Meet Miami-Dade College basketball standout Dev Ostrowski

Yeah, yeah, so when I was around two years
old or so, they took me to an orphanage. Actually, didn’t take me, the pastor at
orphanage happened to be going by, and so he took me. When I was around six or fiveish, my parents from Connecticut came,
or they saw me on a website. And they said I was cute,
not the reason they got me, but they said I was really cute and
something like that, not anymore. And so, yeah, they adopted me, and I’ve
been there for 12 years, 12, 13 years now. And it’s crazy how it happened,
I’m just so lucky and
fortunate that I got such great parents. They made me who I am now,
they just taught me the right ways and to be respectful and
to be a kind person first, no matter what. It’s not about you,
people are just too selfish. And they taught me how to be a giving
person and a loving person, too, so I’m really thankful for that.>>Tell us about your adjustment
when you were five or six.>>Yeah.>>You would hide food in the house.>>[LAUGH]
>>Explain that story to me.>>Yeah I mean, in the orphanage, you never knew where you
were gonna get food next. So if you had a little extra food, you’d do whatever you could
to hide it from anyone else. And I had that same instinct when
I came to America, I wasn’t sure. Obviously, I was gonna get plenty of food,
but I didn’t know that. As a six-year-old,
it’s the same situation, so I was like, all right, I gotta hide the little pizza
in the bookshelf or something like that. Silly things like that, but
I grew out of it eventually.>>Okay, let’s do it now,
let’s do it right, let’s go, black, let’s go, work now, hey,
let’s do this, let’s play. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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