Michigan State Men’s Basketball vs Michigan | Spartans All-Access | February 24, 2019

(intense music)
– [Tom Izzo] Last but not
least, on the defense, defense.
It’s a choice, guys.
It is a choice whether you wanna do it,
or not do it,
Let’s choose to do it.
Let’s make the choice something we choose.
Okay, everybody make the
choice something we choose.
We just do a little bit better job of it,
we just go a little bit harder,
you reached up a little bit more,
you communicate a little bit better.
You keep a hand up, not out.
Remember that, hand up, not out.
And this thing is gonna be ours, baby.
– [Announcer 1] This place is
juiced up and we are ready.
So much history between these two teams
that are separated by only 65 miles.
Playing on this kind of a stage
in this kind of an environment
is what your dream about as a kid.
It’s Michigan, Michigan State!
(audience cheering)
(chants quietly)
Standing room only,
13,000, and we’re off and running.
(audience cheering)
(intense music)
– [Announcer 1] That’s it.
– [Announcer 2] There’s
an awareness right here.
They’re double teaming him,
making sure he gets rid of the ball.
– [Announcer 1] He does.
– [Announcer 2] Tillman inside.
(audience cheering)
– [Announcer 1] McQuaid, the pump fake.
– [Announcer 2] Ooh.
– [Announcer 1] Spartans, at this end,
have hit five of their last six.
– [Announcer 2] The success.
– [Announcer 1] Goins
has Matthews on his back.
Beautifully done.
– [Announcer 2] Right, look at that.
– [Announcer 1] Tillman,
excellent position,
surrounded, outside to Goins.
That’s a three.
– [Announcer 2] He’s gotta
pay attention defensively,
and look at this, Brazdeikis.
Threw in the deep one.
– [Announcer 1] He can put it on the dash.
– [Announcer 2] They
gotta try and rest him.
I don’t know and when.
Nice look.
– [Announcer 1] Unbelievable vision.
(intense music)
– [Announcer 2] Nice pick and slip.
– [Announcer 1] Here’s
Brazdeikis, poked away by Winston,
and no one back for the Wolverines!
– [Announcer 2] That helps.
Brazdeikis felt he got fouled,
but you gotta be tough
with the basketball,
particularly against Michigan State.
Good time call.
– [Annoucer 1] McQuaid gets a three!
– [Stadium Announcer] McQuaid
– [Announcer 1] Two of the
terrific defensive teams
in the country and it has been
a street-fight in the Big Ten.
Michigan State by two.
(ominous music)
– [Announcer 1] As we move
past the 13-minute mark–
– [Announcer 2] Nice look to Kithier.
– [Announcer 1] Wide open is Kithier!
– [Announcer 1] Henry finding
Winston around a strain
and he answers.
– [Announcer 2] Nice
call from the sidelines
to get that set–
Dissapate it, nice run,
and Teske got a finish.
Great look by Simpson.
They got five on four if they want.
– [Announcer 1] Henry the trailer.
Slithers inside, finding his man
and that is Goins!
– [Announcer 2] That’s because Teske fell,
was under the basket
and couldn’t get back.
Take advantage!
He does a great job
keeping that middle full.
– [Announcer 1] Shock clock down to four,
Poole has to hurry.
That’s a three!
Excellent defense.
– [Announcer 3] That was
great one-on-one defense,
team defense Michigan State.
Shutting ’em down as
Teske gets a breather.
– [Announcer 1] Just textbook defense
by Tom Izzo’s Spartans, and
look at Izzo on the sideline.
– [Announcer 3] He is imploring his team!
– [Announcer 2] He has amazing energy.
– [Announcer 1] Yeah.
We’re 10 to shoot.
Winston against Simpson, so fitting,
and Winston!
Puttin’ it down!
– [Announcer 3] Good
defense but better offense.
– [Announcer 1] Winston! Tastes good!
– [Announcer 2] A little too much–
– [Announcer 1] Tillman overplayed!
Winston probing.
– [Announcer 2] Dangerous.
– [Announcer 1] Back door,
McQuaid, that’s a good shot.
And he gets the friendly bounce!
– [Announcer 2] Wow!
-[Announcer 1] How ’bout that!
As the Michigan State Spartans
come to Ann Arbor,
and score themselves
an incredible gritty seven-point win.
And for the Spartans,
their first rouge win against the top 10
Michigan team since February 20th of 1986.
(all cheering)
– Wow!
You people–
you just ruined my $50 suit!
(all laughing)
– [Teammate] We’ll buy you a new one!
– I appreciate it.
I been here 30-some
years, 24 as a head coach.
Not sure I’ve ever been
prouder of a group of guys
that followed a game plan.
My assistants did an unbelievable job
coming up with a game plan.
I know at times that
you struggled with it.
Matt, you went a little dingy at the
start of that second half.
But I tell you what,
you’ve done so many things,
and that big shot you hit on the bottom.
Kenny, you made some big play saves,
you made some great plays.
You took a little crap and bounced back.
You know that?
– [Teammate] Family on
three, one, two, three,
– [All] Family!
(intense music)

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