs. I want filled so
I’m pretty confident in this just say I’m going on you need to pick our characters on taille Peach Yoshi or toad
I don’t know. They’re so cute totes cute. Really you trying to sabotage me. No, I just think he’s cute Yoshi
Okay, yes, [hey] stay home. Oh, oh [well] sure no no no
go faster oh a
Violent Gang is bingo new Or poop looks [like] he’ll know what that is
No bowser. Yes, finally first weird thing
[the] crush
Yes, what’s the star? What does [that] mean? I’m gonna. Do you think how do you know new it is so?
Anyway, do this before? He’s [the] [chillness] one?
Number eight [why] am I getting so lucky this is weird. I mean. I really it why am I god are you?
What is happening [cows] a Cuban game Friday night does morning?
Yeah, but you’re still a saucy yes, I still shrunk you, but you’re still less. Yeah, I am first in heart
So all the people who don’t win say hey, I need to pick a new pair. Yeah
I’m sure it’s just it’s you and it’s not your cow only not okay. Thank
You [did] you do that? Did I do what I’m only eight please I wow
Oh my God. I was in first Place. I
Literally was in first place, and the finish line was right there. I have mushrooms that I’m secret. Power [my] feet hurt. Oh, it’s fine
It’s all fun and games. You know does this make you feel better [now]. It makes [me] feel violated
I’m ready
That’s me. Yes. I think they [shake] your peach, okay. Are we all ready. It’s so small
I can see it was what did that’s it over there? Yeah, and speed boost all right now
You guys are like small and little I’m where [our] guys are grown man freshman in high school, okay?
Oh there, dad. Thank good. Well, oh
No, he was in the ground. I’m [I’m] on [a] nice Sunday stroll. You know you guys are so far behind. I’m not shy
I left some video. Oh, I am totally winning. I’m working all you guys
I do my going to of you look look I just I just hit. I just hit one of the blue shell things
What is that? Oh, that’s good oh yeah? Yeah, eat – I mean I have another one. I’m gonna you again with it
my dog [I]
Swears me another one don’t you just let him pass me. That was only one laughs oh, hey, bro
my stupid snake yeah, yeah, I don’t know how [to]
Yeah, no no
More than watch. Are you guys you guys are on the other side of the map. Oh keep your watch oh
Right kiss I’m [buzzed] my [russian] bottom at what rate that’s gonna help you I just hit myself with the reg
How does that even work?
[its] way okay, no
Yeah, you’re hacking great new nose. Hey. I’m just really good at this [game]
All right, oh yeah. I’m reading I want some time. [oh], oh here. You guys aren’t [why] they always go?
No, no, no
Wow, [suck]
Yes, no, I got [passed]
If I hit you you’re dead yeah, I go faster. Yeah. I have a golden mushroom [dog-loving]
[Magic] buzzy buzzy yes, yeah, I get a
Little oh here’s my first bike shell here’s my second right little boy that’s wrecking you
Now [wrecked]. Oh, what what is that?
You guys are right here. Yes, you guys both. Just passed right [oh]
Let’s go
You know punch touch me [doughnuts]. No, it’s so messed up in both you guys
I did this like you very [well] right behind me, so if I die it’s like
instant pass
I got it
I hear you guys that that was you huh you did that. No, I’m guessing him yeah
Yeah, you’re right
You’re right, dude. I had a red shield. I hit the wall you’re not even close dawg. I can see yeah. I’m sorry Jenny
I’m like really
Behind now. I don’t know how [happy]
You get all those behind you by the way. Oh, we almost missed. Why you coaching me through this whole [thing]
Totally [showed] me you saw that yeah. Yeah, hey can you slow my weight, please slow him buddy
Show me you can see him going like this. It’s like it wasn’t that hard. I won fine fine. Troy won
I want to thank mom. I want to thank Dad want to think Jesus
You what you’re teaching everyone that cheaters win. That’s what you’re teaching everyone right here
Do you feel good about yourself true? Yeah? Thanks for watching us [play] Mario Kart 64 here on the react channel subscribe
There are new gaming episodes every Sunday Sunday Sunday. Let us know in the comments what you thought happened
Hashtag shoulder bump gate
Se you guys later from the reigning Mario Kart champ: Troy

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  2. Four races and six players and they managed to only pick three characters ever, Yoshi, Peach, and Toad. Was that intentional?

  3. I didn't get a playstation or Microsoft product until like 2004 so I played a n64 until I was like 5 and I played like all the games they have played and i love them all

  4. 3:40 Somehow the player in first place was able to avoid the blue shell even though it was about 15 years before the invention of the horn.

  5. 6:20 Nice one XD but you have it not use for your advantage and you was never 1 only the red shell have you push forward

  6. I used to play the n64 version and the nds version but just like zetgeist said ever since i bought and played blur i can't look at mario kart again now that would be a challenge have these teens play a BLUR tournament.

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  8. I'm 14 years old and I know what this game is… because of my sister and parents, I was raised with this…. I'm glad I never complained..

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