Meet 2 Kids Who Get PAID To Play Video Games, $50,000 Minimum! | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Meet 2 Kids Who Get PAID To Play Video Games, $50,000 Minimum! | Megyn Kelly TODAY

100 thoughts on “Meet 2 Kids Who Get PAID To Play Video Games, $50,000 Minimum! | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  1. Disgusting how these nerds get more money than the people who actually work for their money in a really exhausting way

  2. The title of this revolts me. They’re grown men and looking down on them for how they make money is obsurd considering how many pro athletes there are that are younger. Terrible segment by Today. At least the guys handled it well.

  3. Why do you keep calling them kids they’re in there 20’s and they most likely make more money than you so stop making me offended please and thank you

  4. 2 of the best known players of the league. PINE , SUREFOUR , MICKIE , FISSURE . Also they managed this interview extremely well, she spoke to them in such a patronising tone!

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  6. Discover How YOU TOO Can Easily Make An Average Of $49,063 A Year Enjoying Yourself As A Professional Video Game Tester Getting Paid To Play Video Games

  7. Despite the naivety of the Interviewer, I thought it was respectful and both Jake and Rawkus did a remarkable job explaining eSports. They came across very well.

  8. this is a horrible interview
    jake and rawkus were great. Megyn was CRAP
    YOU JUST BROUGHT rawkus back to a bad place i think he'd rather forget


  10. Man she is so annoying, she would interrupt them, treat them like 8 year olds, and she was just totally disrespectful overall. If your gonna do a segment on something, don’t do it just to make fun of it… smh

  11. Did she actually just ask who the fans were???? You don’t ask a Patriots Linebacker who the Patriots fans are, ITS EVERYONE WHO ENJOYS THAT SPORT AND THAT TEAM

  12. I'm not sure but ,if anyone else trying to find out get paid to play try Gamer roadmap rundown (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my co-worker got cool results with it.

  13. I have always wanted to be a video game tester but no luck because every video game companies only want people with experience or degrees not people who don't have one.

  14. I watch the Overwatch League as a sport because it’s competitive and uses multiple teams. It’s not that crazy to accept the OWL as sport because it’s just as competitive as any other sport even if they aren’t physically active.

  15. Invite a Dota player in this show, Dota players are known to be more savage in trashtalk in any game, so in an interview with this host will be epic 😂

  16. Kids? Thay are 18+ and why are you making a big deal about this it's like eny other sport, it's like saying these teens make money playing sports basically same thing.

  17. These people aren’t professionals. They just make people believe what they want people to believe. Making esports sound bad and not well known is a huge mistake for people who understand what’s going on. As long as you are 9-30 and you have an interest in video games, you know what’s going on. These people from are unprofessional people who do not understand their purpose, changing opinions of people who don’t understand instead of educating people who want this information.

  18. But if Jeff was there he would have just nerfed mercy and boost mccree’s fan the hammer even more😂

  19. I will never see professional video gaming as a sport, but it is legit way of making money just like any other sport.

  20. It annoys me how much people put us down like we are nerds I put hard work and effort in to Overwatch I hit gm and I want to go pro but none of us get any respect

  21. "Move NFL, NBA, mlb" there's a new major sports leagues in town" 1. Esports is not a sport. 2. Its not even close to those leagues. 3. Its not a major league….

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