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(car door closes) (car beeps) – As they say, time flies, and there’s no question that 24 years kinda went by quick, although
there’s been some long years, but it’s been a great ride, but I hope the best yet to come. I’ve got a lot of motivation this year, just, we haven’t really
finished the season like we’d like to the last two years, and I think there’s a lot of motivation, and I got an experienced
team for the first time. Got a lot of good reasons
this year with the veterans. We have seven of them, six of
them are juniors and seniors, which hasn’t happened for a while, and one sophomore that
will be playing a lot, I think, and it’s Xavier Tillman. Maybe as important as anything is those five freshmen and a
couple of red shirt freshmen, I think, are gonna bring a lot
of excitement and enthusiasm. They’re athletic. We got guys that can shoot it. We got length. We got a little bit of everything
in that freshman class. I’ve got McQuaid and Josh,
have been unbelievable. I mean, they’ve been
in there morning, noon, and night, but the surprise,
and the good things are when you get a Nick Ward spending a ton of time
in the gym this summer, Xavier Tillman spending a ton of time in the gym this summer, Kyle
Ahrens getting healthier, watching Cassius grow, and
then those freshmen follow. They look at it, this is the norm. This is what you do at Michigan State. That’s the advantage of
veterans and upperclassmen. Our schedule has always been really good, but I must admit, when
you have certain years, it gets tougher and tougher. I think three of the last five years, we’ve opened up with the
number one team in the country. We have a lot of road
games or neutral site games in those five or six killer games early, and that’s gonna give us a good chance to figure out where we are, you know. Sometimes, you have to
figure that out with a win, and sometimes, you have to
figure that out with a loss. We’ve done it both ways, so I’m anxious to see how we’ll do when we play one of those top teams in Kansas on opening night. (electronic music) – Going into the summer, losing
Miles and Tum, of course, the probably two most
vocal ones on the team, and I just took it upon
myself to be more vocal ’cause I felt like it’s my turn to step into that role,
and try and talk more, help the freshmen out more, not just on the court, but
off the court too, you know. Let them know that I’ll be
there for them whenever. There’s just different things going to being a captain. – No stop, come on, no stop. No stop, no stop, no stop, no stop, boy, you don’t stop, no stop, no stop, no stop. Come on, no stop. I feel like this team we have coming in, it’s kind of a mixture of veterans and young players as well. It’s a good mixture and I feel like everybody has bought in, everybody’s ready to take on this season. – [Matt] I think we’re
focused on progressing and being better every day and practice, and even on off days, just coming in, watching film, and just trying
to make each other better and hold each other accountable. – We understand what it’s like, what’s it gonna be like,
how it is on the road, and different things like that. I think the best way to go about it is just to go in every day, and treat every day like
it’s a Champions Classic. Treat every day like it’s the final four. Treat every day like it’s
a Big 10 championship or a national championship. That way, once you get
to those different games and different venues, it’ll
be just another day for you. Every day has to be a day where you seize the day, and
just go in, and give 110%. Therefore, when you come into those days, it’ll just be another day to you. – Every team’s gonna face adversity, and that’s the true definition of a team, is how you respond when that happens. Just teaching the young guys, when you’re trying to get
a bucket late in the game on the road in the Big 10, it’s tough, and communication’s key. When something good happens, you gotta take advantage of that, and build momentum off that. When things go bad, you gotta regroup, and come together, see what
you did wrong, and fix it. Then you gotta come up with the win. – It’s Michigan State. We recruit great guys. We always find a way to get along, and always be around each
other, hang around each other just because the kind of guys that we are. I think, as the season progress, that chemistry, just like we had in the last two teams that I played on, it’ll be just like that. – [Matt] Our goals have
always been big here, and Coach coaches with a lot of passion, and he makes sure we know that. We just try to strive for that every day. – [Joshua] I feel like, with Coach, he’s just a guy that is always trying to get the most out of himself so he can get the most out of his players. I think he’s just getting smarter with the way he’s coaching. He’s a hall of fame coach, so I think he’s doing something right at the end of the day, but I feel like, with Coach, he’s really
progressed in his wisdom, and the way he coaches,
the way he teaches, but he’s still Tom Izzo, and I think that’s gonna never change. (electronic music)

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