Michigan State Basketball | Meet The Rookies | Malik Hall

(quirky music) – What’s up Spartan Nation, this is our third guy
here, Malik Hall, AK Lik, and let em introduce yourself, mate. Tell Spartan Nation what’s
up, introduce yourself. – Hello, Spartan Nation,
Malik Hall, Aurora, Illinois. – If you could own any sports
franchise in the world, what would it be? – The Lakers. – Los Angeles Lakers, why the Lakers? – Their culture, and their
historical greatness. – We got a couple Spartan,
we had a Spartan great that went there and won some rings, Magic. – Yeah, it’s always gonna be money there, cause the history. – Little montage Magic Johnson highlights. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] A perfect
pass, and a stuff by Johnson. And he draws a foul at the same time. – What is a, closed doors, noone’s seen, what’s a hidden talent that you’ve got that no one knows about? – I’m a really good shower singer. – Lay it on us, lay it
on us, lay it on us. One song.
(laughing) One song, one song. – I’ll probably sing some Drake. Yeah, some Over my Dead Body. – [Interviewer] Sing one line. ♪ Oh well, I guess you
lose some and win some ♪ – Can we roll the lyrics, please? Oh there’s nobody here. – You see a screen that
says like, hey Thomas answer the question right there. All right Spartan Nation,
this has been Malik Hall, AKA Leaky, and Malik take it away. – Whoa, whoa whoa, Lik, L I K. No Leaky, no leak leak, none of that. – Mr. Lik, if you wanna put
your twitter handle and stuff? – I appreciate y’all tuning in, and I’ll see y’all on the court.

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