MECHGIRL – How to get it? Full Guide – Garena Free Fire

MECHGIRL – How to get it? Full Guide – Garena Free Fire

Hello guys, welcome to my video once again. As you may already know, in Free Fire we have a new bundle called Mechgirl. And today I am going to explain to you, how to get the Mechgirl bundle. I will try to explain as much as I can everything that I know about this new Mechgirl event. And please don’t forget to Like, Share and subscribe to my channel first. And please share this video with your friends as many people don’t know how to unlock this bundle. So I am going to the News section first, and… Here it is, Mechgirl FAQ! And if you want to unlock this mechgirl bundle I suggest reading this FAQ section first and try to understand how it works. And I will try to explain everything that I know about this… So as you can see on the left side of the FAQ, there is different parts of the bundle, Head, Top, Bottom and shoes. So if we want to unlock the full bundle then we have to get the fragments of the different parts of the bundle in order to claim it. So for example we have Head and we may need some number of fragments in order to unlock it, I dont know what the number will be yet as I also have to go inside the page. Similarly, we will have to collect the required number of fragments for the top, bottom and the shoes. If you are confused, let me show you an analogy of what I mean… Let’s go to the>Store>Redeem>FF Token.. For example, If I want to unlock this helmet of this dress, I need to have 50 FF Tokens in order to unlock it. And similarly if I want the top and bottom of that dress, then I will have to use 50 ff tokens for both of them… This is what I am trying to explain here…that.. If we want to unlock the full bundle, then we have to get certain number of fragments for each of them…Let me go inside the event and show you. And you can see the FREE DRAW option here, it means for the first time you will get to spin for free and after that you will have to use diamonds. So in the free spin, I got one fragment of bottom of Mechgirl bundle.. And as you can see here, for the hair/head part of the bundle, I will need 3 fragments of it. Similarly, for the top we need 4 fragments, for bottom we need 3 and for the shoes we need 2. In which I got one fragment of bottom from the first free spin. And for 1 spin, I will need to spend 50 diamonds, whereas for 5 spins we need 250 diamonds and we will get one spin for free. Okay, I will explain the Trade option, but let me first try to unlock the full bundle by spinning the wheel. If I don’t get enough fragments I will show you how to trade. So I already have one fragment for the bottom, I am going to spin 5 times at once. And guys as you can see, I got 2 fragments for bottom and we need 3 to claim the bottom. And for the top I have one fragment which means I need 3 more to claim the top. And hair and shoes, I have no fragments yet. And again, I would like to go with 5 spins, as we get one spin for free in this. And as you can see, I got 2 fragments of shoes which means I can claim it now. And now for the bottom, I need one fragment, for the top I need 2 fragments and hair is still zero. So, I will go with 250 spin again. If I get any fragments extra, then I will use trade option. So guys, my shoes is already claimed and now I also got the bottom. And now I only need one top and 2 head fragments. And as you can see, my Top is also completed and now I only need 1 hair fragment to unlock it. And you can see, I haven’t got any extra fragments yet and if I get extra fragments, I will trade it with my friends. Ahh, I got it, so I dont need to trade any fragments with my friends. And if I get any extra fragments, I will trade them with my friends if they need those fragments. Okay so finally, I claimed all the parts of this bundle and now I have the full bundle of mechgirl. Okay now let me explain about the trade option. Okay, here we have 0/3 hair, which means if we get 3 fragments of hair then we can claim it. But say you have 5 hair fragments but only 2 top fragments then you can exchange you extra fragments with you friends using trade. So you can send the extra fragment to your friends who need it and exchange it for the fragments you need in your bundle. And after tapping on Grant Invitation Code, you will get a code here. You have to copy that code and send it to you friend who you want to trade with. Then your friend will take that code and enter it in this received request section. And he will be sending top fragment so he will have to tap on top icon in send and he wants hair so he will tap on hair icon in exchange section. And you and your friend will have the fragments exchanged. Okay in this way this trade thing works. And for trading, you will need 15 diamonds for each trade. Okay guys so I got this new bundle, let me see how it looks in my Laura character. And one more thing, we also get this new MP40 skin along with the bundle after spinning. And its upto your luck for how many days you get this skin. And as you can see, this skin does not have attributes changed, its just the skin. And as you can see, I got this for 12 days. So guys, how many of you tried this new event, please let me know in the comments section. And if you have any confusion, you can read the FAQ, or watch this video again. And if you still have any questions, drop them in the comments section, I will try to answer them. Okay guys this is the new bundle, let me know in the comments what you think. And dont forget to like share and subscribe to my channel/ And please share this video as much as you can and also dont forget to hit the like button. And if you want me to make more videos like this in News topics and new events explaining then do comment and share this video. Then I will make a lot of this kind of videos from now, event if I don’t understand some events I will ask, learn and make videos… Bye Bye, See you…..BYEEEEEEE

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