Matt McQuaid | Spartans All-Access | Michigan State Men’s Basketball

Matt McQuaid | Spartans All-Access | Michigan State Men’s Basketball

(shoes squeaking) (intense music) – Matt McQuaid was just
a skinny little freshman just tryna to learn what
this place is about. I say my strength when
I came in was, shooting I was a really good shooter
coming out of high school. My teammates my freshman year
Denzel and Bryn and Costello. Seeing them and how they
do things around here. Whether it was working out,
watching film you know. I always kinda just looked up to ’em and tried to just mirror
what they were doing. ‘Cause, you know, they were great players and I wanted to be in their shoes one day and great leaders and they
were always helping us out and teaching us different
things everyday to help us get to where we want to get. (group cheers) We went to Italy, got a
lot of experience there and they just showed
professionalism everyday and that really helped me develop into the player I am today. (shoes squeaking) (crowd cheers) – [Commentator] Welcome back to Chicago and welcome to game two of the
State Farm Champions Classic, what a match-up we’ve got,
Kansas and Michigan State, two teams with great traditions
and Final Four aspirations. – [Matt] My freshman
year my favorite moment was probably the Kansas
game it got me going here. – [Commentator] It’s a one
point lead for Michigan State and it’s Michigan State
ball with a minute 11 to go. It’s out of the
double-team, finds Costello. – [Announcer] Tough pass, oh a star is born! He’s gonna be a big man on campus, Dale! – [Matt] When Costello
threw that balance pass that terrible balance
pass to me in the corner, caught it, knocked it down and then doing it on the
other end of Frank Mason. – [Commentator] Mason, blocked by McQuaid! – We came out on top but Denzel Valentine had
a triple-double that game and everybody’s talkin’ ’bout that three. I feel like the triple-double’s
a little bigger than, well, what I did at the end of the game. It was crazy for my
really, first big game here and it was a great experience
and I’ll never forget it. – In our captains our
team picked Josh Langford and Matt McQuaid and they were two guys that were almost unanimous picks and McQuaid, fourth year senior, he is right with Josh
those two guys are probably in the gym more than anybody, he has the ability to
knock down an open shot, injuries have plagued part of his career, but he’s been healthy he
became one of our best defensive players last year
but he’s a program guy, he’s become better at communicating, he’s gotten better each year. (players yelling) – Being made captain
was a big honor for me. Ever since my freshman year it’s something I’ve been keeping my eye on
especially as a senior now. All my life I’ve kinda
been a leader by example, just going to the gym a lot, but now I’m I’m learning
how to do it vocally and coach has been
helping me a lot with that and that’s something I
can take, me on basketball and I feel like I’m getting
better everyday at it, communicating with different people with different personalities just trying to relate and
motivate in different ways and I try to take that challenge everyday and make my team better. – He’s everything you ask for in a leader, he’s been through all the wars, he’s been through all
the ups and the downs of this program really and he feeds his knowledge
to the young guys, he knows his times ending
soon at this program so he’s doin’ everything he can
to just bring those young guys along and one of them goin’
step into his shoes one day. – His leadership skills have tripled and what’s great about it over the summer, the players noticed it. And that’s why you get voted
unanimously to be a captain. I thought he did a great job this summer, I thought he was deserving of it and he’s become a very good leader. – [Commentator] Again, playing
the pass Elaine Grousch. – [Announcer] End to end, Kerwin! That’s an offensive foul, when he does work, again, McQuaid, coming over with Rakeford, wow! – [Commentator] Tell
you what, Matt McQuaid playing as good a game as you’re gonna see a kid play this entire
year on the defensive end. – [Announcer] Seems like Tom always has a player like Matt McQuaid on his team. – [Commentator] He really knows the game no question about it. – You know I feel like now I’ve developed more than
just shooting, I can defend, I’m doing more off the dribble and I feel like my
defense, though was really has made a change since I’ve gotten here, it’s gotten so much better
since my freshman year. I take a lot of pride in my defense I wanna stop the best
player on the other team I wanna help out you know Cassius and Nick when we have these match-ups and they talk about head to heads. I do take challenge to that ’cause I want Cassius to get Big Ten Player of the Year I want Nick to get Big
Ten Player of the Year, so that’s something I
really pride myself on ’cause I wanna see my teammates succeed but it puts a lot on my plate too so I gotta be prepared you know, I go into every game
watching a lot of film, just working on different angles, how to guard these best players and just do what I can to
be the best defender I can. – I’ve only had one true offensive player that guarded anybody and that was Gary Harris,
I mean he was a two guard that really put some time and Denzel grew into that a little bit but it’s not the norm most
shooters are not defenders and Matt took what was needed, as Josh started shootin’
it better, playin’ better, Matt figured he had to
take over the defense, Matt is such a giving, caring person and what I seen in that
is he’s takin it to heart. I’m gonna miss Matt McQuaid ’cause I’m proud of
what he’s accomplished, I appreciate what he’s
given to the program and to his teammates. And I think there’s basketball
left from Matt to be played. – [Commentator] MSU
playing pretty good defense and now Lahl lowers his
shoulder, runs into McQuaid, down goes McQuaid that’s a charge. – What I expected when
I came to Michigan State was to win, this is a winning
program, a blue-blood program, hall of fame coach, you expect
to be in those situations ’cause you know you’re gonna
have the opportunity coming ’cause you’re always
playing big games every year and that’s what makes
this place so special. The relationships that I’ve made here they’re everything now, that’s one of the most important
things when you come here is that I can remember every teammate that I’ve had since I’ve been here and I haven’t had a
problem with any teammate, and that says a lot about
this program and this culture. Coach Izzo does a great
job keeping great people that wanna be successful around and wanna get better and
wanna get to that next level. And he keeps the people
with the same mindset around so everybody just kind
of feeds off each other, all the tutors, all the morning workouts, all the weight room
sessions you know everything we do here is for a reason. So that’s why everybody here knows that everything they do is important and that’s why this program
is at where it’s at. Being a Spartan means the world to me, coming here was the best
decision of my life, being a part of this culture, tradition, playing for a hall of fame coach I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. (upbeat music)

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  1. Matt McQuaid, what a great kids the moment he joined MSU basketball! Going to miss him at MSU… Thanks for the great memory

  2. It’s awesome to look back and see how far this kid has come. He’s a leader plays with a big heart. Go win the tourney kid!

  3. Spartans year's !!! For McQuaid tribute and with Cassius "the hope" Winston !!! Come on Spartans !!!
    D'un supporter français qui vous soutient, vous supporte et que vous faites rêver depuis des années !!!
    Un coach légendaire en la personne de Tom Izzo, des joueurs de qualités, de valeurs et d'humilité…Johnson, Willis, Randolph, Paige, Valentine, Bridges et Winston…

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