Meet the Ant Man and his Empire of 100,000 ants

Meet the Ant Man and his Empire of 100,000 ants

[Quirky music playing]
Ants are powerful in their ways.
Given the facts that ants outlived the dinosaurs
(this) tells us that they are adaptable.
They (have) evolved to a higher stage.
It made me realise (something) about the universe
about nature
about life
You cannot put (this feeling) into words.
There are so many things to learn from them.
I’m Zat Low
and I keep ants
[Quirky music continues]
[Crickets chirping]
Actually, the ants saved my life.
My past was pretty messed up.
My top choice wasn’t to do ant-related businesses.
Honestly right, it was doing something else.
But ants showed me the way
to live.
I thought it was going to be the end of me.
People from my past
we have a lot of ego, pride.
So when things start to go bad
and we couldn’t take the blow
we will try a lot of devastating ways (to cope)
like commiting suicide.
But a queen ant flew into my mouth and rescued me.
It changed the way I used to be.
My perspective on life
and my character.
There were a lot of times when I felt like giving up.
Coincidentally, I will see one ant strolling (past)
or some ants crawling onto me.
These kind of signs that prompt me that I should go further.
[Playful music playing]
[Car reversing sound]
I do not consider myself to be a scientist.
No accolades, how to be a scientist?
[In English] I consider myself as a naturalist.
Somebody who observes nature
and everything about it.
I’m trying to seek knowledge
or even peace.
I have about hundred over (ant) colonies.
They are like a civilisation.
There are some intelligent and some stupid ants.
Some ants are very sensitive to danger.
For example, when you place the oil barrier
some will dump themselves into it.
Some will know that, “Oh, I shouldn’t go any further.”
Isn’t it the same as society?
[Joking] Stupid people die first.
[Playful music continues]
To build a formicarium for your ants
you have to understand what species you are keeping.
The best formicarium must be sustainable
for the colony to live inside.
It’s something close to like (the job of) an architect.
The ones that I build
some people call it ‘overly extravagant’.
But they are like gods in a temple.
Because the ants are worth that kind of work.
[Playful music continues]
The difficulties of setting up this exhibition
Thousands of difficulties.
From building the formicariums
transporting them
sustaining them.
The crowd.
Who might come, who might not come.
It’s pretty much an ongoing thing.
[Snoring sounds]
[Upbeat music playing]
Because Singapore doesn’t have any myrmecologists (study of ants)
I hope there’s going to be some upcoming myrmecologist.
Because I’m not qualified.
There’s many people who judges (me)
I understand where they are coming from.
Because everyone fears something that they do not understand.
I think that I’m the only person
who believes that setting up this exhibition will work
and I really, truly believe that it will work.
Because if you look at ants
they are very small
but yet they achieve big things.
So I think that
all these negative comments
it doesn’t affect me.
There’s a lot of things that we do not understand about ants
even for me.
There’s some things that I want to know, why and how.
With regards to science and knowledge
I admire them.

29 thoughts on “Meet the Ant Man and his Empire of 100,000 ants”

  1. Mate, I have a lot of ants in my house. I don’t know how the fukk they came. I’ll be more than happy to pass you some. I’m staying in Tampines

  2. Some became heroes because of a spider bit them but not him,a queen ant fly into his mouth and that's how he became the Antman.

  3. This is an odd passion in my book but one thing I have to say is that I have deep respect and admiration for anyone who truly dedicates themselves to their passion and craft. This man is truly inspirational.

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