Minimalist Desk Setup Tour 2019 // Gaming x Productivity!

Minimalist Desk Setup Tour 2019 // Gaming x Productivity!

What’s going on everybody Matthew Moniz here
and today is a special day because I have
a brand new desk setup!
We’re going minimalistic, we’re keeping it
clean, we’re keeping it simple and most importantly
we’re using one color tone to set the mood.
This is for a video editor or creator, anybody
who’s doing some sort of productivity.
The desk itself is by a company called Autonomous,
it’s the Smartdesk 2.
Health is important, therefore a standing
desk is a must for someone who sits throughout
the entire day.
You want to be able to get up, stretch the
legs, let the blood flow, you’ll feel a lot
better about yourself!
You’ll just feel overall more healthy.
Now this desk can hold up to 300 pounds that’s
about half my weight.
That’s like half my size don’t judge me because
I ate a lot of Halloween candy.
The steel frame is solid, you have electronics
to customize which heights you want the desk
to go at.
The tabletop you can either get it in a 50
inch version or a 70 inch version like I have
Now, it’s not 100% wood, it’s MDF but MDF
is strong when it’s compressed properly.
It is very durable, it’s not going to scratch
easily and it’s not like those cheap IKEA
desks that break from just looking at it.
Now since we’re going with a gold color tone.
I had to get these speakers by a company called
Klipsch, it’s the design language they use
black and gold it’s their standard for most
of their products.
These are the R15pm these are powered monitors
they have fantastic sound very punchy, very
vibrant, they work with your computer, they
can be connected to a TV, a turntable and
also has Bluetooth so you can stream music
to it.
The sound is good there’s a small one-inch
Tweeter at the top and a five-inch subwoofer
at the bottom.
Now the computer is the important choice whether
you go with Mac or PC is totally up to you,
but I like to custom build my own PCs and
I built this one myself using the NZXT 510
elite case.
I love this thing, it’s a mid-tower case.
Super clean, transparent so you can see the
internals because I always think it looks
cool and on top of that.
I had to go with RGB to incorporate that gold
color throughout this theme.
Now all the fans are by NZXT as well, they
make great RGB fans paired with their Kraken
X62 water cooler so I can overclock this down
the road.
It’s a Ryzen 3700X, which is probably the
best bang for your buck CPU you can buy right
It’s perfect for gaming and most importantly
for me it’s perfect for content creation.
Ram had to go RGB because and graphics card
I went with the ASUS Strix RTX 2060 Super.
Now I could have went with the RTX 2080 or
something more powerful but to be quite honest
with you when you’re doing simple editing
the 2060 is more than capable.
Now to tie this all together, you need a good
monitor, you want something that’s gonna be
clean, a lot of screen real estate, but most
importantly that goes with this entire setup.
I found the MSI Prestige monitor.
I forget the name of it.
It’s some weird name please stop using weirrd
names companies, but it looks good has the
white and gold tones on the back, tons of
I/O so I can hook up multiple types of displays
and most importantly an SD card slot so I
can unload footage.
But the colour accuracy is great!
This is a 34-inch display it’s, 5120 by 2160,
so you got that 5k horizontal resolution and
4k vertical.
It’s also using the same panel as the 34 inch
LG it’s the nano IPS panel, so you know, it’s
good quality.
The only thing I don’t like about this display
is that if you want to hook it up to like
a MacBook Pro it won’t work with it and because
it’s made out of plastic on the back it feels
kind of cheap.
The build quality could be better but for
the price I think it’s a great option.
Keyboard is also very important you want something
that’s comfortable, you’re typing on this
all day, but you want it to look clean.
Logitech just came out with the MX keys.
I love this thing it’s like a simplified version
of their craft keyboard.
The keys are not mechanical but they feel
so comfortable to type on they have like these
little circular spherical indents in the keys
where your fingers just rest so ever nicely.
It’s solid too, it’s made out of pure metal
so it’s not gonna move around on your desk
when you’re pounding on the keys.
It has a proximity sensor embedded inside
so when your hands approach it the backlight
lights up.
Now if you keep the backlight on you have
about 10 days of use before it needs to be
If you turn it off, it can last up to five
Now with a great keyboard you need a great
mouse and I always use gaming mouse.
I just find there a lot better than the productivity
mice that are out there, but I prefer the
Razer Viper Ultimate, this just came onto
the market, it’s hands down one of my favorite
mice that can be picked up right now, it’s
like they took an ice cream scoop removed
the guts of the Razer Lancehead, made it significantly
lighter refined a bit and gave you a product
that feels so good in the hand.
Not only do you get better sensitivity, you
also get lower latency when you use a gaming
mouse over a productivity mouse, the Viper
Ultimate is also wireless, which means it’s
not going to use a lot of cords on your desk
keeping this whole setup nice and clean and
last up is the chair it’s also by Autonomous.
It’s called the Kinn chair it looks a lot
like the Herman Miller Embody or Mirra but
for like half the cost it’s not as comfortable
as those two but it’s still comfortable enough.
It has this rubber texture to it, so it’s
a little bit stiffer than most chairs.
But it’s stiff in the right places, which
I think is super important for people who
want good posture.
now why did I go with a gold theme?
I love the gold color it looks classy, it
looks luxurious and inspires confidence and
inspires power and I want whoever is using
this station to feel like that when they’re
editing video.
Now if you’re interested in any of these products
on this table.
I’ll place links in the description down below,
also if you want to see a review of the PC
build itself, let me know as well!
Like the video if you liked it, subscribe
if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys
in the next video.

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  4. Its a beautiful case. Is it blowing hot air to the front? I havent tried these water coolers yet but the front is the only spot I see space for it.

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