Mortal Kombat 9 PC Game Movie (All Cutscenes) 1080p HD

Mortal Kombat 9 PC Game Movie (All Cutscenes) 1080p HD

Where are the Elder Gods readin
They are pathetic mortal kombat shackles me no longer
They faster ADA’s dragons, but Armenia toothless
They took wasted all this resistance now is the door
The dog
The truth booth boy, then I say he must swing
Lord Rayden, what is wrong strange visions?
Your amulet it is nothing okay the tournament begins
Combatants, I am Shang soon
In the coming days each of you will fight
Some I hear of their own volition
Others were brought here by chance
Hey beautiful Jonny cave good for you
What massive strike citizen cage ninja mime none of those ring a bell?
Kino Kino
Wasn’t in that one
You participate in the most important Mortal Kombat in history?
This tournament the tenth after nine out world victories will determine Earth realms fate
If you defeat all of your opponents you will face one final challenge
Huh that old geezers the final challenge who might as well give me the belt right now they do have belts, right
What how did you hear it says can be deceiving?
Our first combatants will be mr. Cage
That’s right, that’s right who’s it gonna be that time?
Nice stunt begin all right Showtime
Johnny key wins
He got changed
That’s it ha ha. Oh yeah. I’m so pretty and I’m taking you down. I’m taking you down
I’m taking you out. I’m taking you out, and I’m taking you out
Mmm. Okay nice makeup, but is it really necessary
Whoa they will taste your Flash?
Johnny Cage wins
Man I love those blades
My producer has got to meet you. We’re doing Tommy scissor fists
Cage now finish him finish him
Yeah, right kill him
Whoa whoa, wait a second. I’m not gonna kill anyone
Very well the tournament will resume at dawn
What that’s it really
Now where’d that hottie go
You fought well
Thanks. Thanks fat
You should be more respectful of Lord Raiden. He is the protector of earth realm the god of thunder alone
I don’t know
What kind of role-playing you guys are into but count me out this tournament is more than a chance for personal glory?
We are fighting for the very survival of Earth realm
What are you talking about your last opponent was star cotton he was born with those blades
Yeah, those things are real
Represents out world and you lost the Emperor Shao Kahn would have come one step closer to
Physically absorbing our world into his out world right the Elder Gods
Created the Mortal Kombat tournament to give earth realm a chance to defend itself, but if we lose this time Shao Kahn will conquer all
content ah
Look guys, I’m an actor. I saved the world for the cameras if this Emperor is really a threat call the military
Me I’ve got a date with a blonde ciao
What do you see in him he is a hero Luke a though he may not yet know it
I’m standing on it just lock onto my wrist calm
They have Jack’s and if I don’t fight in this crazy tournament, they’ll kill him I’m gonna try to help
I specialize in rescuing damsels in distress you again
Listen I’ve got serious problems here
I’m in no mood to be hit on by some
Movie star come on a girl like you shouldn’t be wandering around this freak show alone
Look baby, I can’t let you run loose without an escort I
Don’t need an escort, and I’m sure as hell not your baby. What what?
Johnny cheese wins haha not bad for a girl
Look sorry about that. I don’t need your help
Fine have it your way. I’ll just leave you to your
problems good idea
Now that a softened you up, it’s my turn
Not man enough for a fair fight, I don’t do
Couldn’t have done it without you
SF is on the way, you won’t get far. Oh, I got a knack for survival
You on the other hand are gonna die
Step away from the lady
Fans think my moves are a wire working special effects truth is I am
Johnny Cage wins
Throw that on your Barbie shrimp
Thanks, no problem who’s that guy anyway?
His name is Kano
He was an informant in our black dragon investigation big time arms dealers turns out. He was their leader giving us the runaround
Lot our guys got killed because of him so that’s not a costume your actual military Special Forces, yeah
So you know about this threat to the world step right rate and called in the cavalry Raiden no idea who you’re talking about
Damn he can’t be far
he’ll have to wait I
Appreciate your help cage Johnny, but right now
I’ve got things to take care of my Co is locked up on this island somewhere. I have to find him
Jax Jax you in here oh
My god, what did they do to you?
Do not disappoint
Let him go we’re not part of your tournament on the contrary you are very much a contestant
You will face sub zero of the Lin Kuei clan of assassins
Now you will feel that’s cold
Done we’re leaving stand in my way, and I’ll kick your hood challenge
No you will not be the one who challenged Angus, or you want some too fine by me
Enough of this
Shield your eyes what shield your eyes
Jax come on we’re out of here
You aided that escape you allowed them to escape they will not get far
Come on Jax move it. That’s an order
You’re in charge now Special Forces Command, this is Sonya Blade. Where’s that evac?
almost home soldier
By order of Shang Tsung no one leaves this island. I don’t have time for this
out of my way
Sure don’t need any more surprises like them
How are you holding up?
After I get you to base on coming back Kano still here somewhere
Your obsession with him is gonna get you killed I trusted him
Think our rides here
Damn you you have a challenger
Kano whoa?
Pretty boy ain’t gonna. Save you this time
You’re coming with me
Kano he’s not your prisoner at least hope Jax he needs a medic
Bastard yeah
There she is
Sonya you all right
Hey, looks like you found him. It’s up Sarge. He’s him. Hey. What are you doing? It’s okay? He’s cool
Jax seriously he’s cool
That’s amazing told you turns out he’s a god
Thank you
Gratitude is unnecessary
Have foreseen events like memories of my future they lead me to believe that you were all connected to Earth realms fate
What have you foreseen in my visions Shao Kahn becomes invincible? He destroys all life in Earth realm?
we will all die I
Believe these flashes are a guide to defeating Shao Kahn, but disrupting the flow of time can have serious consequences
I’m not worried. I bet you could win this thing no problem
unless directly challenged I cannot participate
What should we do besides standing around looking pretty for now the tournament must run its course?
Alright, then. We’re with you Raiden
Combatants the next match will now begin
Where’s the
Sub Zero
He killed my family and climb
His hat I know it is you Kung Lao the Shaolin monks chose Liu Kang to represent your order in this tournament I?
Am Liu Kang’s equal that remains to be seen watch and see
Nevermind the Lin Kuei now you face a Shaolin you will regret your impulsiveness
Round one fight
School be witness
You are not yet
Come well
Listen when your elders speak you could not win this fight. I
Have defeated the Challenger Shang soon, I demand some zero
Nothing like wolves
Your aggression is misplaced. What do you know of my we’re not the only one whose people have been victimized
But I have found new purpose in serving the spirits I
Do not cling to the Past no longer solution
The spirits have forsaken you shaman an
Impressive start you waste my time sorcerer
restraint scorpion
You will fight sub-zero soon enough
Scorpion I
understand your desire for revenge
But night wolf is right. There are other ways in which you may find peace so
Deserves death defeat sub-zero if you must but do not kill him
I fear his death will give rise to a more treacherous foe. I will have my revenge
Spare sub-zero’s life, and I will request that the Elder Gods return the sheer. I Ryu to the realm of mortals
Understand there are benefits to the grandmasters plan, but his plan goes against the in Quay principles
we are linked waves Iraq’s we will obey the
Grandmasters commands it means giving up our free will our souls who will turn us into
Your inferior clan is dead soon. You will join them my clan may walk the earth once more a
Challenge scorpion versus silence and settle your obsession with sub-zero ends here
Scorpion wins I will have my revenge, but I will not kill some zero
Or can you
Sure are you are dead you will suffer as they did to hell with your plan no
Another one this is where I was reborn this is where you will pay
Round one foot
School with us I
Have avenged my family and clan
This is your retribution
Scorpion kill I
I will not he has been beaten have you forgotten?
Your clan your families
As it’s not me
Despite my efforts my vision has come to pass
An unfortunate end he once defended earth realm from the nether realm armies of shinnok and Quan Chi
scorpion will pay for this
Sub zero’s fate is his own doing his own doing the Lin Kuei have a history of making ruinous choices
Such as the cyber initiative I
Am among those speaking out against the Grand Master’s plan
Surgically transform the Lin Kuei into glorified robots it killed our intuition our instincts
Did you speak out against the Lin Kuei?
participation in this tournament
Were invited by Shang Tsung he pays you to kill Earthrealm warriors
They train your own realm. I
Expect better even from an assassin my loyalty is to the Grandmaster
Victory for Shan Shan means the end of Earth realm and the Lin Kuei
What are you doing I am NOT here to fight you I’m assigned to kill Johnny Cage Shang Tsung
No longer has eluded me. What do you mean? He is terminating your blue?
Sari box please I
Need to have a talk with your master
This fight is not over you mean to finish me. You couldn’t even stop the actor
Sorry box wins
Now this fight is over shang tsung has turned on me. I need to find out why?
Secretary we need to talk
our hosts tried to have me killed you were speaking with the Thunder God your
Indiscretion has jeopardized my plan
Cyrax is linked way he will complete his task we shall see
The next match will be Cyrax
vs Johnny Cage what me
Alright then
Not everyone gets to rumble with a celebrity ready for your beatdown sunshine here it comes
round 1 fire
Cyrex wins that should shut you up I
Won’t kill him
You were commanded to kill Johnny Cage you disobeyed I eliminated him from the tournament. He didn’t need to die
You have broken your oath. I use my judgment the cyber initiative will eliminate
Insubordination we are not machines sector, I chose to serve the Lin Kuei, but I will not surrender my free will
Sorry bucks wins
Tell the Grandmaster I am finished no
Combatants, I present the latest creation of schalke he is 30 warriors
This song’s fused. It’s one being
Be wary Liu Kang he is unlike anything you have fought before
Liu Kang you are the sole earth realm warrior to progress to this final stage of the tournament I
Am ready we
Will destroy
Wins earth realm will not fall into your masters hands
He is a greater threat than anticipated, I will ensure he does not reach the final challenge
Remember bull ride chose teachings for my vision to be realized you must not let emotion overpower you
Your visions what causes them my future self sent them to me perhaps to ensure some outcome
or to prevent one
He must win those are my last words before I die I
Believe it is you who must win?
This amulet was forged by the Elder Gods it cracked here in the present after my first vision
if we choose wisely the future will be secured and the cracks healed I
Trust you will make the right decisions we must trust in the Elder Gods Liu Kang
You’re good show me more. Do not underestimate me Sheldon
Am impressed do it do what?
kill me
Why would I do that? I came to kill you?
I have failed my father my Emperor Shao Kahn is your father I have disgraced him
You must kill me I will not
This encounter never took place you’ll disgrace no one I
Hope we meet again under different circumstances
Combatants only one per gram warrior remains the Shaolin Lu Kang
Is he ready to bear such a heavy burden?
Earth realms fate is in his hands
your opponent will be
Scorpion I
Do not fear you demon fighting with scorpion the sorcerer Quan Chi
You already lost
Wins as I said, I do not fear you I pity you
You have done well, but the tournament is not yet over Goro. What’s a Goro?
Has progressed this far but the reigning champion is far beyond your ability to
The lair with you
I did not expect to fight in this tournament
but eventually even the Shaolin would do so for worthy of a Shogun I
Know I am ready for you
Wins it seems the Shaolin trained a warrior greater than
Thank some only one fight remains face me and Mortal Kombat
Wins say it I
Could feed my friends. He is saved
You failed me
500 years I have waited now, I must weigh 500 more my lord all is not lost
Kirsti of the gods in their tournament, I should have taken her thrill by force, but I am bound by their rules
Rules that cannot be broken my lord children
What once if the rules were changed katana
Do not understand why my amulet is further damaged
He must win, if not Liu Kang then who you got me now
She’s here anybody could have done what he did made Shang Tsung look like a chump
Here to congratulate us on our victories sorcerer what?
Shang Tsung you have been revitalized I see I didn’t realize your master was in the habit of rewarding failure
the emperor has an awful rate in a new tournament I
See no reason to participate in any plan of yours
The Emperor proposes a single tournament to replace the current system of ten it will be held in Outworld
If earth realm does not win out world will absorb it
But if earth realm wins Shao Kahn will abandon his cling to it forever
Give your Emperor my regards
Now realize what we must do
Anybody get the number that
Wait where Sonia shang tsung has taken her we’ve gotta find her we must follow them
Shang Tsung has made it clear that earth realm will be under constant threat
Unless I agree to a new tournament
Another vision yes I
Saw, Liu Kang when the proposed tournament I believe we must attend but my earlier vision of your victory over Shan soul
Was not the solution I sought
Therefore this premonition must show an event I need to change
Perhaps he must win refers to another
Here me elder gods I accept the terms proposed by Shao Kahn
We go to Outworld I
Assume that’s the big man in Sioux
The wrestler guy with the cow skull on his head, and why aren’t the kungfu twins here helping us?
I sent liu kang and kung lao to free their shell and masters I
Expected sonya blade to be here with Shane soon. She better not have a scratch on wait
this is a tournament on the earth room delegation has arrived and
We have a volunteer for first combat what the tournament will begin
Jackson Briggs, you will face Baraka
Damn you but my grave will find your heart round 1 fight
Jax wins you shouldn’t be running with those
Where’s Sonya tell me major Briggs do you and she do anything other than rescue one another
Your next opponent will be what is it?
It seems I have a pressing matter to attend to the Emperor’s permission we will reconvene later
What was that all about I think we should follow
You okay
Sonya Blade she is to be executed
My hours are compromised here in our world, but I will be able to transport us near enough to her
Maybe you could try for even nearer next time. We’re armed. I will inform you the instant I know
Which this damn tracking device worked in here this is just like my movie time smashes
We were going around give it a rest. Will you my ears hurt?
So what’s the deal with you and Sonya anyway?
She’s smoking hot it’s not like that. I’m her Co
Honey like that under my command you’ll want to stop talking now
But if it’s not like that then you won’t mind if I that’s it time somebody shut you the hell up
Jax wins
Now you like that mr., Davis no Jackson Briggs you will restrain yourself. Yeah well
Someone approaches good
Looking for something the palmer is restricted you will be now
Wrong place wrong time lady
Feel better
Listen cage. Don’t worry about it guess. We know where we are now. Thanks to her. Yes, and where we must go
Let’s do it
What is it with your show Kannan underground cesspools
If you had not dishonored yourself by attempting escape we would not be here in the soup
Sonia gods stop them surprise attack
She is the Emperor’s property human she’s nobody’s property round one fight
Jax wins I
Guess extra arms don’t make a difference
You sure have a way with women you know me
I’m a class act Thanks. What took you so long who’s busy hitting me in the face
That’s weird I’ve got two sets of readings heavy tech signals both of them
Then they cannot be of Outworld
We need to confront the source of each signal we might discover the one whose victory I must ensure
Wait what about us? What are we chopped liver?
What perhaps you are right, Johnny Cage
You will stay close to me great eye is a shadow and twice as silent
Sonia you’re with me keep in my eye with you
Raiden looks like you want to teleport yourself about 30 klicks that way
We should stay together tundra
Assuming your brother’s identity will certainly draw attention
Not all of it welcome
You are right smoke, but assuming be Hans identity is the best way to honor him let us proceed then
Sub Zero
We should separate our fellow Lin Kuei will not be far behind
Once our absence is discovered if only they had been more forthcoming with the details of your brother’s demise
We will find Shang Tsung. He will tell us all he knows if he killed be hung. He will die
He’s still full of the night and deadly as the dawn
Why still your Emperor might be he was foolish to send his housemaid to interfere Lin Kuei business
I am katana princess of out world and ideals harsh the sharp tongued intruders
round one fight
Where there is smoke there is fire
Sleek well princess
You may tell your fellow black dragon that I am very interested in your merchandise
Shang tsung
I’ll take care of him no charge
one dead Lin Kuei
Stay down I would have words with your associate. Tell me what you know of sub-zero’s death
What despite his failure at my tournament, I’m wager he was more powerful than you limp away
Assuming his form will not give you his scale shapeshifter. Let us see if smoke can freeze
Stay down smoke wins
Now answer me. What do you know of sub-zero?
With us to begin your transformation you actually did it you’re cyborg
I will never submit
There is great energy nearby Rea, dude
They must not take
Thank you Lord rate, I am called smoke
Why are you here in out work to participate in a tournament to save Earth realm join us smoke
Forgive me, but if scepter was searching for me. He is hunting sub-zero as well sub-zero
Call me crazy with the K. But didn’t we see him die the
Grand Master intends to turn every Lin Kuei into a cyborg my friend is in danger
The tournament I have a feeling your friend will be there then let us go
Sub-zero soul depends on it
To return to the big boy temple for insemination
I’m sorry for what they did to you, but I will not come fly
Will face the Lin Kuei when my task is done not before
The readings were getting stronger and now they’re gone I
put zero
but you’re dead I
Am NOT the sub-zero you speak up. He was my brother
Your brother. I am only here to learn sub-zero fate
He was killed by someone named scorpion where would I find him try the Colosseum? That’s where
You have disturbed our regeneration process
Stay with me Jax we will break you as well not if I break you first
round one fight
Remain whole for now
Sonya blade to command sonya blade to command do you read?
Sonya blade to command. Do you read you will stop the bleeding yeah, but he needs a medic as soon as possible I
Must go to the Coliseum, but I need your help. Yes, reporter to the south you can use it to transport yourselves back to Israel
That portal better be closed
Yeah that deserves death I have failed my father. You must kill me
Guru joy
So come I
Challenge scorpion the murderer of my brother you will bring him before me no one makes demands of the Emperor
I would kill you, but that is not my purpose here
Your followers hold you in high esteem warlord they fight and die for your amusement
My brother participated in this folly. I do soul only to face his killer
And you shall
Am his family and clan I fight for his honor
Who now interrupts the Emperor’s tournament
Sub-zero’s no you cannot save him stay here. It will take you as well
And what do I gain from granting this bold request the Lin Kuei is loyalty and service
Very well he is yours?
The flow of time has been changed my spirit smoke this fate only to watch this new sub-zero
How is it that earth realm ninjas reason Li appear before me when my daughter
Princess of half worlds was sent to intercept them
Katanas faith is a slender read bend before the storm if it can be avoided altogether
Sure let’s go ruin someone else’s life
Is this how you show your loyalty Jade katana
I follow me when I clearly wish to be alone, then you afraid me. I will not be scolded like some child
You need to be careful. I have never seen your father this angry with you
You are a princess he expects more from you than I know what he expects
We will talk later when you are in more of a mind to listen
Princess Kitana, I request an audio those you dare approach me hey listen, honey
We don’t want to fight, but we will if we must you will learn respect
Shao Kahn Watts death to follow combat I will give it to him perhaps Lu Kang was wrong about you
Or perhaps. He sensed as I do that. There is conflict within you
Thanks out you couldn’t have seen that one of your hot flashes
Something whispers to you that circumstances should be different that you should be different
You are much more like Sindel than schalke
But she is dead
My mother is dead. Yes. Why do you need answers katana? I can help you find them if you will trust in me
Go to Shang Tsung’s flesh pits
Much will be revealed there the flesh pits, but I am forbidden to yes
You are and why is that I?
Don’t know
Tell me you must discover your true path alone
Show yourself Jade, I know you’re following me again
Following you still I
Know where you’re going? I am ordered to prevent you from going there, and why is that I do not question the Emperor’s commands
katana, please turn back I
Cannot this path might lead me to the truth. I’m sorry Jade, but I will not allow you to stop me
Tried to warn you this is something I have to do
What in the name of
She looks like me
So pretty
Family you are not my family you are a monstrosity
Katana wins
Farewell sister
That is no way to treat your sibling
Despicable swine do you think my father will stand for this these?
Abominations you were created here. I am merely perfecting you princess as difficult as that might be
Silence I will drag you before shao kahn by your pointed beard
Kitana wins
Get up
You will stand before my father and confess your deeds
Would not disturb you father if this matter were not of utmost importance
I felt you should know what Shang Tsung has been doing as of late his conjurer has created hard replicas of me
Crossbred with her cotton blood one was alive and attacked me
Well done sorcerer
You know you approve how could you my own father? I am your Emperor?
Your father was a weakling a demon king I
Annihilated and while merging his realm without world and took his queen as my wife
If only I have not allowed to melt completely
But now I have a true daughter
Raiden was right you have lied to me my entire life
Escort her to the tower. I will make an example
Return to the flesh pits bring me my daughter I
Failed you katana now, I will make amends
That is no toy it belongs to Shang Tsung. We are finished return to your post
Stand aside I will see katana no one enters the tower
You are an excellent guard dog Baraka, but you must learn to hear. I do not take orders from you
round one fight
Good boy
Athenians have no loyalty
Line loyalty is not a good thing as I have learned you must keep your eyes open to anticipate the finishing blow
You make it too easy
Clear no one is allowed in the tower as you can see I am here here to help the princess escape
You would deny her execution. Holy names of regaining her honour we have very different concepts of honor Chacon
Not much of a jailer are you now then your highness let us see how quickly we can remove these bonds, Jade, I I?
am to
Go find Raiden ask for his help
That should distance me from any pursuers
Others pursue
Why the gosh you are milena you must return with me
There’s to be a celebration before my sister
G wins I
Am more of a sister to Kitana than you, I must find Raiden
Katana turns away from Shao Kahn so you attack her rather than join her this is not smoke stop
That is not katana you will come no closer
Did not wish to do that
Lord Raiden I come at the request Lord. I was with smoke. I thought she was a bad guy girl
Guess he turned another one what’s Raiden got that I am got
Godlike power a personality that is not at all like sanding paper
Executed where is she held captive in the Tower of Shao Kahn’s fortress, I will not pleased with this outcome either, Liu Kang
But there is no time
We must return to the tournament
But you are responsible for her capture you persuaded her to turn against Shao Kahn Lord Raiden
We can free her as others fight in our stead and join you there after
Very well
We will meet you at the Coliseum
Notice that I am ignoring you they must have relocated katana
We have we knew someone which comes where
May you join her in death
Be thankful I choose not to spill your tainted blood. Who are you there is something familiar?
You need help for arms against who is hardly a fair fight
You have had your match against Liu Kang now you will face me
Now if you have any honor left you will tell us where katana is
She has been taken to the Coliseum. She has no doubt they executed her why?
She may yet live let us go
There’s Gitana, I must free her
Not now
Smoke and Johnny Cage have been defeated
And I no longer sense Jackson Briggs or Sonya blades presence and out worth
Despite my doubts as to whether you are earth realm Savior you must fight, but I am NOT he you must win
Reiden football for worthy champion if you can
Perhaps you are meant to be the victor
You will face jigsaw to watch gee
No third realm war stop this deadly alliance on that we agree
It is done no come now not near so
Armel hits your heart round one fight
See Renan well
Do you know who I am
The murderer of my friend I am dzhokhar conqueror of worlds
You will taste knows it
You will taste your own blood
On your feet
Or Kung Lao missed outlet and earth well
Cannot believe, Earthrealm has won
The elder cause of spoke Earthrealm is free of Shao Kahn forever
But the price of victory was almost too steep to pay
Kung lao’s death is my fault. I encouraged him
our triumph was not meant to be achieved in this way I
See now
He must win refers to you
But to prevent Armageddon you needed to defeat Shao Kahn not Shang Tsung
It cannot be Shao Kahn is dead yet the future remains unchanged
Joe corn is finished
Malina is he there she should rule
Malina she exists only because of my sorcery
One word
Because of you out world can no longer merge with earth realm
There may yet be an alternative Emperor
invasion invasion
Do you mock me
Sandals ward prevents me from setting foot in earth realm. Have you considered?
Why your wife and Empress chose to betray you in this particular fashion of course?
But even after millennia her motives are a mystery
She realized that the safeguards afforded by the elder guards through mortal kombat abut fiction
She sacrificed herself to give protection the Elder Gods could not so earth realm could not suffer as had edenia
Indeed I have mastered the spells necessary for her resurrection
Reward will be nullified and with it the barrier that prevents your entry into her realm
I will return there to you of course
You will find her much more
This is a very magnanimous offer, I wish only to serve
I am weary of sorcerers watching
Prove your worth bring her Julie
Bunchy Shao Kahn looks forward to your return
What a beaut onna katana now allows herself
She is no longer my daughter take me to Shao Kahn yes
The invasion of earth realm can now begin
16 17 18
Cabal call it in base Eagle 2 we count 18 1 8 bogey southbound on Olympic
– well
This is not happening
Not what I was thinking when I swore to protect and serve
What is that? I’m thinking shoot first ask questions later. It’s fine with me
Not for this it’s you and me freak show round one fight
Right wins
Spitting sticking out your tongue, but your mom is real proud
Come on I’ll go in street level, we’ve been compromised it ain’t safe down there better there than here
Striker check her out
What do you think friend or foe foe dressed like that definitely foe cover me
Hey, what are you doing out here looking for a new playmate
You’re coming with me
Who who are you?
You all right
Johnny Cage fighting a giant monster, what is this time smashers?
That guy just shot lightning from his hands, how’d he do that no idea
Spread out targets
Mira neighbor fight
Striker wins
Never knew I had it in me
Base Eagle to need medevac current position cabal is down third-degree burns
Yeah, come and get it
Right wins
Yes, I think I’ll be keeping my soul I
Had been searching for you critter striker
Well, you found me. Who are you I am night wolf
Lord Raiden is gathering Earth’s defenders. You are among them. What the hell. Are you talking about?
Raiders defense is these out Bruin didn’t leave he is our best. Hope for survive
Yeah, well earth realm defender is about 10 steps above my paygrade. I see you don’t use even after your victories
Where is he medevac hasn’t been here
Perhaps he is gone to find help nah. He was way too banged up
Someone took him
Lazy there mate you’ve had a rough one – in the flesh
Well into a crisp your word good thing I found you
Jason’s magic healed the rest of you, but your lungs yes
God it’s permanent what they’ll mask no breathing
I’m a freak
Go on get in the world I
Don’t use those
Yeah, you’re all proper police now
The black dragon ain’t the same without you mate you should come back. We’re in the money on this war
You sold those monsters their firepower
guilty as charged
This is your fault
What are you on about it?
You’re here, ain’t you I should be dead
Now you’re gonna be
Now how do I get out of here not so keen on being dead now are you?
how do I get out of here hey good luck no one gets out of out world without Shou Kansai, so
Shall our Shao Kahn’s a big boss around here and soon Earth’s new master
Where is he? Don’t bother? You can’t get near him no, but I’m guessing you can
What is this Raiden has killed motaro
You’re a genius you are it’s no great nut I will go to earth round to finish motorist work
Shang Tsung yes Emperor the Empress requires something
See there, I’m thinking is a bit much I can see you
No attacks the Emperor
And I thought I was a freak to go
This is incredible, this is a side effect of the Opera magic
You are not authorized for portal use yeah
It means something as you will soon discover for it
Huh, not as cool as you thought
Why do you turn on your brother Lin Kuei that is not my brother these machine
I’m human you do not appear human. No, but the best food
Starting to feel like the old days only faster subzero
You have great power indeed cabal
You’re the lightning guy. You help striker striker is he is safe
He has joined us in the fight against Shao Kahn. We would welcome your aid also
That which made him sub-zero no longer exists. He is my friend
What they did to him it is?
You’re right we gotta help him if he can
Zero-zero yes, how do you?
Have done for Schalke
Hey oppa how can some zero best help us I
Do not know
My attempts to alter future events have had negative consequences
sub-zero should never have undergone this transformation
Enlisting him may only further diaper the flow of time we need Intel right. Let’s send him back to Outworld undercover
They will be unaware of my defection
Should see for interrogation he was formidable
No choice
Follow me he was leader delicious
What mission brings us here
I have scattered your noodle that fight for you thereupon two leaders have been recalibrated in person
The experience has been deleted from your system remove your axes
Sub Zero with
Artificial enhancements are no substitute for the human soul
Come on. We gotta get him to the graveyard at st. Dominic’s
On yeah feed all of you for what purpose don’t care really so long as I get
Hey, what it
Let’s go come on
We’ll be punished
All those teeth and claws yet still overmatched
Behind me
Come no further the hot world for
You are not so fearsome
Thanks, I thought we were done I
Must go I need to investigate the graveyard we’d go with, but we have to return to our unit that’s for the best
Good luck, man
This is
Readin what is it? What did you see one of shall console Meadows on a scale? I thought?
Unimaginable all of Earth realms souls imprisoned absorb I shall calm
Multiplying his power that is what Sub Zero has found
No matter my efforts the future remains in peril how could I have failed earth realm?
Do not lose faith in the spirits Raiden. They will guide you protect you
Sub-zero we will disrupt the soul Nadel
Who is that one cake Warren he is mine
You you are not worthy of the name
Sub-zero who are you to judge?
I wore those colors before you
Bihaan yes Carly, it is I Quan Chi restored
You and I both we have flawed copies of our former selves by have no flaws
Quan Chi is perfect for what end to serve the nether realm and out world it suits my purpose
Brother you shared blood
You are right
Go your soul is not safe
Well stately steel Nightwolf not yet, we fight them to the end
Night wins your time is over
But how do we know Raiden could be having visions of possible futures not the future?
Sonja’s right was I supposed to have my arms replaced with these or was it caused by
Interfering with the timeline my head hurts. Just thinking about it. This isn’t helpful. We cannot second-guess our decisions
Raiden what are your thoughts?
Yes that is best what is our next objective, Nightwolf
It is done earth realm souls are safe
No, oh is it not enough I
Must speak with the Elder Gods
Shao Kahn’s violation must be punished when the battle is joined here in earth realm
We cannot win without the Elder Gods, but master ok closes a shadow, Nightwolf
You will lead until we return as you wish
Well now what standing around here won’t do us any good wait
Lin Kuei they surround us
So much for standing around attack
My speed at skew of
Night winds
Near speed and skill will not win this war Cyrax
You are no match for the power of the spirit realm for it
Perhaps even you can be saved
What is it?
Come forward if you dare, I will finish with a link wake or not
Let’s do this attack
Mother please I am no longer your mother
Mother this is not your way Shao Kahn has corrupted you Shao Kahn has resurrected me
You have betrayed him
embraced a pathetic call
remember a Jennea mother
Remember your rule before Shao Kahn’s invasion quiet child it is time for you to join your breath
Still alive no matter soon you will reunite with your ancestors
Now Sindel faced the spirits judgment
Some concealer choices the yellow similar you
Raiden raiden
Where are you?
Elder Gods, I beseech you earth realm is in danger. We are aware of your life
Then you must intervene on Earth realms behalf
We cannot but Shao Kahn Liu Kang has bested him twice yet
He still Kahn has not violated the rules of mortal comrades what he invades earth realm as we speak
a distinction without a difference
Innocents are dying at the hands of our world it is regrettable
but the Mortal Kombat
Tournaments are not intended to prevent certain outcomes. They are intended only to maintain balance among the realms
bustiness focus
The less doors are closing. We are nearly trapped a
Victory is mine shaman
The Elder Gods
Kitana Liu Kang
You were right, I wish we had
They are dead Luque we abandon them and they’re dead
My heart too is heavy with their sacrifice their deaths achieve nothing
What is next Raiden tell me the future how do we honor their sacrifice I?
Climb to heaven now, I must plunge into the depths and
We’ll go to Quan Chi alai our realm with his against the forces about what?
Grapple before Quan Chi. What will he demand what price will be paid would any price be too high to save Earth realm? I?
Had prayed it not true, but you have gone mad Raiden
your visions
They are nothing
Delusions of an addled mind bouquet, please
Enough I must help the wounded leave on your hopeless quest
May the Elder Gods protect you
Kwan’s e1g
It disappoints me to see you here save your pity I
Will have an audience with Quan Chi you may address me, I will inform him
Is this why you chose not to save your family and clan to maintain your place at his feet
Do not talk at my family rating fetch your master scorpion
I must speak with him you speak only with me
Now scorpion fetch your master
You seek an audience I seek cooperation between earth realm, and the nether realm
We will prevail, but with the nether realm fighting at our side
Earth realms defenses are overwhelmed you have mere hours
Name your terms
What do you offer?
I offer I
Offer the souls of Earthrealm warriors who died in this conflict?
They would agree
You are cavalier with other men’s souls not just others I
Offer my own soul as well if I die
Yet utterly pointless
Their souls are already mine Shao Kahn’s payment for nether realms allegiance
No, this was not meant to be earth realm has lost Raiden
Now so shall you
See me
As you command my master round one fort
May the elder cards watch over you
The other guards cannot help them their souls are mine
Nightwolf Kung, Lao
You sealed our fate in this place Thunder guard you have condemned us all
Shao Kahn’s victory is nearly complete soon. He will arrive in earth realm
No the Elder Gods cannot allow it the other gods are toothless
Your world is near destruction yet, they do not act they must only through Mortal Kombat
They shall con merged the realms lest. He face the judgment of the Elder Gods
Must face the judgment of the Elder Gods he must win it is you face judgment Raiden?
Thank you Quan Chi I now know what must be done
Back from the NetherRealm empty-handed ice Liu Kang Liu Kang
I now realize what we must do we must allow Shao Kahn to merge the realms that is insane
The Elder Gods forbid it without victory in Mortal Kombat what he does the Elder Gods fury will fall upon him
Defeating Shao Kahn before the merge is but temporary he will return bringing Armageddon. I have foreseen it he not Raiden
He is here
No do as I say have faith in the elder gods
Have faith in me
Liu Kang, I cannot let you fight Shao Kahn, then you are my enemy
Liu Kang do not interfere
Okay Braden no enough of your madness if you must die so be it
This was not meant to happen. What did you do?
Okay, or give me
Come on
Rayden you have come to your senses Earthrealm citizens supper for the resistance
All these ages you have caught me you denied me my rightful claim
Not this time
Think that’s read is dragons
I know
Ages wasted in foolish resistance I
You violate our little shuttlecock you nerds rounds without victory in water compact
Our penalty is clear
And anemic effort from ineffectual deities today, I become the elder God
It is over
But only the gravest of costs
So many are gone their light has sunk into the earth I
Am responsible for their loss you did what you had to to protect Earthrealm lost is
Come let us tender fallen
Then we must help our realm rebuild
Our work is only just begun
Your plan worked to perfection for shinnok
So Khan was blinded by rage
How easily he was convinced that the Elder Gods would ignore his merging the realms
Yet the Thunder God still lives no matter
Neither earth realm nor Outworld can now withstand the nether realms onslaught
It is time
Soon, I will be free
earth realm and out

100 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 9 PC Game Movie (All Cutscenes) 1080p HD”

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  2. I just realized something:

    Every cyber member of the Lin Kuei, except for Cyber Sub-Zero, look exactly like Cyrax and Sektor.

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    elder goods:im about to end dis man whole career

  4. Kitana: The Lin Kuei do walk his realm uninvited
    Smoke: As Wise as your emperor was, he was foolish to send a housemaid to interfere with Lin Kuei Business
    Kitana: TRIGGERED


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    Waiter: You want to see the menu?
    Shang Tsung: A challenge!

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    This quote summarizes about the entire series of Mortal Kombat.

  7. 50:24
    Sheeva: If you had not dishonered yourself by attempting escape-
    Sonya: Hold up BITCH, I didn't ask to be captured.

  8. one thing is this game like a reboot of the first one and if it is does that mean this is mortal kombat 9 or just mortal kombat

  9. It's crazy that these visuals were cutting edge at the time. It looks as dated now as ps2 games looked to us in 2011.

  10. Me:*Playing this*
    Johnny Cage:Stop Controling me Bastard
    Johnny:*nut ounches him*
    Jhonny:Now stop
    me:ok ok

  11. Is it just me… or Johnny Cage looks like Duke Nukem a little? I dont know how it came to that.. he just reminds me of Duke Nukem.

  12. It’s pretty weird how they made Stryker one of the weakest most characters was able to be one of the strongest sub bosses

  13. Why wasn’t Shao Khan disqualified for killing Kung Lao? That can’t be tournament legal. There was no announced match, and Shao isn’t supposed to be participating, right?

  14. So like, was there a point to introducing Stryker and Kabal at the start of the third act just to kill them off before the fourth?

  15. Headcanon: All the surviving kombatants (including Kahn) got a godlike power-up once Taven killed Blaze (because the prophecy that it would drain all the fight out of the survivors was a lie). Kahn then killed Uber-Taven in a sneak attack (as would suit his character), and the only one else left standing was Raiden, who had already gotten the shit kicked out of him on the way up the Pyramid of Argus.

  16. 1:55:00 this my favourite scene in the whole rebooted game series and Ik it makes them look dumb and weak but it’s great for Sindel and it’s satisfying cuz it flows if u get me

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    Sonya: "I'm in no mood to be hit on by some movie star."
    Sonya: showing 100% of her cleavage in 2 pounds of clothing

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    1) He must win is Kronika’s deception? How? What does she achieve by altering the timeline like this?
    2) ‘[Shao Khan] must win’ is wrong. Had he won either of the tournaments, he would have merged Earthrealm without repercussion. Thus, Shao Khan needed to be beaten twice in the tournaments, before beginning the invasion and THEN losing.

    The whole alternate timeline is senseless.

  20. How the fuck a fucking elder god like raiden can die?
    He’s a fucking god.
    How can Shao Kahn get even close to his fucking level

  21. the inly thing that bothers me so much in this game is the serious lack of sound effects in cutscenes. yeah i know, the effects are there. they are just incredibly hard to discern with that absolute shit compression they did on all the sound. in game sounds great and clear! cutscenes are just eh…

  22. Great voice acting and everything else. I'd like to see a little more of the battle sequences, but I suppose a glimpse is better than nothing.

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  24. I remember those days, back when Mortal Kombat looked like Mortal Kombat. Fast forward to MK11 the women wear more clothing than the men, and Mileena isn't even in the game anymore (not even as DLC). Ooooooops

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