Most anticipated PC games of 2018

Most anticipated PC games of 2018

Hey welcome to 2018
I’m heating Dingman from PC world, and this is Adam Patrick. Murray. That’s me when is here xx is devil here is not
17 we’re not recording this in 2017 yeah, we’re gonna talk about games are coming out next year
There are no this year. Yes, sorry
No this year 20 team
Yeah, there are lot of them as it turns out we have a list right here
I mean, but as always there’s always way more than get announced
I mean this is just my like it’s sort of half list cuz a lot of these don’t have confirmed release dates still
Some of the release dates keep switching like I think a far cry just got delayed oh really
There they got pushed back to end of March. There are a lot of games coming out the last week of March
Oh, is that like end this fiscal year?
All right like a way out yeah
I don’t think we can say
That’s the Oscars
Yeah, no we can but oh yeah, I saw that at e3 or yeas pre yeah
Remember the event whatever they call it’s from the team that did brothers the tale of two sides
Would you say like a telltale style game, but like two-player co-op yeah, yeah, that’s the thing I’m most excited about is
I did not expect you to start with a way out, but I’m kind of happy you did
It’s probably the weirdest game on this list yeah, I also bizarrely when I wasn’t looking forward to most
Yeah, spread especially if we if we can sit down and play together. I think that’ll be fun
We’ll definitely do a video yeah, this is uh yeah?
it’s so like you think when we saw at e3 was like a robbery right and
one player like went and
Distracted the teller and the other person went and was like walking around the actual gas station or whatever that we were
Robbing at the time. Yeah. I don’t like actually pull the robbery off and like get into a position like
position when you started this stick-up yeah, yeah, it seems really interesting and that guy
Joseph air is
very interesting very interesting
Yeah, I’m definitely I’m looking for that one. He seems really cool. What’s another one? He’s looking forward to look at now this list
Yeah, Battletech now. That’s a pretty early one
I think that’s supposed to be January or February that actually comes out to one oh
I think that was actually supposed to be late 2017. You know is coming out early this year
Oh this year yes. Yeah, so that’s a
Jordan why semanko
It’s a MechWarrior universe game
Adapting the tabletop rules to a video game, so you had turn-based combat with max
I’m interested yeah
I saw a little bit of that single-player mode
My month ago, or so oh yeah, that’s that’s really cool. Like you
You’re like a merc company, and so you start the game in debt
And you have like work your way out of debt in a small system
But then the whole universe or a galaxy whatever opens up, and you can go like you know
Pretty much do whatever. I’m so like a big part of that single player so the multiplayer beta is out
And I played some of that too, but multiplayer you could pretty much
Just like a Pyrrhic victory is a victory right because if you win
And you lose all your mechs and all your pilots except for one you still want like it doesn’t matter
Single-player is interesting because it’s XCOM style it’s like there’s persistent stuff so like if you have your mech destroyed in battle
That’s that mech is gone, but you don’t get that big back ever again. That’s awesome
So it ends up being a real
stressful approach to
That style of game because there’s not just trying to like burn through all of your mix till I get to the objective
You’re trying to like balance
What you can achieve was like what your mix actually you know like without killing all your pilots or killing all your mix
And so they’re actually like sub objectives in each mission, and you can just like do one of those objectives
And then be like cool. We made enough money to justify the risk or like hey
This is gonna like kill all my max if I keep pressing forward
So we’re just gonna like evacuate out of here and like call it, BA Thanks
I think that like modular approach is real cool, but no I was gonna say
Probably see a thieves
Really, that’s my most anticipated
2018 and because it looks like a destiny game I
Don’t know if you saw the day actually detailed what you’re gonna do in that game this week oh the first time ever
Yeah, so see if these if you don’t know that’s the pirate game that rare is making and
I saw it in a three
2016 I guess yes
and I remember playing a game and
Microsoft event with like four random people and we are all just playing accordion as our ship was like sinking
Yeah, it’s just like a very light-hearted pirate game. There’s another Ubisoft pirate game coming out
That’s like based off the Assassin’s Creed pirate stuff oh
Yeah, yeah like that looks like a more serious
Approach to like pirate stuff. This is just like hey. We’re like a ship in
Swashbuckling. Yeah, so the mission based yes
Yeah, they showed off some of their progression stuff and like it is a lot of it’s like customization and stuff so they were like
You can buy peg legs and you can buy the hook hands and all this stuff
That’s kind of fun
That’s kind of and they’re like a bunch of different trading companies that each have like specific
Focuses so like one of the the companies that you can pick up quests for all they do is like x marks the spot style
Like treasure hunts, huh?
But then you have to actually like read a map and like try like spot
Different iconic landmarks the world like it’s not like a quest marker
Or where usually like there was that they’ve talked about where you literally will just it’ll say like hey walk ten steps from
This place and then turn left and walk like 20 more steps in that direction you think they have a patience for that
It sounds like that. That sounds like a really good time. Especially if you get a crew together
You got like six friends, and you all tool around drunk your pirate ship
Fuck hunt for treasure. That sounds pretty cool with so awesome. I have to say I’m also looking forward to pillars of eternity, too
That’s the horse supposed to come out next year
Yeah, we loved. I mean I don’t know if you loved, but I loved the
Template that’s obsidians throw back to those old infinity engine games
We’re looking for the new one it looks
It seems definitely like a baldur’s gate to jump in terms of like how much they’ve put into this game nice
Yeah, that’s looking pretty cool. Well. There’s a game on this list that. I don’t think will be a great game
I’m not very excited to play the game, but I’m excited to see what is it Metal Gear is Messier survive
Yeah, I’m a huge I
Don’t think it’s gonna be good. I have no expectations for it, but I do want to see what the hell yeah, he said
Like a zombie survival game
in the Metal Gear
Yeah, in like a in an alternate Metal Gear universe
You know it has the Metal Gear name on it, so I want to tell you about know of the Metal Gear people know
Maybe a couple of you know the interns. Yeah, just like Poe DOM is weird like hey
Yeah, it might be broken and just such a sad way
You know I don’t but I want to check it out, but one thing I am excited for is a metro Exodus
Yeah, like oh, did you see that new trailer? I guess the game
Yeah, no. I mean that like I I love the atmosphere of the metro games and like how it yeah
She’s played 2033 and lost light yes
Yes, and like so this one looks like it’s gonna step it up especially for newer hardware like it
They’ve always kind of pushed the edge. Yeah, 20:33. Especially like I remember that game for awhile for a couple years being like
Yeah, so I mean especially with these new these new graphics cards
I don’t know when exit is supposed to come out, but I mean if yeah, I think that’s in the summer
I think that’s like an August next year. Hopefully by then we got the next generation of and yeah Gardens. Oh, man
You know like let’s push those bush. You know keep pushing the envelope on them, yeah
Yeah, I’m gonna for that game for geographically, but also that story like it’s nice out of that
I don’t know. I guess I thought maybe we were never getting another metro
It seemed like it was just kind of like
Floating for a while it be said they put out those remasters like two or three years ago like
Playing on PC already, so it was just the PC versions basically exactly yeah, but yeah
I don’t know
I I think that seeing that story that holding universe is like very interesting
And that trailer is interesting because it looks like it might be
more like stalker
Which is of course like what those metro games kind of grew out of it looks like it might be more open world
Style like stalker was awesome
Yeah, sort of hard to tell
but there’s a lot of like above-ground shots in that trailer and like a lot of wide open Vista areas so I
Could see you going that way
Especially like I mean that’s deep silver
and they did that home front the
Revolution which was open world version of a game that used to be a corridor shooter? Yeah, not a very good one
Yeah, I didn’t play that one
But it was like that same I could see them taking the same step and me like no you need to make an open-world yeah
Nice nice when you talk about Red Dead
Still don’t know if that’s coming to PC
First one never did that’s the catch there. I can say well
You know I played the good dozen hours of the first Red Dead. I was a huge fan really yeah
I’m not much of a western fan, so like it
Just never grabbed me, but you know there’s people that say it’s one of the greatest games of all time
Yeah, I don’t know about one of the greatest games of all time did in 2017 but it uh
Yeah, this’ll really it’s high up there on my games for last generation and console hardware
Yeah the I think that what that game did really well is just like
In an era where we were still pretty
I mean we’re still struggling until a great video game stories book that one at least had like a solid character
I mean it was very similar to GTA in that it had like an actual character
actual motivations
It goes a long way when like a lot of your deeds are just like hey, you’re a silent person. They doesn’t care about anything
so yeah
I’m looking for like I’m sure it’ll be beautifully afford in comes other rock stars break through testicle swinging tech
Oh, yes, yes perfect
That’s exactly what we’re looking for
Yeah, I don’t know it’s looking like a crazy year already
As I said far cry got pushed back. That’s March. It’s always a fun one of the tool around
Yeah, the crew got pushed back. That was originally a March release now
I think they’re saying like a summer
You know me release do you think anthem will come out in 2018 it’s on the list, but who you know?
I have a feeling though. Yeah, I have a feeling the day
Will pretend that’s coming out in the fall of 2018 and then it’ll slip last-minute to the spring of
2019 and then that’ll slip last-minute to probably the fall of 2019 and that’s well actually
You know one of these games I am kind of excited to check out
Is Monster Hunter world yeah enough right yeah?
I played was an ultimate four on the the 3ds
I know and I kind of understood what people loved about it
but I mean there’s such a huge following in in Japan and this is kind of like a you know an American ization of
Yeah, what’s fascinating to me about those games is I feel like?
Pre Dark Souls those games were it considered it like very weird
Creatures yeah, and now police started Folsom’s looking like the the way those games work
And I’m like this is just Dark Souls so you’re just fighting like if you if you swap out
Bosses with like just crazy animals like a lot of that stuff is just Dark Souls
With a lot of other systems later on top like all the crafting and all that stuff
But yeah like I saw they just ran a beta on the PlayStation a couple weeks ago
Somebody was like fighting a giant dragon up on like a waterfall
Or like up above a waterfall and every time that you would
The the dragon he was like slamming this wall, huh?
And then at the end of the fight the walls just like burst open and all of this water comes rushing out and like sweeps
You and the dragon lights off this cliff
And I was like wow this feels like they stepped up their monster cutter in the last couple years. Yes sounds like it
Yeah, that’s looking cool
Darksiders another one that I’m not sure if it actually comes out next year. We’ll see and it’ll probably be more Darksiders
Yeah, psycho, I mean I love Darksiders dark signers too not so much, so I’m curious to see where that lands
the list but that
System Shock
Remake I think is the one that is on here. I’ve
Like I haven’t been on the PC for a long time, but I’ve always wanted to play System Shock
Yeah, so this might be a fun way to dive into it
Yeah, especially worried that first time that original has like very strange controls, which I think is a bar is head
It’s hard to go back. Yeah getting into now so yeah, I’m curious to see what that is
I’m a little less curious now that they’ve said it’s not strictly a 1:1 remake
It’s more of like a reimagining of the original system shock which can be very loosey-goosey yeah
Like I mean technically Wolfenstein the new order was like a retelling of the original Wolfenstein in certain ways, but like was it really yeah
So yeah, we’ll see how that goes I
Have so many games yeah, and somebody we don’t even know but yeah, I mean yeah
That’s the thing is this is pretty much
just the first half of this year because these games are like SWAT they flew out of 2017 fell into 2018 or
We’re announced at e3 last year with
2018 release date because III 2018 we’ll see a lot of that fall release schedule fill out so
That’s when we’ll find out like if anthem is actually coming out this year
There are a couple more on here Psychonauts to like I’m looking forward that bard’s tale for looking forward to it
That new Orion the will wisps
Really looking forward to I like that Oreo blind for us a lot, yeah
I’ve never played that one wolf among us season two another one that people are gonna wait for fur it’s been a long time
Yeah, so yeah, it’ll be a cool 2018
I don’t know. Hey games whether they keep coming out whether I’ll be better than the crazy 2017 that we just had who knows
We’ll see I guess we can just say definitely like there’s some still games coming out there games will come out in 2018
And you know we’ll play some of them. Yeah, so keep a key stay tuned
We’ll be here by that dial walk to PC world. Yeah, probably
January February is a little sparsely. Yeah mark especially. That’s when everything will pick back up
There’s as I said like it doesn’t games coming out the last two weeks of March now
So we have some big things concerning games in 2018 over a PC world so
So keep an eye on it stay tuned we will see you soon

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