what’s happening boys and welcome to
this segment right here on your boy a
sheriff as you can see we got one of the
brand new cars that’s still unreleased
and with this one I’m gonna need a
little bit of help from you guys so I’ll
show you guys everything was a
modification but you know how we showed
the last one I showed you the Hellfire
and I was able to show you a
side-by-side comparison this is what I’m
gonna draw some help from you guys here
this car is a model that I don’t know
what it is to be honest with you it is a
super car and there is a double round
the internet that this will overtake the
devastate very easy okay let’s pull into
the los santos customs area you’re gonna
pull outside of the car we’re gonna talk
a little bit then I’ll go inside and
show you all the customization okay so
we got our boy Franklin here driving the
car you can see the doors are opening
upward you can see also the brand of the
car I’m not even gonna attempt naming
this okay I’ll put the name in the
comment section but this is gonna be one
of the most expensive vehicles in the
game it’s gonna be above 2 million
dollars if my numbers are correct if
they’re not just put the correct number
you can see the exhaust right there
behind the car looks really sweet I’m
gonna take it and customize it then
every time we’re showing a car
somebody’s shooting somebody it’s it’s
too violent let’s get into the Los
Santos customs ok as we get in there
remember we have a giveaway that’s going
check the first comment in the
description or the first link be part of
the giveaway and show your support to
the channel as we set up for everything
that we’re gonna put here the first
thing we’re gonna do is armor now you
guys know me when we’re doing armor in
GTA 5 online I don’t really care about
it when somebody’s got a RPG up this
cars but no armor is gonna take you know
effect and save you and I’ll show it at
the end of the video brakes if you’re
interesting of course you can I need it
engine upgrade we’re gonna slap that on
at the exhaust as you can see right here
this car has an exhaust that is unique
to it which is up there right behind the
driver’s chair but if you keep changing
it it becomes on
normal exhaust and he just put it behind
the car Timmy that’s a little bit
disappointing because if the stock
exhaust it looks this nice why didn’t he
give us different colors up there so I
would leave that exhaust that’s you know
the trademark of the car for the hood
I’m thinking let’s go change the colors
first and then I’ll show you the rest of
them customization this way you get an
idea of what the car is going to look
like so it looks like it’s a two-tone
car right you got a two-tone happening
I’ll stick with the red just to show the
customization the mean color is right
there the lower half of the car doesn’t
get switched let’s see if the secondary
is gonna change it or not with the matte
so that looks like a trim inside the car
as you can see we’re going through it
and you see that trim is changing inside
so the second there is not really a
color that you’re gonna be changing on
the car itself it’s something on the
interior ok now that we did the colors
oh we have another trim that’s probably
that oh that’s a trim within the trim ok
so if you if you’re into trim coloring
this car is gonna treat you good ok it’s
gonna treat you good I’m not really too
worried about this right now because
this is not my online car I’m just
trying to show it to you if you want to
look at the skins here they are we’re
gonna have the black stripes right down
the middle which is something that they
put on a lot of cars now you got the
white as well and this is somewhat
decent but it’s kind of its kind of
forcing your hand to go black or white I
think I don’t know the other thing is it
looks like it’s just cutting this is not
that bad I think if you go full black
against it it might also look nice they
give it two tones you got the Ltd skin
right here on the car let’s see what the
back looks like this is decent if you
are looking into like you know a racing
car was the stickers on it this is not
really my type the junk skin does not
really look appealing to me even though
they’re back to be honest with you with
the markers kind of look decent then
they have it in red just in case and
then what the hell is going on here this
looks like a child took some colours and
just threw it on the supercar this is
questionable this is a questionable one
I would not go with that color to be
honest with you or was this one here but
you know what Never Say Never
everybody’s got different tastes and I
guess if you change the red make it into
black it might stand a chance here but I
feel like it’s taking away from the
classiness of the car I’d rather just
keep it like this the skins on this one
are not really my type engine upgrades
on the exhaust we already settled on
this the hood I was telling you guys
this kind of gives it a nice highlight
right here putting the black on it gives
it a nice feel because the car is too
much red happening so is the black it
would look nice so there you go the
two-tone kind of complements each other
horn who cares about that right now you
got your lights of course your full
lights happening I’m just flying through
that because it’s normal to us livery we
looked at at the plate we’re gonna go
full black respray done with that the
skirt okay so you can eliminate the
second color but I don’t know why you
would want to do that
because it gives the car a nice feel
right if you eliminate the skirt then
you have a lot of red happening and just
you’re depending on the back in the
front so I wouldn’t take the skirt the
spoiler so the first spoiler if people
on it
oh that’s kind of disappointing because
this the two fins are very unique to the
car that’s very unique why would I want
to remove it I would have liked the same
idea that they did was the Hellfire
where the second spoiler doesn’t affect
a car and it just gives you the grip
this one is decent but it’s been
recycled a million times there’s nothing
special about it probably end up taking
the the black colour just to complement
the second the second tone on the car
it’s still very decent I guess look at
this there is some yellow colours here
and that’s the trimming that we took on
the inside of the car so you can go
ahead and change those markers with the
trim color this is too big for my taste
this is way too big for my taste it just
looks like it’s a PC mod or something
but it’s not these are the these are the
spoilers that you’re gonna get online
I’m gonna stick with actually these are
not that bad they’re huge
but they’re not that bad if this car is
gonna be something to rival the
devastate I guess you know then we go
with it but I still would have liked to
see the friends as something that would
complement this car as a spoiler okay so
there is your spoilers transmission of
course we’re gonna drop it like it’s hot
turbo same deal the wheels I’ve been
going for SUV all of the sudden I don’t
know why but most of the time now I’m
going for SUV they look really like
they’re deep-dish and they have a lot of
colors to them and I think with this car
right here we’re gonna probably go for
full black right look at that that looks
we need Rockstar to give us the Benny’s
wheels on all these cars honestly come
on Rockstar like freaking 5 years doing
the exact same rims you can give us a
break here ok red smoke on it and then
we’re gonna tint it when it comes to the
windows damn so it’s black on red and
let’s exit here and there you have it
this car is gonna be like I said in the
2 million mark man this is one of the
super cars that are coming it looks
truly awesome let me do some adjusting
here on the screen I’ll be right back ok
here we are I just wanted to you know
show you the car in a little bit of a
different light here you can see the Sun
effect in the back the pc mods are just
something else when it comes to the
characters that you could mod in the
game and just seeing these cars before
they even get released so I ask of you
guys if you do like these segments you
can go ahead and drop a like on it I do
have to take some snap Mattox and post
it for you guys so you’ll see me taping
here and there but that’s basically the
car that’s coming alright you guys I
hope you enjoyed the segment a couple of
more cars to show you so keep it tuned
key share will keep going with the DLC
it is definitely a huge
and it will require a lot of money when
it comes to money glitches and stuff
like that I knew you guys are sitting in
the background waiting for something
that is decent so far there is nothing
really that is that’s really gonna blow
your socks off when it comes to glitches
they’re very time-consuming and they’re
not really gonna make you that much
money so just hold a little bit
stay tuned T Sheriff and there is
something you’re gonna see it right here
I’ll see you guys on the next segment
bees voice peace everybody


  1. I’ve learned my lesson with expensive cars, expensive always doesn’t mean the best, I need to see proof it’s better than the deveste when it comes out

  2. Im not into the wing doors and the roof scoop. But if it can over throw the 811 in top speed, then consider it purchased.

  3. Who cares if its good in races when it looks good driving around looking like someone from the Godfather?
    I prefer the looks of a vehicle over the performance.

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