mFortune Mobile Casino Review

mFortune Mobile Casino Review

mFortune is one of the world’s largest mobile
casinos, with over 1.1 million active players.
With so many people coming back for more everyday,
they must be doing something right. Luckily,
we’re here to take a look at their range of
games, their depositing methods and their
site as a whole to let you in if you should
be one of those millions.
With such strong audience numbers, it would
follow that we’d praise mFortune’s selection
of games. But surprisingly, their slots are
the weakest part of the casino. mFortune has
a total of 23 games which is a tiny amount
in comparison to other mobile casinos on the
We can’t deny that mFortune’s slots are of
a very high quality. They work well across
both desktop and mobile devices at a wide
range of processing powers. This is because
it allows you to play games in your browser,
or download your game to your mobile by sending
you a link in a text. All you do is input
your mobile number and you’ll receive your
text in seconds. Every game is built for mobile
and desktop specifically, allowing for great
performance across the board.
The production qualities follow this trend,
with lots of great art, animations and music
to set the individual tone of each slot.
Given that all their games are exclusive and
in small numbers, you might assume that the
slots on offer were very tightly edited to
bring a different experience.
However, when it comes to variety within each
slot, mFortune falls flat. Many of the slots
play exactly the same. It’s a simple line
and spin setup, with little variety to set
each game apart. This is always an issue that
crops up with exclusive in house slots as
they can’t bring in the innovation that other
slot makers have built up, such as Netent.
A few games stand out in particular though.
“Quest For Fire” offers a special minigame
where you can select to break an egg to win
further bonuses. “Snakes and Ladders”
offers a similar break from the norm by including
a bonus round where the player has to play
a game of the snakes and ladders boardgame.
The spin icon becomes a dice that must be
rolled in order to get all the way up to the
top of the board and win bonuses.
These shifts in game type are present, but
they are mild and in the minority. Although
well made, many of the slots feel very similar.
In other areas, mFortune delivers very well.
In terms of casino games, mFortune fairs better,
having one version of each different form
of casino game, including roulette, blackjack,
texas hold em and hi low poker. There’s even
a bingo game, which has a great community
and very cheap tickets for each round, so
every game of Bingo is fun and doesn’t cost
your whole deposit to play.
All your casino and bingo needs are met across
the board, so if you’re not a slot gambler,
you can be sure variety isn’t an issue.
In terms of their welcome bonus, no one comes
close to being as user friendly as mFortune.
Unlike other mobile casinos which offer free
spins or bonus money, that can be weighed
down with wagering requirements; mFortune
tops both of these by giving the consumer
what they want.
Their welcome bonus is £5 free upon sign
up, but that £5 acts as if you’d deposited
it yourself. Whatever you win on that money
is yours to keep. As long as you can win over
the £10 withdrawal limit on the account,
then you get that money.
Most games also have a free play mode, so
you can learn the ins and outs of every game
on the site before you even touch your welcome
If you decide to deposit money after this,
the promotions continue, with your first deposit
matched up to £100 and bonus money for every
friend you refer to the casino. The rewards
just keep coming.
When it comes to depositing and withdrawing,
mFortune has satisfied every customers’ needs.
As well as standard bank transfers, mFortune
also has a large eWallet selection, including
Paypal and Skrill. Even the mobile depositors
are rewarded, with the site built for mobile
depositing. Cheque is available for all your
mobile withdrawal needs, which only compliments
the ewallet and bank transfer withdrawal methods
on offer as well.
Paysafecard, which is a method that has begun
to disappear from mobile casinos recently,
is also available for withdrawal and depositing,
so everyone can have a simple depositing experience.
All these methods are explained in an in depth
and simple how to guide in the site’s FAQ,
whilst 24/7 support is available from every
part of the website to assist with any issues
you may have, if you can manage to find any.
mFortune offers a 24/7 phone service, an email
and even a callback service, where you’ll
receive a callback within 5 minutes of your
request. It’s fast, free and personal.
mFortune is a casino that aims to please.
Its games may sometimes disappoint, but in
every other category it shines. It’s simple
to use design, high production values and
great customer rewards, mean mFortune shines
in the most important ways. You feel like
mFortune wants you to enjoy your time with
them and that kind of customer service is
worth more than any number of slot games could
ever hope to provide.
It really is a pleasure to deposit here and
that’s why it’s a favourite.
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  1. they dont pay out at all…. see google… they hide all their information and dont pay u they dont even attempt to they will take your money straight after u hit depoisit but when it comes to being paid they just buy there time an delete your account and …. what can you even do? nothing nothing at all not even comment or complain

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