Minnesota Lottery Winners – Paul and Sue Rosenau

I was a construction
I was an administrative
Before we won, I played
the Powerball intermittently
maybe on an average about once
a month.
What I enjoyed most about
playing the lottery is it gave
me the ability to dream about
what could be.
I stood behind her and I had
the ticket and I was looking at
the ticket and she read the
numbers off.
And he said,
“I think we won,” and I go,
“yeah, right.”
The first thing we talked about
was the kids need to know.
And I said, “I think we should
call Dale,” our accountant.
I got a phone call at seven
o’clock at my home and said,
“We need to see you at my office.”
And Paul just slid this thing across
the desk to me and I looked at it
and went, “That’s the big one.”
He goes, “Yep.” I had them
go home write up a list of 10
items that they wanted to make
sure that they accomplished
with this money.
We wanted to be able to do
good things with the money.
Yeah, you can go out and buy
houses and cars and all these
other things.
That’s really not important in life.
We had a granddaughter that
when she was born she was sick
and had a disease that’s called
and she passed away at two
years and two months.
We realized that we had won the
Powerball five years to the
day, that she
passed away.
We also realized that day,
the different things that we
wanted to do.
We finally finished our list
to start some kind of an
organization that would
combat the disease,
to take care of our
kids, take care of our parents,
to preserve the principal,
also help our community,
and just help the world in
And we are following what we
really feel God has intended
for us to do.
I was real impressed when they
came back with their list.
They feel like they are only
stewards of this money.
It’s not their money.
They’re supposed to do great
things with it and make sure
that their granddaughter’s life
didn’t end shortly for not a
The Legacy of Angels
Foundation is a private family
that we have founded.
We feel it’s the best way that
we can honor our granddaughter
Makayla and
make it better for those that
are suffering from the disease
and their families that
hopefully someday these kids
will no longer have to live
that kind of life and have a
normal life.
This was a community that
we knew we wanted to give back
to and support the
infrastructure of Waseca,
that really helps the
whole community.
They’ve been very supportive of
the community in a number of ways
whether it be directly to the
school, for technology,
to the physical therapy
department, to the fire
department, to the church.
They have touched so many lives
in so many areas of the
community of Waseca and
surrounding areas.
They really care about others
more than themselves.
Their family is very important
to them.
They haven’t changed. They’re
still the same people.
Sue still loves getting
her coupons.
My wife,
was the coupon queen.
So we were very frugal in our
lives and we were the same way
The money just buys things.
It just doesn’t buy happiness.
It does allow us to create
memories that can never be
taken away. I believe our first
treat was a trip to Hawaii.
It is something we always dreamed of.
We’ve taken the whole family to
Disneyworld all of us
all together.
It was fun.
Everybody wants to win this
lottery, but they don’t
understand what comes with it.
And if you don’t understand
that you’re not going to do
good, with which the lottery,
I think is intended to do is do
a lot of good for a lot of people.
To see the results that they’ve
accomplished with their
foundation, with Krabbe
Disease, is just remarkable.
Surround yourself with
great people.
Be patient.
Keep in mind you can’t be
everything to all people.
It all started with our
granddaughter and it grew from there.
We’re about maybe
two years away from a treatment
for Krabbe Disease.
That is phenomenal.
I can see where this has made
our lives better.
And the thing about is — is
going to make a lot of people’s
lives better.
We just did what was right for
us. It followed the passion
that we had inside us.
And it came from our

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