#MoreThanMean – Women in Sports ‘Face’ Harassment

#MoreThanMean – Women in Sports ‘Face’ Harassment

– I’d like to start a petition for a band on all links to Julie
Dicaro’s Twitter feed. – (laughs) Ok. (inaudible introductions) – All right, you ready
to do some mean tweets? – I’m ready. – Sarah Spain sounds like
a nagging wife on TV today. – Not even married yet. (laughs) – Julie Dicaro is a run-of-the-mill
mediocre beat writer. – Not atrocious. Not good. – Just sorta there. – I’m actually not a beat
writer at all, but ok. (laughs) – Sarah Spain is just a scrub muffin. – I don’t even know
what a scrub muffin is. – I don’t either. – I love muffins. – One of the players should beat you to death with their hockey stick. – Like the whore you are. (beep) – I’m just reading this. – Ok. (sighs) – I mean. Ok, this is why we don’t hire any females unless we need, uh, unless we need our (beep)
sucked or our food cooked. – Sarah Spain is a
self-important know-it-all (beep) Ok. Uh. – [Voiceover] Just read the tweets, man they’re just mean tweets. – Um. (beep) this dumb (beep) – There’s a lot of C words. – There’s a lot of C words. – In there. – Yeah. – I hope your dog gets
hit by a car you (beep). – Hopefully this skank Julie Dicaro is Bill Cosby’s next victim. That would be classic. – I don’t know what to say to that. – I don’t. I don’t think I can even say that. – Woo. Um. – I hope your boyfriend beats you. I’m sorry. – Why bring up your own rape in the story? Is it your way of firing back at critics who said you can’t get any? (sighs) – That’s something, huh? – I’m sorry. – Uh, ok. So, I have to read all of them, right? Cuz, I mean. – [Julie Dicaro] Read them I guess. – I hope you get raped again. – [Julie Dicaro] Oh. – I’m having trouble looking at you when I’m saying these things. – Mm-hm. – Uh. Uh, Sarah Spain is a
(beep) I would hate (beep). Ok. Um. – You need to be hit in the head with a hockey puck and killed. That’s it. (typewriter clacks) – Sorry that these were
directed toward you. – I’m sorry on behalf of
other people everywhere that you’ve had to deal with this. – I feel like I need to
apologize to my mother but that’s a whole other story. (typewriter clacks)

82 thoughts on “#MoreThanMean – Women in Sports ‘Face’ Harassment”

  1. the fact that there are 10k likes says a lot about society… bet they were the ones that left the comments

  2. The only problem is that these are clearly men who WOULDNT say this to the person, reading tweets by shitheads that WOULD say this to the person. You've got an incredibly valuable message but you're sending it to the wrong audience. You don't discipline a well behaved child – you discipline a misbehaving one.

  3. Well frankly, all sportswriters take the kind of abuse that happens in the first minute….once the sexual and gender related abuse starts, THERE begins the problem.
    To me, I would never criticize women more than a man and base the criticism on their gender. Criticism and dislike of others opinions, even vehemently is fair game….making it gender based is not.

  4. These don't seem like the men who'd write those type of comments though. Why not find misogynists and get them to read it?

  5. These are trolls. No difference between this and celebrities read mean tweets. Sure trolls need to get a life, but if women want to be treated the same as men then they need to stop crying about everything, this will just prove their point, that women can't handle it. Grow thicker skin, don't let them get to you, many women say this about other women too, and men about men.

  6. Why has our society become a pity society. Where people thrive off of being victims. I love how these so called men can't rap their heads around a women being called a cunt or bitch. This video should be renamed "cucks read mean tweets".

  7. It's some mean Muthafuckas walking this Earth! If u don't like a certain Sports Personality or Celebrity, Don't listen, watch, or follow them! It's that simple!!

  8. im not sure if it's more upsetting that those tweets probably came from people who are under 18, or that the people who think they are cool for saying they "laughed through this video" and are quick to undermine these women without realizing online harassment affects everyone (this video just happened to focus on the female experience) are probably over 18. the 'men' who find other people expressing (hopefully?) genuine emotion to be cucks are very disappointing.
    yes, these are just comments on the internet, but maybe this is a larger reflection of how social media is turning out to be toxic and enabling troubling behaviour in people. this could be a larger reflection on how women are perceived to the people who watch sports, or just in general. it materializes in tweets, but it could also be a lot more than that. hate is hate, and this vulgar hate that we are just supposed to deal with can turn into much more.

  9. (1) Staged for false awareness. (2) Not harassment – don't self indulge your own ego to falsely claim you're being harassed. If you don't like a comment either hide the comment or don't read the comment. If you don't like the commenter then block the commenter or ignore them. You could also try posting a more intelligent response. (3) Both genders experience negative comments it only becomes 'gender based' when you exclude one of the two genders from your samples, data, and statistics – otherwise you are just being a gender biased fraud. (4) If you don't understand that Free Speech includes criticism then there really is very little hope for your whiny, needy, panicky, self-centered psyche.

  10. Who gives a shit, they should be home cooking and cleaning Instead of talking about something they have n freaking clue about.

  11. Fuck these ulgy ass unattractive women. If you can't take men talking shit about you stop trying to involve yourself with men activities. Fuck these ulgy ass whores. You know how much shit men have to go thru from both women and other men on a daily basics. Please make the same videos of men getting insulting and playing the victim.

  12. Oh you get negativity online. we do too but i guess it only matters because you're a poor defenseless women.

  13. Some people are so sad that they need to type these horrendous things to enable themselves to feel good. I personally don't understand it but I definitely walk away from this video feeling terrible for these women. Terrible

  14. Have these people ever watched jimmy Kimmels mean tweets? People on the internet don’t care who you are, they’ll talk shit no matter what.

  15. The only problem I have with this video is that they’re taking a handful of individual tweets from idiots on the internet and making it seem like its extremely common. People tell dudes to kill themselves on the internet all the time. When I look at Sarah Spain’s twitter feed, I’ve never seen any comments like these, so to me, it seems like these comments are more outliers than anything else. Just watch mean tweets, people get nasty shit told to them no matter who they are.

  16. This video is like a fly trap for sad sad sad dudes, go workout, join a softball team or play some poker. You're just showing your own frustration by posting these kind of bizarre comments. This video clearly shows where comments cross the line, there's a difference between being funny and unchristian like.

  17. How to deal with real life 101. If you are insulted by a tweet then your options are: 1. Tweet back a response to the person who sent it. 2. Have a bold friend or family member tweet back a suitable response on your behalf. 3. Post a passive-aggressive assault on YouTube in the hope that your clickbait links will be shared, and at the same time grow your career. 4. (the best option) consider the stupidity of the sender and ignore them. Have a wonderful day.

  18. @ 2:32 – 2:39 I ain't even gon' lie that was brutal… The other ones I was like, "what's the big deal?", but that one was brutal.

  19. I thought that the Millennials and Gen Z were supposed to be better than mine (the Boomers), but I really wonder…

  20. These things are indeed terrible and should have never been said. But doesn't every famous person get hate like this from somebody?

  21. Are these guys suppose to feel bad because of what some other anonymous man wrote? Are they being punished for someone else’s transgression? The tweets are heinous, no doubt, but I find it very odd and actually quite cruel to put these guys through this. They should have refused to read them, got up, and walked out.

  22. 10k+ need to re-watch this and keep re-watching it until they finally get it. No excuse for having any thumbs down votes for promoting human decency.

  23. Dumbest shit I've ever seen. What a waste of time n money. Look at me, I'm a victim. Yeah, let's make guys read this shit who didn't even write it. Some man must pay, any man, even if he didn't write it! THIS ploy for attention is exactly WHY women get trolled. Grow a backbone n ignore it! Do u deserve it? Of course not. But u can't police the whole world. There r lots of trolls n assholes out there. Ignore them. Grow the fuck up. N there plenty of males out there who also cry about "cyber bullying." Ignore it, get offline. People don't take trolls seriously

  24. Do women have to do every job that a man does??
    Women already have a huge advantage in many areas but they just want it all!

  25. Some of the commenters should be reported as potential rapists/serial killers… WTF? What normal person says anything like that?

  26. While I would never say such things to a woman, I partially understand it. Guys should have safe places to act like guys, even if it means they act like idiots. If a woman insists on intruding into these safe places men shouldn't have to change their attitudes to suit women.

  27. So many sociopaths, most of them “men” and they’ll never, ever change. No words, logic, appeals to rationale or compassion will make an ounce of difference because they have their “talking points” that are just false equivalencies and malformed cognitive bias, and mindless, empty rage. The best that those of us with actual awareness and souls can do, is lead by example and stay safe to the best of our abilities. Which means staying the fuck out of comment threads where these trash monsters live and get their supply.

  28. So you set up unsuspecting males who have nothing to do with the comments. They must read them to you. And they have what to do with the slime who generated the comments in the first place? The actual commenters are shit. Nice ambush on these uninvolved men.

  29. As cruel as these tweets are, and tragic of an experience these women endured, I can't help feel bad for the men too who just read those despite never saying those, and likely never would say anything like that.

    I fail to see what those men got from this other than forced into embarrassing situations like this.

  30. What a bunch of fuckheads with no balls. None of you would say this shit to your mother you pieces of shit. People doing their jobs, man or woman shouldnt be heckled by people sitting on their couch stuffing their faces while these people do jobs that 99% of the population aren’t qualified or intelligent enough to do. Their jobs seem easy but thats because you dont know what they do or how hard they work, if you disagree with them then change the channel. Let them do their job, they are entitled to their opinions as you are but they dont get to call you out because they take their jobs seriously and would be ostracized for doing so. Find a better hobby then being pieces of shit!

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