Meet Johnny Lawrence. Bad Sensei. – Cobra Kai

My student tells me
you’ve been harassed at school. Yeah. Mostly online. What a bunch of pussies! When I’m done with you, you’re gonna be sending
a message back. Only it’s not gonna be
with your keyboard. It’s gonna be with your fists.( dramatic music )Johnny: When I look
around this dojo,
I don’t see Cobra Kai material. I see losers.
I see nerds. It makes me feel like a virgin
just looking at you.♪ ♪Diaz: What the–
Johnny: Hyah!♪ ♪What is your problem,
Mr. Diaz? I have asthma, so– ( inhaler clatters ) Not anymore.♪ ♪( whistle blowing,
dogs barking )♪ ♪( electronic beep ) ( groans )
What the hell? – That wasn’t fair!
– Dream on. Can’t always
think your enemies are gonna play
by the rules. Johnny: Fight! ( both grunting ) – ( yells )
– ( groaning ) Girl’s a natural Cobra.♪ ♪( bottle hissing ) Hey, Sensei, is there
any particular way you want me
to wash these windows? Nah, I don’t give a sh–♪ ♪( dramatic drum beats )♪ ♪

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