Minecraft Casino – Survival Mode

Minecraft Casino – Survival Mode

Good day. I would like to show you a guided tour of my casino
starting with the Gambling Hall
and a Wheel of Something – haven’t really
found a name for it, and lastly a
Random Free Prize Thing With Water
and a Funny Dog (Shibe).
This is a-
you can call them slot machines, I like to call it my Gambling Hall
where you can throw in iron,
since that is the currency of this server.
If I throw iron into this machine, I have a chance of winning gold.
This: emerald, and this: diamond. Gold would be easier to win than e.g. diamond.
Let’s see if I am lucky here…
I wasn’t, that was a dud.
Let’s try again.
Gold is a 50-50 chance of winning; if I
diamond that should be as lot harder. I just
threw in
four ingots. Didn’t win anything.
And I can spend pretty many iron on this.
Nope. No win, so I’ll just save the rest of my iron.
I haven’t hooked all of these
machines up yet
so only those with the
hopper visible are available at
the moment, but you get the idea.
And now to the first thing that I actually
built is this
Wheel Thing where you also insert iron
and for every iron you throw in you get a
random prize;
Another iron; gold; emerald; diamond;
or a Casino Cookie because…
yeah, you want that. You want Casino
Cookies. So I throw in one…
Gold. Not too bad.
Let’s try two.
There you go. Got my Casino Cookie. That’s nice.
I’ll show you some of the redstone of this
in just a moment. This one
is actually hard to explain to people. I used it to get
more visitors in the casino because it’s
actually free to use.
When the water is running you can push
the button and win a prize; you have a 50-50
chance of winning.
When the water is not running you can’t use it. So that’s basically it.
And we won an iron block.
We can use that to win more prizes.
And now the machine doesn’t work before
the water starts running again in about
five minutes.
Now let’s go check out the
Yes. It is quite messy.
This is the redstone for the Wheel Thingy
– the second thing I showed you. Most of this actually for
controlling the light sequence,
so that every light lights
up as it does. But if I break it down
to you…
Everything starts here; the iron is thrown in and then this counting system
counts how many iron there are
and sends as many pulses
to a randomizer out there.
This is not a vanilla item sorter – this is a
that makes this hopper only dispense, or
“take in”,
iron ingots. You could just use and
sorting system that will work just as fine.
A pulse is sent to this randomizer. It has two non-stackable items
and several stackable items.
When any of these are randomly dispensed
it sends out different strengths
of redstone. So this determines
if a good prize or a bad prize is
and then it is further organized into
up there and droppers
which has gold, emerald, diamond, and so on and so forth in them.
That’s the basic of the system.
If we go and check out the redstone for
the Gambling Hall
this is much more organized, but you can
see the similarity with the
sorting and the counting system
here; same thing.
Also an item randomizer. This for
the gold
which is 50/50 per iron ingot.
And then it is just the same little system
right next to each other here.
Those are the basics of it.
Thank you very much for watching and have a nice day.

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  1. Even after wandering around your awesome build, I still was having trouble figuring out the redstone, since my understanding of redstone ended with the update. Thanks for the explanation! I found your accent very easy to understand, and I've really enjoyed seeing how this build has progressed!

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