Minnesota Lottery Proceeds Help Native Bee Populations

My name is Crystal Boyd.
I work for the DNR’s Minnesota
Biological Survey.
I study native bees
and we received $600,000
from the Environment and
Natural Resources Trust Fund to
study our native bees.
Minnesotans should care about
this project because these
pollinators are in everyone’s
They’re pollinating the fruits
and vegetables that we eat and
they’re supporting our
These native bees are super
hard workers.
They’re out there protecting
the environment for us.
I have 40 sites across the
region that I visit every three
We collect the bees to see what
species they are.
We haven’t had a state species
list since 1919.
It’s very important to have the
state species list because it
tells us what we have and where
it lives.
That helps to conserve our
resources and make sure the
bees are protected.
When this project is finished
will have a much better
understanding of what native
bee species live in Minnesota.
We’ll know what flowers they visit
where they live and then
we can start to track
It’s really a project with
benefits that will accumulate
over time.
The more we do this and the
more we learn the more we can
preserve these native bees.
It was really great to see
citizens and legislators
working together to support the
If we didn’t have this money we
would wait another 100 years
before a project like this can

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