Millionaire – Bored Ep 128 (winning the lottery jackpot) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

Millionaire – Bored Ep 128 (winning the lottery jackpot) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

What’s this?
That is a winning lotto ticket!
Woah no way! How much did you win?
One million dollars!
Holy shit for real?!
And so I’ve come down here to tell you…
F*ck you!
Oh that feels good oh my god!
You you you are the biggest piece of shit in the world!
And the last two years working under you has been the worst experience of my life!
And I need to tell you that you make everyone that works here’s life a living f*cking hell!
And I want to tell you that I f*cking quit bitch!
I quit! I’m out! Oh that feels good!
Oh Jesus ohhhh!
I’m out bitch!
F*ck you piece of shit!
F*ck you!
Mother f*cker
I’m out!
So just to clarify
this ticket here is the winning ticket?
Yes it is mother f*cker
So this ticket here is worth one million dollars?
One million dollars!
So just out of curiosity who else have you told about this?
No one. Your the first one I wanted to tell because I wanted you to know first!
And did you pay for it with eftpos or cash?
Oh no baby cash monies
Yes now you give me that back and I’m going to live on easy street mother f*cker
If you in the back pocket there…easy street
Oh hey man what’s up?
Oh I just need the ticket back so I can go live on easy street
The what?
The lotto…
The lotto ticket in your back pocket…
Okay listen carefully
Cos here’s how it’s gonna go:
One: You’re getting a pay cut
I’m a millionaire
Two: Ooo you’re gonna be working some extra hours son…
I’m a millionaire
And three: You’re gonna get a written warning
I’m a millionaire…
Now f*ck off

100 thoughts on “Millionaire – Bored Ep 128 (winning the lottery jackpot) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)”

  1. I would shoot someone over 500 dollars, steal a million dollar lottery ticket from me?, me and my brothers hand you upside down over a bed of coals, you die when the heat builds up enough pressure in your skull to explode.

  2. Honestly, I would have written my name on the back of my lottery ticket along with my ID card number. Really. Really… and I really felt just mad at that moment.

  3. So, note to self, if I win the lottery, cash the lottery ticket and get all the money in my bank account before quitting my job, and cussing him out. And do not let the ticket out of my possession for even a moment.

  4. I cant watch that kind of series in ur channel 😀 it just fricking really like others phicicially changes me and i am mad at rowan now 😀 sorry.

  5. what a bad heartless person i would have apologised to the employee and wished him good luck btw i know its acted but still

  6. I have never seen a bigger asshole then the one you’ve created and I’ve never wanted to hire a hitman some much as I do now

  7. Honestly I couldn't laugh at this… one this it's to make rowan a cunt and other to be a f. Continue this trend and you will make a trend to hate rowan

  8. I know this is older. I'm going through the whole series since I caught it from just a few weeks ago. But man, I keep having to pause this because I can tell it won't end well lmao. Or maybe it will, hell I dunno! But damn these guys are just perfect for this. It's like they were born to do this!

  9. I thought Rowan was either going to point out a number was off or rip up the ticket lol. If someone did that to me they'd be dead on the spot

  10. This is how you do it. First you cash your ticket and wait for the money to safely appear in ypur bank balance. THEN you go and burn your bridges. Better not to, but if you have to, you do it in THAT sequemce.

  11. i watched this video and felt motivated. my friends saw this video and felt motivated. my neighbours saw this and were motivated. we rent a projector in a big field and my village people saw this and felt motivated. thank you so much for this video. may god bless you.

  12. It doesn't work, because the thief can't identify where he bought the ticket, but in a claim the victim can. Not sure how the law proceeds from there but the winner is an idiot.

  13. This was just too much.

    I could tell right away what would happen and every second of this video mentally assaulted me.

    I would have killed Rowan with my bare hands and after that I'd kill him again a couple times to make sure all frustration left my system.

  14. Why do people think Rowan is such a bad guy? I mean, he let Adam keep his job after that unprovoked outburst. What a champ!

  15. Despite this being super sad or funny depending on who you are, this is actually a life lesson – it doesn't matter how lucky you get – this is still Wolf eating Sheep world.

  16. No, no. I couldn't even watch all this. It triggered so much anger in me that I have unsubscribed. You seem to be doing it wrong.

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