Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated cartoon | Lottery | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Lottery | Wow Kidz

Haha!! Hey you, get tea and samosa’s quickly.
What is this? An empty plate.
Wow! Daily you show me your empty purse and say that take the money tomorrow.
So today I have kept an empty plate in front of you and telling you to have the samosa’s tomorrow.
This is an insult for us, awful insult. Patlu let’s go from here, we cannot wait over here for a minute.
Motu don’t get angry so much, its ok if samosa’s are not there. We get to read the news paper’s for free of cost.
Hey look here, the lottery ticket which you had taken, today is the result of it, fast give me the ticket.
I have left the ticket at home, but I remember the number.
We had an old car, it’s the same number the car had UP1415.
Let me check, UP1415.
UP1415, where is it? Where? Oh no! This is a jackpot. Hit the first prize, a lottery of 50 million.
Oh my lord! Motu Patlu has become millionaire.
Not they, we. Hehe!!
Patlu, let’s go home and get the ticket.
I still can’t believe that we have become millionaire.
Not you, we. That ticket belongs to us, not to you.
Stop! John will become the Don, John will become the Don.
Give that lottery ticket to me or tell who will die first from me.
Wow Boss! You made a good rhyme, right no 2?
No, you can’t break our dream to become a millionaire.
We will not only break the dreams, we will also break you.
Don’t talk too much or else we will not spare you.
Wow Boss! What a rhyming! What say no 2?
Stop flattering me, ask for the ticket, search them.
I will not give you my wealth.
Fools, follow them.
Fools, follow them in the van.
Hey take me along.
Haha! Let’s see, how will you escape?
Motu save me!
Leave my friend or else it will be not good for you.
You give me that lottery ticket or else it will be not good for your friend.
I am getting the ticket, you wait here.
No Motu don’t give the ticket to them, first time in your life you are going to be a millionaire.
What will I do being so rich without you? John I am just coming.
I am going with Motu, he might need my help to search the ticket.
You cannot go, what if you don’t come?
If I don’t come then shoot my friend Dr. Jhatka, but I have to go and help Motu.
Ok go.
Idea! John, Motu never finds anything at home, I have to go and search the ticket.
Not at all, what if you run away?
I cannot run, if I run away then Motu is getting the ticket, you shoot him.
Ok go fast, help Motu for searching the ticket.
John without my help, they cannot do any work, so I am going.
If I don’t come, anyway Ghaseetaram is coming and you are going to shoot him, so I have to come back.
Ok go and get the ticket fast, John will become the Don! Haha!
Boss there is some confusion, you have sent everybody. Now nobody is here.
What if they don’t come back? Whom are you going to shoot?
It’s a straight account, If Motu doesn’t come then I will shoot Patlu.
And if Ghaseetaram doesn’t come then I will shoot Jhatka.
If Patlu doesn’t come, Motu is going to come, I will shoot him.
And if Jhatka doesn’t come then Ghaseetaram is going to come then I will shoot him, account is equal, isn’t it?
One minute, you will shoot Motu instead of Patlu and Patlu instead of Motu.
Then instead of Ghaseetaram you will shoot Jhatka and Jhatka instead of Ghaseetaram.
But what if nobody comes? Whom are you going to shoot?
You are confusing me, once again let’s start from the beginning.
Patlu instead of Motu who is not here, Patlu, Jhatka, Ghaseetaram, ohh! I am not able to understand.
I am confused, let’s start again, who has to be killed instead of whom?
Can’t remember anything about the ticket, where have kept it?
Try to remember, we can’t loose 50 million like this.
We have already lost 50 million, those will be taken by John.
Oh my god! Are you really going to give that 50 million worth ticket to John?
I got 20 years of experience of dealing with such Don, don’t worry.
We will take this 50 million and run to some far place.
When John will not get the money, he will let go Patlu and Jhatka.
I cannot put my friend’s life in danger, whether it is 50 million or 500 million, I will give it.
Got it!! I had kept the ticket in this book.
Motu, where is the ticket?
Here is the ticket.
How did you both come?
Hey Dr Jhatka, look at your stomach. You would have ran more fast if you had maintain your health.
Sorry brother, we are in hurry.
Hey, what is this happening?
Inspector sir!
Run!! Hey wait, even I am coming. Stop! Idea!
Listen to me.
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
What is this happening? Aah! Is there anybody left? Can I get up now?
Enough is enough, full town will go above me or what? This is my body not a national highway.
Stop it, in the name of law, stop it.
Again coconut, this is the only thing which had not fallen. Oh my god!
Once again slowly, instead of Motu, I will shoot Patlu, instead of Patlu I will shoot Motu.
But Motu is not here.
He will come, instead of Ghaseetaram, Jhatka who is not here, but he will come.
Account is clear, there is no confusion.
Confusion is this that, whom you are going to shoot boss? If nobody comes.
I didn’t think about this, if nobody comes, I will shoot you.
Boss look over there, the ticket itself is flying and coming, and behind full team is coming.
You came with the ticket, big deal or else four of you, would have been in trouble.
Wow boss! What a rhyming! Isn’t it no 2?
Hey, pass me the news paper.
Boss what happened? Is everything is fine?
They showed the dream of millions, and made a fool of us.
It’s Maharaja lottery’s result shown here and this ticket is of Raja lottery.
Wow boss!!
Shut up you fool, we lost 50 million. Its Maharaja lottery ticket’s result here and they have Raja lottery ticket.
Your turn will come, later you take the revenge, first let me take mine.
Wow boss! What a rhyming!
Stop flattering, catch those 2 and tie them.

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