Mission: Impossible (1996) – Into the Vault Scene (4/9) | Movieclips

Mission: Impossible (1996) – Into the Vault Scene (4/9) | Movieclips

He’s rolling to you.
He’s at
the voiceprint corridor.
William donloe.
[clearing throat]
Outer room.
He’s coming in the vault.
Come on, move.

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  1. The first Mission Impossible is by far the best in the series. It's original and fresh.

    the rest of the movies sucked.

  2. Here's a much easier way they could of pulled it off. Wait until the guy was inside the vault and the security systems were off line. Then theu jump down, knock out the guy and steal it without worrying about the systems

  3. Let me get this straight. All of this security but they don't have a $50 motion sensor that is standard is almost all corporate buildings for the past 20 years….

  4. Actually, you can see his reflection ever so slightly in the the middle of the frame at the bottom. It's Ethan. The angle just doesn't reveal a lot of his figure.

  5. I think the point was to be undetected. Doesn't take that many smarts just to do straight up highway robbery.

    My question is: after all this security, not one bit of detection software anywhere in the building that the computer was being logged onto while the security systems were still active.


  6. Around the time this came out, Cruise said this scene was the most physically challenging one of his entire career.  I believe him.

  7. I loved watching this movie with a theater full of people. Usually, you'll hear people eating, drinking, mumbling during a movie. During this scene, though, NOBODY MADE A SOUND; it was as silent in the entire theater as it was in the vault room!

  8. Lurch321, do you know that this stunt acting was first used in tamil movie in year 80,s in india.The movie name is Guru,tamil Actor Kamal Hassan doing was doing this kind of stunt role. Tamil actor was ahead of their time.

  9. I have watched a lot of movies and to be honest I have to admit, this is one of the best movies I have ever seen on any genre, period. I'm just amazed at how well this movie has aged! The story, plot, characters, location, filming, everything is just spectacular. These days, there are more plot holes than a swiss cheese, characters suck, and just a shit load of special effects to compensate for everything. Truly the best spy movie, I'm just in awe now after having watched it in blue ray. 

  10. its like the scene in the shawshank redemption, you don't really pay attention to peoples shoes, that guy wasn't pay attention to the floor

  11. One thing I don't understand is this: how does ethan avoid increasing the room's temperature too much? The temperature-triggered alarm is mentioned as a security measure, but I don't think it's explained how he overcomes it. Is he wearing thermal clothing to reduce his body heat output?

  12. Come to think of it, couldn't that guy see Tom Cruise through the reflection on the floor? I swear he was looking down for a few seconds when he walk towards the computer

  13. They messed up on temperature thing. At one point Tom Cruise is in the vault at the same thing as the CIA employee yet the temperature stays the same and doesn't exceed the limit. If two people can be inside at the same time then why does the frickin temperature go up when Tom behind to sweat? Doesn't make sense.

  14. In the very first 3 seconds of the clip the camera pulls focus. What causes the image to elongate vertically when it's out of focus?

  15. What the fuck MovieClips. That wasn't even a complete scene/clip. Just another YouTube channel making money off of movies they did nothing to create. Fucking leeches

  16. I bet this is nursing school summed up into a movie clip. Can't make a noise, can't sweat, can't breathe, can't do shit or mission failure…lmao

  17. whats the film/show called where they do like a remake of this scene but it's blood that drops down instead of sweat? It has been killing me I cant remember?!

  18. classic scene but if the dude is looking down the whole time, wouldn't he see ethan hunt's reflection in the floor?

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  20. This movie has a massive plot hole. Why don’t they just knock Donloe out when he’s in the vault? Then you don’t have to worry about the security systems.

  21. The scene that started it all, It was heavily used in trailers along with MI theme song. I have liked all the Mission Impossible movies although the 2nd one was no that great. All the rest are winners in my book.

  22. Except this scene the most boring one in the franchise. After the second one it's getting better and better.

  23. Besides the entire movie Carrie, this scene might be Brian De Palma's greatest work. Still there hasn't been tension this good in a mission impossible film since. I really hope MI7 will be more a suspense thriller like this instead of a giant stunt spectacle like the recent ones. I LOVE THIS SERIES. But I think it would be appropriate to make the next film low key, and less big stunt action focused. Something small and intense would be nice.

  24. Such a great scene. The lack of music makes this scene much more tense. I feel like every filmmaker now wouldve probably had music in this scene. This still stands as the best movie in the series.

  25. He couldn't see him through the reflection on the floor lol he was looking down when he walked in and you can see his reflection I would have noticed that lol

  26. Έκλεισαν αι πυλαι ολων των στρατιωτικων αεροδρομιων πλην πατριωτικων (μου)

  27. Why can’t you see Ethan’s reflection off the black floor? In the part where Donaloe walks to the computer? It should’ve been there .

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